Cheesecakes recipes for Christmas

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Today I want to share with you, dear cooks, recipe cheesecakes. It would seem that what is special about this wonderful treat, the recipes of cooking a great variety. I thought so too. However, having tried a lot of recipes, I came to the conclusion that after all I have to do for yourself, to develop the recipe, that's okay with me. Cheesecake really cheesecake without excessive stickiness, and viscosity, and a sense of nepropitannoy, of deep-fried They keep their shape, moderately sweet and very tasty. And I would like to note that the fat content of cottage cheese in the recipe do not play any role. These syrnichki I were made of cheese fat content of only 3%. The only caveat, it must be cheese, not curds!
Lviv cheese cake
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A delicate and delicious cheesecake is sure to please both children and adults.
Cheesecakes with a banana in flaky dough
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Cheesecakes from cottage cheese with a banana in a flaky dough. Easier, of course, to make pancakes with mashed bananas, but on a holiday or weekend, you can treat your household with their preparation.
Waffles diet for Dukane
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Cheesecakes "Holiday"
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Ahead of the long holidays and the Breakfast has not been canceled! Cook the cheesecakes in the oven with a interesting composition by adding to the splendor semolina or semolina. The stuffing can be replaced, but the grapes add juiciness.
Cheesecakes in the oven "Kaleidoscope"
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Very delicate and airy cheesecakes are obtained, for lovers of cheese, like me, is a godsend.