Cheesecakes recipes for 23rd of February

Cheesecakes "Baby"
95 - 45м 6
This recipe cheesecakes I brought myself for my child. Due to certain characteristics of health, we have a need to limit certain foods. Therefore, you will not find in the composition of neither eggs nor monkey. I bring to your attention a very useful and incredibly tasty dish. Help yourself!
Waffles diet for Dukane
92 - 10м 3
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Cheesecakes "Usual-unusual"
89 - 40м 6
Despite the diversity of recipes for cheesecakes, I wanted to invent something new. Dough combined with blueberry jam and cream cheese turn ordinary pancakes into a gorgeous new treats for Breakfast!
Cheese cakes of cheese
87 - 45м 5
Cheesecake for me is a sweet cheese pastries. But what to call pancakes made of CHEESE? Of course, too "cheesecakes". A "super" - because the photograph could, when doing a third portion: the previous "swept" at once.
Cheese wrapped in bacon
87 - 10м 2
After a sweet version like to treat you to savoury sarnicki! In Latvia generally like savory cheese, eat it with greens, garlic and salt. With boiled mint potatoes know how tasty))) we even sell the salty cheese in boxes, convenient to take to work! And bacon are greatly respected here... so I joined!
Citrus cheesecakes
75 - 20м 2
A great gift for your man on the 14th or 23rd of February! Well, if you really man make a miracle for his beloved... mmm... Fantastic! Delicate citrus notes will not leave anyone indifferent! Even kids who don't like cheese, and devours them with pleasure! But all this provides only one secret ingredient...
Cheesecakes in the oven "Kaleidoscope"
73 - 40м 6
Very delicate and airy cheesecakes are obtained, for lovers of cheese, like me, is a godsend.
Cheesecake in a double boiler
14 - 20м 1
Cheesecake in a double boiler or slow cooker, you can cook quickly and easily. They turn out very tender and tasty.