Mousses recipes

Souffle mousse "Raffaello"
369 - 30м 2
Regular cheese with the taste of your favorite candy. Breathtakingly delicate and airy.
Rice-berry gratin with Sabayon of champagne
268 - 15м 1
This dish can be elegant and festive Breakfast, and a sophisticated dessert. Has a delicate flavour and looks good on the table. Was prepared according to the recipe of Laura Calder.
259 - - -
Love avocado? There are a lot of healthy fats, which will surely help your body. In our family, avocados period began immediately after the banana boom, at the moment everything has stabilized)) A very simple recipe, as the pasta spread on a favorite treat or simply in the form of a mousse, passion fruit is very cool sets off the flavor.
Apricot-peach mousse
245 4 - 4
Bought apricots... tried, like, nothing(good)as it turned out, in the fridge left half jars of canned peaches and that's what came of it... For the contest "Sweet taste of summer"
Chocolate mousse with liqueur and white chocolate
233 - 20м 4
Mousse I ate only 3 times in life: once cooked mom and it was fruit semolina, the second time I made a friend out of the bag with a taste of cranberries and the third time I ate a spoonful of the purchase, also with the taste of cranberry. I must admit, after the above tasting love for Moussa, I have disappeared for a long time. But at leisure, leafing through one of French cookbooks, I came across a recipe for chocolate mousse and not to cook it would be simply tantamount to sin. Surprisingly, the mousse came out very tasty, airy, with a subtle smell of alcohol. Bon appetit, AA.
Milk cream soup with zucchini and walnut shavings
219 - 15м -
The soup is a mystery, I can't determine what a prepared dish, the coconut gives a nutty taste, the structure of the pub, pleasantly tingling. Hearty, fragrant, delicious - and very quickly. The soup is simple to prepare, but it does not lessen its gustatory merits and ability to saturate quickly and permanently. I made this soup and I suggest you to make it. Gorgeous, unusual taste, great health benefits and most importantly the kids don't always love vegetables, perfectly eat soup. The recipe is a lot of functionality can milk pudding to change any fruit, squash to replace pumpkin, add any berries and fruits.
The white chocolate mousse with strawberry and lime jelly
216 - - 5
Not far off is a holiday of all lovers, and I think this mousse is perfect for a romantic evening. Moderately sweet, easy to prepare and use :) Go for inspiration!
Airy mousse of rye flour
213 5 20м 6
Traditional Estonian dessert dishes. Easy and not high in calories.
207 - 30м -
Gala dinner should be finished with a delicious dessert. Dessert... mmmm... that sounds magical and delicious... Shock-manzhe will bring you the perfect pleasure with its velvety, chocolate flavor. Frozen this dessert resembles ice cream, and when it melts a bit, it is rather a souffle. So... for dessert!
Muscovy dessert of yoghurt with fermented baked milk
205 - 60м 4
Offer excellent dessert, quite diet. A dessert of sour milk and yoghurt turns out very tender and tasty. This dessert can be decorated not only with cream, as desired, through a strainer to pritrusit cocoa powder, grated chocolate, crushed nuts, any berries. It will always be beautiful and delicious in any form. Treat gives not only pleasure but also benefits. Dairy products have a positive effect on digestion, the gelatin is very useful for joints, cartilage, hair and nails. And when the sour milk products prepared with his own hands, and even at home milk and starter cultures Orsik, is not only delicious, but also useful at many times. Cooking time give only working, the time to solidification is not considered.
Mousse wine
192 - 35м -
For wine lovers I suggest that's the dessert. Do not judge in advance that the translation of wine, and try. Moreover, wine can buy the most usual, and the dessert will charm and delight with its delicate taste. "Dug up" the recipe last year in one of the old Polish cookbooks when you were rearranging them on the new shelf. Help yourself to health.
Dessert "Pat-a-bomb"
191 - - -
Done! My dear, I finally found the perfect recipe for chocolate mousse! So how many prigotovleno-perapr aboveno, but this! I do not know how is translated the name of this magical dessert. I can only say is really the BOMB! The chocolate bomb! Definitely a recipe we leave it favorite. On new year's feasts it will make a real splash! The recipe is from the king of chocolate Yannick Lefort.
Muscovy cake "Space Christmas"
191 - 240м 7
If someone haven't tried moscovie cakes, offer a recipe. Sure that you are indifferent will not stay. Its unique taste makes the difference, it just melts in your mouth.
Chocolate mousse
180 5 15м 4
Amazing taste and tender texture!
The rum Baba with yogurt
178 3 - -
Yogurt with almonds and ....
Caramel gingerbread mousse
161 - - -
Caramel gingerbread mousse, light, airy dessert of French cuisine.
Chocolate cranberry mousse
160 - 40м -
This dessert is inspired by Ann Reardon, a very delicate and light. Options different types of mousse on the website there, but I suggest you try my option.
Yogurt mousse-jelly
154 5 180м 1
Something similar to mother's milk.
Delicate Panna cotta from prostokvashi
149 - 80м 6
This recipe taught me ten years ago, a friend who is almost 15 years lives in Italy. Since is one of our favorite desserts. "Pana Kota (Panna cotta) is a gentle seductive dessert made of cream and gelatin, which is made in Italy, the Emilia-Romagna region. Literally, the name of the dessert translates as "cooked cream" or "cooked cream", but in fact this creamy pudding without or with various additives. Adding to Panna cotta are pieces of fruit, berries, caramel or fruit sauce. Leave the finished dessert in the dessert bowls or turn over in a pile on a plate, decorated with berries and sauce. Gelatin for Panna cats suggest to take a sheet, because it is more pure, free of impurities, which positively affects the odor of the finished dessert. Panna cotta can be prepared in advance, it is well preserved in the refrigerator (about 2-3 days). Experts believe that the best Panna Cota is obtained from pasteurized milk and cream. There are modern versions of this Italian dessert. For example, in some recipes Panna cotta propose to make yogurt."
Lentil-orange marmalade and mousse it
147 - 30м 4
Jams can be cooked out of anything-that in Russia every housewife knows! Zucchini and pumpkin, young eggplants and carrots, green and ripe tomatoes and fir cones...And worse than lentils? And nothing! Jam of lentils with the addition of orange has a bright aroma of oranges, orange color and delicate creamy texture. Light taste, rather, nuts-the lentils, added Sharma. And the volume of product has increased significantly. I was not ready to pass the jam through a blender, and left small pieces. And adding the jam, Italian meringue protein allowed to cook delicate mousse, light as a cloud and incredibly tasty. The only negative – sweet, not cloyingly, but sweet all the same jam! But I have a strong sweet tooth - ate and licked his lips. The flavor of the lentils did not recognize anyone!
Chocolate mousse without eggs
145 - 20м 2
The chocolate you can eat and just like that, and this delicious dessert is perfect for the holiday table. In cooking it is not particularly difficult, the main thing is well to cool the chocolate mass during whipping.