Puff recipes

Small eateries patties with cheese
0.8k - - -
I thought for a long time, as quickly as possible to stick eateries pies for a big company. I wanted to make them one tooth and spend a minimum of time. To help I got the form for dumplings. It turned out quick and delicious! Flew for 15 minutes, to the holiday table did not survive. Come on, who cares!!!
Puff "cherry delight"
0.8k - 60м 10
This is a very quick but very delicious cakes from ready-made puff pastry and a delicate cherry filling (source is the Internet, thanks to the author). The idea of cooking, I think, is already on the website, but for me the highlight was the filling and ease of preparation.
Puff fingers come from the Soviet Union
463 - - -
Dear cooks who among us does not remember the taste of these fingers?... And who didn't love a spoon to eat the crumbs with the icing sugar remaining in the package? We are the fingers in the school cafeteria did! But for a variety of recipes pastries at home these fingers were not prepared... and always wanted! And not so long ago I found this recipe! Recipe found in the comments in the discussion of the recipe "Bagels of three ingredients" of Tania ( Tanushechka-2017 )... cook Аленушка2904 wrote this recipe for the Pillsbury marianna8339. For that I Express great appreciation! And with a large and always enjoy visiting created photorecep! Go! Help yourself! I'm sure that You will not remain indifferent!
Puff pastry with currants and cream cheese
405 - 15м 16
My favourite Danish pastry! The pleasant texture of the crispy dough, mouth-watering curd tart with berries. Stunned how delicious!!!
Croissants in Paris
370 - 30м 10
This pastry is very loved in our family. On the website many recipes for croissants, but the charm and unique taste and aroma filling my croissants!!! Banana and chocolate aroma and taste crazy, and croissant are eaten before cooled. And another big plus - quick and easy!!!
A La achma
354 5 - -
Preparation of ACMI is a time - consuming process, but recently on one of the culinary forums I found a more affordable and easy to use and, of course, could not with You not to share it!:) Thanks to the author (Agnis) for such a wonderful recipe.
347 3.5 - -
After rolls left a bit of a test. Decided to do just such a thing. I always did this but did not know the name. And only recently mother-in-law told me the name).
A layered cake with cheese
335 - 90м 6
I saw the recipe for this bread in one television program, decided to prepare and share with local cooks. Try to bake Uzbek puff bread with a flavorful cheese, it's not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.
Puff candies with fruit compote
333 - 45м 4
Recipe for those who I have not bothered with its compote of fruit :D I Just have a lot of them really. One too, join us! They can do a bunch of Goodies. For example, wrap in puff pastry and bake! Why not?
Puff pies with cottage cheese and cherries
331 5 45м -
Delicious puff pastry squares with cheese and cherries, with a pleasant slightly sour taste, are a good addition to coffee for Breakfast.
Puffs chops
321 5 - -
Delicious puffs with the chops. Quick, easy, delicious and satisfying! I recommend to all! Try it!
Puff "Dinesh" with forest berries
313 - 60м 8
Delicious pastries with fresh or frozen berries for the Christmas table! Does not require a lot of time and expensive ingredients.
309 3 15м 10
Always prepare slience when there is dough on the dumplings. The recipe story: my mom saw it in the 70-ies in the restaurant (honestly!) the city of Khatanga. No, of course, visitors of this dish and then not filed, despite a total and comprehensive grocery deficit; the restaurant staff was cooking them for yourself, drink tea. For me, this is the most ideal option using leftover dumpling dough.
Puff with Mandarin oranges in caramel syrup
303 - 30м 4
Tasty puff with Mandarin filling. Top crisp and caramel sauce. Help yourself!
Little bags of happiness
303 4 20м 20
Delicious pastries, which does not require costly products and time, but will help to lift the mood of your guests an unexpected prediction.
282 - - -
Sumus – Greek meat pie. When our grandmothers sumos ate only the Old New year, so they baked a lot, up to 20 pieces to give to the carolers.
Puff with Adygei cheese and herbs
274 - 50м 4
Puff is always delicious, but also easy, fast and affordable. Well, Adygei cheese is a song...
Puff snails with orange sugar
274 - 30м -
To tea, especially in winter, you need something very invigorating, warming and fragrant. Well, ran to the store for puff pastry ;), and create something invigorating and warming.
A La "kata" halva
273 4.5 30м 30
Unexpected guests at the door. How to surprise? For a quick and tasty... Was puff pastry and halva. Sweet, tasty, fast. Not even allowed to fully cool down...
Puffs with condensed milk and cereal "well, Well... "
272 3 40м 12
The taste is very delicious. But the form let us down, and maybe someone will seem interesting. Try to prepare, you will not regret.
Puff "Snackbars" with ham and cheese
265 - 50м 15
Puff with ham and cheese a win-win snack. You can submit both at Breakfast and at the festive table. Good in hot or cold, from the table, leaving with a Bang! Only crumbs remain)