Other desserts recipes

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"Hurrah! Milk Skopelos!!! Now instead of boring cereals milk will be colostrum!" This is one of the images of my childhood - market milk necessarily boiled, and not always successfully) This dish - either a pudding, or the souffle come from antiquity, the hostess put it in the oven in a clay pot. Maybe someone is cooking it under a different name? Now this delicious dessert can be prepared from products purchased in the shop, and one of its advantages - the minimum of effort. And what a smell spread in the apartment, while colostrum is languishing in the oven - it is impossible to convey...
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I think active users Scullion know what "mormyshka". He also Marshmallows, aka Marshmallows. This is a chewing marshmallow. Not everyone understands his taste and mainly used to prepare the mastic. The site already has recipes with the same name, but one of the main ingredients featured egg white. I cook like this a few times – definitely tasty, but... not! Marshmallows on the proteins are more like sprinkled, easy-to-swallow, almost without chewing. Real marshmallows on the structure of dense, chewy and stretchy...))) All thanks invert syrup, he makes marshmallows including plastic. And – Yes! – marshmallows are not used in proteins. Honestly)) by the Way, in addition to mastic, marshmallow is good for something else...
Jelly potato starch for cakes
3.2k - 5м 1
I want to offer to cook jelly (glaze) filling for pies (cakes). Of course you can buy ready-made upakovochki, but sometimes there's no time to run to the store, and the pie you want to fill jelly. Preparing jelly from potato starch and syrup from canned Mandarin oranges. Varying syrups, or juices, you can make jelly of different colors. The idea I saw on a German site from Silvia, thank you very much.
2.5k - 20м -
This recipe from the Bulgarian cuisine I found in the journal "Kitchenette". Very interesting, unusual dessert - fried in butter semolina with cinnamon, vanilla, lemon zest and walnuts. It turns out very tender, soft and fragrant dessert. And the kids eat it with enormous pleasure!
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Delicious Egyptian treat! Simple to prepare and very tasty. Balls with a crunching blow, amazing thin crust, juicy flesh and aromatic syrup with an Oriental touch.
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Saw a site here a couple of recipes, but mine is a little different from them. This is the most natural country the recipe is from my grandmother. The taste, familiar from childhood, and so I made it today and decided to share with you.
Magic tiramisu
1.9k - 120м 4
From the Italian word tiramisu translates literally as " praise me upstairs". Let's rise up pleasure, treat yourself to yummy.
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Figurines of animals out of marshmallows :)
Panna cotta with cherry sauce
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A perfect dessert for summer days - cool, tender and flavorful. For the recipe thank Tatiana Nazaruk.
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This dessert is originally from Arab countries. In the middle ages passed into Europe through Sicily and Spain. It was originally made from almond milk or ground almonds and using any starch.
Pita bread with condensed milk and nuts
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Offer to cook another delicious, simple and quick recipe. It will be a sweet loaf of bread with condensed milk and nuts. This dessert is prepared easily and simply, and the result - yum!
Souffle mousse "Raffaello"
1.4k - 30м 2
Regular cheese with the taste of your favorite candy. Breathtakingly delicate and airy.
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Kazandibi milk dessert. Very popular in Turkey. Kazandibi can be bought in any café, in any store, but can be done at home. In view of kazandibi unsightly, and even with the burnt crust. But in this burnt crust and ugliness hides one of delicious dairy desserts.
Dessert "Natias"
1.2k - 20м 5
Natillas a diminutive of the word nata-cream. The consistency of the dessert resembles a thick cream and belongs to the category of old Spanish desserts based on milk and eggs. Changing the amount of ingredients from the same products get different look and taste desserts. Naties-the modest, everyday dessert. Now they are sold in markets along with yogurt and other desserts, industrial catering with a full range of preservatives, thickeners, etc. I propose a very simple environmentally friendly vintage recipe.
Blue Manzhe
1.2k - 90м 10
Very tasty and sweet recipe jelly dessert
1.2k 3 60м 5
Kataev is one of the most popular sweets in the Muslim world. It is usually prepared in the month of Ramadan and beyond. Filling set, making the sweetness even more attractive. Let's try!!!
1.2k - 40м 4
Zarda is a sweet dish made of rice and dried fruits, yellow (translated, ZARD means yellow). This dish is originally from Pakistan, but widespread and in India. In the old days SARDU was made only in noble houses. Now no celebration in any Pakistani family can not do without tardy. This dish not only has a rich taste, but also useful due to the substances contained in the dried fruits and nuts. The recipe was designated as Indian cuisine, as it is not found Pakistani
Strawberry-graviola jelly
1.2k - 60м 6
Delicate like a cloud of jelly. The combination of sour cream and strawberry layers divine. The consistency is more like mousse than jello. Very refreshing in the heat, especially when I did not fit this dessert at the time) to Put the recipe was not going since prepared this recipe the first time, because there is no step-by-step, but I think everything is clear. Just insert three photos from other angles in step-by-step... In General, I recommend to try this yummy, who has a weakness for this kind of desserts.
Moroccan sweetness-Briouat
1.2k - 60м -
Briouat is a traditional Moroccan dessert made of thin Filo pastry with sweet almond filling and citrus scent of orange water. Preparing to Ramadan just like that. Sweet, fragrant rolls (briouates) stuffed with rice pudding sprinkled with powdered sugar and dipped in honey, it turns out very tasty, and I can't believe that of rice and so easy to prepare such a wonderful thing. Will surely enjoy especially lovers of Oriental sweets.
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Japan. Country, able to defeat the Europeans in a true ideological shock. Although we are familiar with karaoke, origami, ikebana, anime, sushi, sake, but EVERYTHING is different: the attitude, the clothes, customs, lifestyles, home furnishings... and, of course, food. I walked around this recipe for several years. That was his hour, or even day. I selected a whole folder of recipes and methods for making mochi. For the ordinary Japanese is a very easy recipe, especially because it is based on, pasta, you can just buy at the store, you can make the most from a special flour made from glutinous rice, special varieties of mochigome. But for me it was a real culinary adventure with many interesting stops. If you are interested, please ... To begin with, that is a classic paste for mochi beat burly men with wooden hammers in a wooden mortar, where they grind the steamed rice grain, mochigome. But...
Yogurt candy
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In summer I often, if not constantly, cook the candy. Fruit, berries, yogurt in various combinations. Today, still very few fresh berries, I suggest you to prepare a wholesome treat for the kids - sweet, fragrant, aromatic yoghurt candy with nuts and berries. Make the workpiece with summer fruits and berries and what not to eat, put in a jar, and in winter, when open - from this fragrance... And a few tips on cooking berry-fruit pastes.