Puddings recipes

299 - 40м 4
The history of this dish. A dish of wheat crackers, filled with a mixture of milk and eggs. Bake in the Russian oven. Prepared as a daily dish. For me it's a childhood memory associated with the grandmother, who is no longer with us. MB anyone interested in this recipe, I will be happy!
Chia pudding with granola and fruit
279 - 840м 4
Incredibly delicious and healthy dessert which is very simple to prepare. Be sure to try. You will not regret.
Thai sticky rice with mango
255 - 30м 2
Sticky rice with yellow mango (Kao Niew Ma Muang) is in the top most famous Thai dishes, mandatory testing. This traditional Thai dessert is prepared very easily, and is liked not only by local Thais and tourists, but also widely circulated among fans of vegetarian and healthy food. The dish consists of steamed rice mixed with thick sweet coconut milk and served with ripe yellow mango.
Dessert with pudding
221 - 5м 3
Very simple and quick to prepare, but vkusnyy. I often use this option. Ready to use-powder pudding (for speed), but of course it can cook-it-yourself (website much)
202 - 60м 4
With this dish associated with the most warm memories of childhood in Latvia. Latvian national dish made of semolina or rice. Very nice dessert, it is great to be perceived by both adults and children as an alternative to traditional semolina porridge.
Casserole-pudding "Artek"
201 - - -
After Easter I have left a lot of protein, and dinner was cooked groats "Artek", here's what happened...
Cheese flan
198 3 65м 8
Flan de queso. A very popular Spanish dessert easy to prepare.
188 4 20м 3
In fact, olva is roasted semolina, but the taste and appearance you'd never guess that this is it!
180 - - 2
Muhallebi is a Turkish dessert made of milk and rice flour with addition of ground cinnamon. This dessert is very popular in Turkey. Milk pudding with a delicate silky taste. The process of cooking basic dessert!
Dutch baby
178 - 40м 2
Want to surprise your loved ones with Breakfast in the Dutch style? You don't even know how to name: or pie or pancake or cupcake. But in any case, this is a very flavorful, hearty, done just. Tender, flavorful filling of apples in caramel with cinnamon and the pancake edges, similar in taste and appearance to choux pastry.
Hampshire pudding for the Cheshire cat
177 - 40м 8
Simple English pudding, made specially for the fabulous and very mysterious English cat. And what is famous for this cat?.. Opinions, as always, very much... look at some.... The only cat who knows how to smile and also to teleport in parts without harm to themselves. It is also a good command of the English language and a penchant for sophistry... Invite the guests to a wonderful cat with a smiling pudding!
Curd pudding with banana-apricot sauce
169 - 40м 6
Delicious delicate dessert will not leave indifferent the little foodies. This pudding I often make it for my little nieces. Summer is usually added fresh apricots, but not in season apricot jam or preserves.
Parma pudding
169 - 40м 3
Very delicate and airy pudding, with light citrus notes. Literally melts in your mouth. Authentic Italian dessert.
Pudding quinoa
166 - 40м 4
Strictly speaking, the recipe is far from classic puddings, there are no eggs, no flour, so the word pudding in the title in quotes. But the author of the recipe A. Danilov (big thanks to her) called this dish exactly by the composition and process of making some changes, offer it to your attention. I served this pudding to her husband on the morning of 23 February for Breakfast, as a dessert.
Lemon-chocolate dessert with brandy
158 - - -
I'm not a fan of such things, but all of my men just adore all sorts of jellies, gummies and puddings. At their request, in the Internet found this recipe and made my changes. For children made of soft option)))
Pudding with kiwi
157 5 70м -
Treat your loved ones a delicate and beautiful dessert.
Pudding of semolina and black currant
156 4 - -
Thick semolina porridge with black currants, especially tasty with sweet jelly.
Curd-rice pudding
155 - - -
I propose to support the immune system, eating a Breakfast of cottage cheese and rice pudding! A very delicate dessert with dried fruit will give a charge of vivacity for the whole day!
Crème caramel with roasted persimmons
153 - 300м 6
Recipe from Jamie Oliver. Creme caramel is an old French dessert is insanely delicious, flavorful and tender. Despite its elegance of classic creme caramel is cooked enough just... come on, tell me how? In persimmon season I propose to use it to our dessert. If the persimmon is not there, then it is possible to use other seasonal fruit/berries, e.g. strawberries, pears, plums, peaches... and enjoy this dessert all year round!
English pudding with fruit and ice cream
146 4 50м 4
Recipe from the Good food website. Very tender and juicy dessert. Just melts in your mouth...
Pudding from dried apricots, raisins, curd and sour milk
144 - 30м 4
Mouth-watering cheesecake that will appeal to both adults and children! Simple in execution. The peculiarity of this recipe is that preparing it at home the cottage cheese and fermented baked milk. Cottage cheese and fermented baked milk, I prepared a sourdough from "Orsika" in the yogurt maker, a thermos Oursson.