Fresh dough recipes

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Made from dough
Dumpling dough
266 4 30м 64
It is possible for dumplings. Very elastic and roll the can until clear.
The correct dough for dumplings and dumplings
259 5 15м -
Oddly enough, but to find a good recipe for dumpling dough is not so simple, although its composition and the correct proportions calculated a long time ago. Good dumpling dough should be not only delicious, but also have certain characteristics. It should not swell when cooked, should well and thinly roll out, has to succumb to the moulding and ready should be soft and pleasant. I want to share the best in my (and not only) view the recipe of dough for ravioli and dumplings, which fully satisfies all these requirements.
The dough for pelmeni and vareniki
216 3 35м -
It may be useful to someone. Very good recipe of making the dough for dumplings and dumplings, the dough turns smooth, elastic, well rolled, and stored in the fridge for a few days. I follow this recipe and make the dough not so often as for our family it turns out too much. Tried to do a half portion - not. A full portion 194 and 74 dumpling dumplings :)Specifically considered:)
The dough for dumplings and dumplings "Savory"
202 3 5м -
Agree that there is nothing more sad than floating in the pan of dough and filling. So much time and effort is spent to feed the family homemade dumplings, and as a result... ( ( ( In one of the popular culinary TV show singer Anna Sedakova (ex-soloist of group "VIA Gra") prepared dumplings with cherry family recipe. The dough was so simple, elastic and absolutely not exploding when cooked, it has since moved exclusively to this recipe. The dough without eggs. With just two ingredients: flour and... something else. Know that online a lot of women. Maybe confirm that in Ukraine the dough for dumplings and dumplings do so? On the website of this prescription is not found.
The dough for dumplings
195 - 10м -
For lovers of thick dough for ravioli and dumplings. Long time have made according to a traditional recipe, but in recent years has switched to this method, especially since the test is derived from serving a small family. The dough is not stiff, but crisp, not mushy and not torn
Pizza dough without yeast
185 - 30м -
The dough for those who loves crunchy things. The website has a huge number of recipes of pizzas and, accordingly, variants of dough. I had the strength to only view the first three pages given by the search, and such a test I found, so I decided to expose him. The recipe is found on some cooking forum, the author is not remembered, but still a huge thanks to him.
Egg noodles from semolina
181 - 60м 4
Fresh homemade egg noodles does not go to any comparison with store-bought. Noodles from semolina made from durum wheat special grind. Such noodles can be cooked many delicious and healthy dishes.
Pizza dough
178 - 5м 3
Yeast-free pizza dough.
Yeast-free pizza dough
165 - 40м 8
This recipe in my youth shared with me my friend. Really loved my family, and I especially: the dough is prepared quickly and easily, turns out very tasty! Rimma, dear, thanks for the recipe!
Quick dough for pies
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With this test the cakes can be cooked for half an hour. This is the dough for those who have trouble with yeast dough. Bake, you will not regret.
Choux dough for dumplings
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I'm in the same cooking forum I found this recipe. I decided to try and turned out pretty well. The dough to hands does not stick and is rolled out very easily. I looked, there's a lot of dough for ravioli and someone is like, but it's still not that.
The dough is "Swiss" and the cake from him
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Why is the batter is called "Swiss m"? Answer I have not found, but its worth a try! Good option for lean dough, which is perfect for sweet and savory pies. Nice work, it looks like sand, but not as crumbly. Look...
The dough for pelmeni and vareniki
135 - 15м 4
A very quick dough. Personally, I liked )))
Delicious pizza dough
132 - 15м 3
Delicious pizza dough
The dough for chebureks and dumplings, bread machine
131 - 90м -
You have a bread maker? And the dough for chebureks You do about it? If not, you urgently need to do this! This dough is like kneading your assistant, you wouldn't do in manual ever!!! Delicate, thin, elastic - perfectly rolled and formed.
Pizza dough
127 4 45м 6
The dough "."
126 4 10м -
Universal dough for pies with any filling.
Pizza dough
125 5 80м 8
Contains no: yeast, suitable for any toppings, just to prepare
Crimean cakes with fruit
123 - 25м 8
Seaside sweets. Juicy patties with a southern fruit. I advise everyone to try, melts in your mouth!!
The dough for dumplings with vinegar
123 - 30м -
The recipe for this test I saw a cooking group and he immediately became a favorite! The vinegar makes the dough very pliable, stretchy, thin dough is rolled out almost effortlessly, it turns out very elastic, pleasant to work with. This test is not only the dumplings, but khinkali, Manty, Khanum..