Dessert cream recipes

Chocolate sauce "fit-Express"
0.5k - 5м -
I represent to your attention diet chocolate sauce. For watering the pieces of the pie just before serving to impregnate, etc. a Product in haste. BON APPETIT! The weight of the finished sauce 160 g Content in 100 g of product: Protein 12.4 g; Carbohydrates-25,2 g; Fat 1.6 g; Calories-165 kcal.
Dessert "Shock-manzhe"
398 4.5 30м -
Chocolate Cup with brandy
337 5 - -
Thick milk pudding.
Kurd cranberry
288 - 20м -
The Kurds on the site a lot, but cranberries I have found. Cranberry Kurd has a light acidity, delicate texture and a pleasant color.
Light cream cake
245 - 15м 3
Sweet pastry cream was the result of the experiment, those interested can continue it. Once one of the chefs put the recipe of mayonnaise from butter and milk, I have repeatedly made homemade Mayo in her recipe, but someday, whisking the milk and butter, I thought, and, instead, mayonnaise liquid foundations, I got the cream on vegetable-based. Then I decided again to experiment, turning the cream into a cream cake or dessert.
226 - 20м 6
Ballymac is the Kazakh national dessert. The preparation takes no more than 20 minutes, and treat it turns out very tender and tasty.
Plum Nutella
222 - 20м 5
Chocolate cream with prunes with acidity.
Creamy tangerine dessert with jelly confetti
221 - - 3
A delicious and elegant dessert of sour cream with caramelized mandarins and tangerine spicy wine sauce! This dessert will decorate the Christmas table or a romantic dinner! But the most important "highlight" dessert "crystal" jelly confetti, which is very easy to prepare from ordinary fruit jelly! The dessert looks very inviting and festive!
Cream "the air Temple"
214 4 - -
Cream "the air Temple" was very tasty and tender like children. I was taught to cook by my grandmother, and I decided to tell You.
Trifle "Prestigious"
204 - - 4
Elegant dessert to finish a dinner party or Banquet, and just to pamper their loved ones. Delicious chocolate hazelnut cake with a fragrant raspberry sauce, lemon curd and whipped cream will not leave anyone indifferent. The beauty of this dessert is that all the ingredients (except whipped cream) can be cooked in advance and kept in the fridge for up to hours "X". To assemble the dessert is not difficult. Help yourself!
Custard without eggs
201 - 15м 5
Not like in custard flavor of the eggs, so by trial and experiments created your custard. It turns out tender, not cloying, with a slight creamy taste and aroma of vanilla! With this cream you can eat pancakes and pancakes, you can fluff cakes and pastries or just spread on a granola bar to eat for Breakfast with some tea! Offer 2 options a prescription.
Dessert in 5 minutes
198 - 5м 3
Offer You an easy and quick dessert that you can prepare every
Dessert "101 Dalmatians"
198 4.5 10м 8
If you watched the movie "101 Dalmatians", you probably remember that there's no surprises there were! So this dessert for me from the beginning to the end was a surprise! I learned about the recipe about a month ago, but I experienced many wonders in the culinary world, still could not believe that such simple ingredients will get THIS! So I am very detailed pictures of every step!
Dessert "Express Tiramisu"
197 - 15м 4
Somehow imperceptibly for myself, I "got" to level 5... I Want to thank all chefs for your attention to my recipes and for the warm attitude! And in turn, treat you today, this dessert is "Express T iramis"! All very quick and easy, but tasty... You just need to be reserved in advance with all the necessary ingredients, and the dessert you can prepare immediately before serving, as cooking you will take the least time. With it, the result will delight both adults and children! If you are a dessert kids, just replace the coffee on a children's chocolate drink, which you will moisten the cookies. PS And no RAW eggs!!!
187 - 60м -
Sweet toffee, which can be used as connective the cream in the cookies, and just spoon her to eat even very tasty. Tastes like cream biscuits, Choco-pie. Suitable for crepes, pancakes, not too sweet cheesecakes.
183 - 60м -
This dessert I tried still a student (15 years ago). Then he loved her husband, and later the children loved. In short, he is firmly and permanently stuck in our menu. You can also try this.
The cake in the glass "A La trifle"
183 - 20м 2
For me it is easiest to prepare, delicious and showy dessert. A win-win, which is like all the guests and my home. To do it, especially very quickly. Products these (for me) is always available. And want to give it to Tanya-chudo, although I have no doubt that she knows him.
Portuguese coconut cream
176 - 30м -
With a recipe like this met a long time, though, was it a recipe of Spanish cuisine and was called "Crema Catalana". Later found out that there are different variations on this theme, both Spanish and Portuguese. One of these options they want to offer to cook. Turns out the light and sweet coconut dessert with a subtle lemon acidity! If this dessert was accompanied by the sea, sun and beach - it would be absolutely wonderful!
Dessert "Forte and piano" with absinthe
174 3 10м 1
I want to drink? Home again can be against? Make this dessert and no one will notice.
Chocolate coffee flan
173 - 70м 4
A fairly simple recipe that will be the final chord of the festive lunch or dinner. Light, delicate dessert with coffee aroma and taste of chocolate will not leave indifferent even the one who is not a fan of them
Raspberry-vanilla dessert
170 - - -
A quick dessert with raspberries and vanilla cream.