Jelly recipes

Jelly potato starch for cakes
1.3k - 5м 1
I want to offer to cook jelly (glaze) filling for pies (cakes). Of course you can buy ready-made upakovochki, but sometimes there's no time to run to the store, and the pie you want to fill jelly. Preparing jelly from potato starch and syrup from canned Mandarin oranges. Varying syrups, or juices, you can make jelly of different colors. The idea I saw on a German site from Silvia, thank you very much.
Panna cotta with cherry sauce
1k - - -
A perfect dessert for summer days - cool, tender and flavorful. For the recipe thank Tatiana Nazaruk.
Strawberry-graviola jelly
0.8k - 60м 6
Delicate like a cloud of jelly. The combination of sour cream and strawberry layers divine. The consistency is more like mousse than jello. Very refreshing in the heat, especially when I did not fit this dessert at the time) to Put the recipe was not going since prepared this recipe the first time, because there is no step-by-step, but I think everything is clear. Just insert three photos from other angles in step-by-step... In General, I recommend to try this yummy, who has a weakness for this kind of desserts.
Blue Manzhe
0.7k - 90м 10
Very tasty and sweet recipe jelly dessert
Punch-jelly "Beer mug"
398 - - -
This dessert is a joke seriously delicious and grown-up. Fragrant sour-sweet jelly with a flavor of wine and milk "foam" with a taste of coconut liqueur –great combination! You can remove the alcohol by replacing the volume of fruit juice without pulp or water, and dessert so happy to eat children. Of course, a children's version should not be issued under a mug of beer. And a little joke on friends, say, on February 23 – it is appropriate!
Jelly with cognac "Coral reefs"
394 - 70м 12
Thought, thought, than to surprise your family, myself and so yummy it turned out - yum!
Jam jelly with rose wine
382 - - -
Unusual dessert for adults. Nice as it is in itself, and as Supplement in other dishes.
The colorful joy
330 4 - -
Cheerful and colorful jelly with different gelatinase and jelly. Very simple, but very tasty!!! Jelly lovers dedicated!!!
Dessert "Eyes"
313 - - 4
Prepare for a party this comic dessert, it's delicious! It really is a luxurious Italian dessert coconut. The reaction to this dessert is as follows: first there is a pause, and then snort, then laughter, after the laughter is "mmm... how delicious!".
Dessert "Wine and watermelon"
311 3 - -
Juicy flavorful dessert with a wine flavor.
Creamy pumpkin dessert
286 - 80м 6
A delicious dessert made of pumpkin is one of the most useful treats, he has a delightful taste and are available in composition. Such a treat will allow and indulge yourself with sweets, and satiate the body with vitamins and life-giving force.
Panna cotta ai loti
275 - 30м 6
Autumn is the season of persimmons, so I just had to share with you the recipe of a wonderful recipe with its use is the Panna cotta, we go for the recipe.
Marmalade of cherries
273 - - 3
I want to share with you a simple recipe of cherry marmalade. Such a treat for not only children, but also adults.
270 4 - -
Very tasty!
Panna cotta with berry jelly
265 - - -
Panna cotta cream and Parmalat milk with berry jelly from the juice Santal berries.
Panna cotta
262 5 90м 10
Genre classics.
Jelly "Mosaic"
262 4 30м 6
Sweet, delicious. Favorite dessert of my children.
Jelly "Fruit bomb"
261 - 90м 6
I often make fruit salads, this time decided to diversify the diet. Made fruit jelly. Easy, delicious and healthy dessert will delight you and your kids. Minimum effort, maximum taste.
Dessert "Pineapple miracle"
248 4.3 25м 8
All the lovers I recommend pineapple! Very easy, delicious, juicy, moderately sweet, flavorful dessert. Many years ago, my mother in law, living in Portugal, learned how to cook this dish. Then I learned, and now want to share with you... For the contest "Sweet taste of summer".
"The scarlet flower"
248 4 - -
The name of my daughter. Think it will fit on a festive children's table. For sweet lovers
Jelly "strawberry cottage Cheese soft"
245 - 30м 4
What if the kid doesn't like cheese? To go to the trick. I was tried many recipes: pastries, cakes, dumplings, camouflage content of fresh fruits and syrups. No "Froot" and "mixture" it is not perceived. And to achieve goals managed in the simplest way. What I'm still grateful to my children - they made it easy for me the preparation of this delicacy.