Salads, vegetables, mushrooms, cheese recipes for Easter

Salad "Cole Slaw"
1k - 20м 1
Offer you on the festive table to cook here is a fresh cabbage salad. In America and Europe it is often served with meat, variations very much, try it and such.
Salad "Orion"
0.8k - 10м 2
Don't know about you, but I sometimes buy salads in cooking. So this salad I bought last week, very much for his not quite normal taste range. Looks very bright, for spring. In addition, very useful.
Salad with meat
0.8k - - -
The name of this salad of boiled beets, boiled potatoes, green peas and pickles borrowed from a classic French sauce based on olive oil and white wine vinegar — vinaigrette. In the traditional version of it with a vinaigrette salad and seasoned. However, there are many options, and I will prepare a version of the salad with meat. And with the help of cookware Zepter it's all done easily, quickly and useful in the same pan.
Salad in 5 minutes
0.7k - 5м 4
The salad is simple, quick and most importantly delicious. Try it!
Salad "Hangover"
0.7k - - 10
Prepared quickly, and eaten even faster!
Salad "Laura"
0.6k 5 15м 6
Awesome salad! As soon as the "eggplant th" season, all my family and friends in one voice ask for this delicious, simple and quick salad.
Salad "Fantasy"
435 - - -
That is called "Fantasy" I first saw this salad. Very bright and rich, it attracted me because of its content. I immediately wanted to try it, and my expectations were met. The salad was very tasty, juicy and unusual. Help yourself!
Salad "Dream girl"
367 3 5м 5
Very simple, easy and quick to prepare salad. It is quite beautiful, original and SATISFYING dish.
Christmas salad "White mouse"
336 - 30м 2
Salad with goat cheese, olives, sausages with spicy dressing. Very tasty and satisfying. Relevant for this New year, because I will form a non-muzzle mouse is white.
Salad "Entourage"
336 - - 2
For the first time this salad I tried at a friend's. But she once learned this recipe from his friend chef in a small restaurant in Manhattan. Very tender, tasty, nutritious, fragrant and spicy salad. It will be the adornment of a Christmas buffet and festive evening.
Salad "Favorite cabbage"
331 5 10м -
This salad I brought from USA from the restaurant in which he worked. This salad consists of two types of cabbage - cauliflower and broccoli and also onions. Continuous vitamins!!! And the taste... the Most popular salad in the restaurant!
Salad "cafA"
313 - 130м 4
The lightness of the salad gives raw vegetables: carrots, beets, cabbage, half cooked potatoes. Hearty, a touch of grilled meat. Together all the ingredients just perfectly match and complement each other. The rule is: mix the ingredients directly at the table, as it is important that the salad had a fresh look. A salad without additional dressing.
Salad "Bon Appetit"
304 - - -
Suggest you try a very simple and delicious salad Austrian cuisine. Easily and quickly prepared and easily consumed!))) I found a recipe in my favorite cooking magazine "Bon Appetit", hence the name of the salad. Help yourself!
"Fire and ice" Recipe No. 2
302 3 20м 4
This salad of cauliflower for fans of salsa... because I love this vegetable, very long time experimenting with it, I realized that cauliflower does not like competitors and more delicious low-order salads... Now the "Flame"...
Salad "Express"
280 3 40м 4
Very tasty salad. The recipe is very long (5 years ago) found on the Internet. In fact, supplanted the "Olivier" holiday table.
Warm salad of "landlord"
262 4 15м -
This salad is very interesting and unusual taste.
Salad "Saigon"
261 4 30м 4
Very tasty meatless dish. I love to cook when tired of the heavy salads with mayonnaise.
Salad "Harmony" with NAPA cabbage and wild rice
259 - 30м 4
Very airy and balanced salad will help to diversify a fast table.
The Chinese cabbage salad
256 - 15м 6
The Chinese cabbage salad with crab sticks is one of the popular salads on our table. The dish has a nice fresh taste. This salad will not leave anyone indifferent. The Chinese cabbage salad and crab sticks will be a good festive dish on any table. If you love crab sticks and want to prepare interesting and delicious salad, try this recipe. In cooking there is nothing difficult and in a short time you will prepare an original salad that will decorate your table.
Salad with corn, cucumbers and cabbage
254 - - -
Salad with corn, cabbage and cucumber are very often helps me when I need to quickly figure out something tasty and originalnenko! A great combination of cucumber, cabbage and corn with a light lemon flavor. You should try this recipe of vegetable salad.
Salad "Gourmet" with croutons
253 4 30м -
Very tasty salad with croutons. And simple to prepare.