Puff recipes

Uzbek bread "Katlama"
1.5k - 30м 10
Katlama is fried Uzbek bread cooked with toppings. From simple products, you can quickly prepare these delicious cakes which will fit the quality of the bread to any dish and tea, including. You can prepare cakes with filling ( minced meat, onion) the Recipe is simple, quick and delicious, hope You enjoy!
Small eateries patties with cheese
1.4k - - -
I thought for a long time, as quickly as possible to stick eateries pies for a big company. I wanted to make them one tooth and spend a minimum of time. To help I got the form for dumplings. It turned out quick and delicious! Flew for 15 minutes, to the holiday table did not survive. Come on, who cares!!!
French croissants
1.2k - - 9
Today I have a recipe of delicious, crispy croissants from puff pastry dough, which we prepare ourselves. The recipe is not complicated, but long. But what could be more delicious morning, fragrant coffee with a crisp, browned, just a croissant?! If you follow all recommendations you will succeed!! If you love croissants, as well as I do, join!!!
Puff fingers come from the Soviet Union
1.2k - - -
Dear cooks who among us does not remember the taste of these fingers?... And who didn't love a spoon to eat the crumbs with the icing sugar remaining in the package? We are the fingers in the school cafeteria did! But for a variety of recipes pastries at home these fingers were not prepared... and always wanted! And not so long ago I found this recipe! Recipe found in the comments in the discussion of the recipe "Bagels of three ingredients" of Tania ( Tanushechka-2017 )... cook Аленушка2904 wrote this recipe for the Pillsbury marianna8339. For that I Express great appreciation! And with a large and always enjoy visiting created photorecep! Go! Help yourself! I'm sure that You will not remain indifferent!
A La achma
1.2k 5 - -
Preparation of ACMI is a time - consuming process, but recently on one of the culinary forums I found a more affordable and easy to use and, of course, could not with You not to share it!:) Thanks to the author (Agnis) for such a wonderful recipe.
Puff "cherry delight"
1.1k - 60м 10
This is a very quick but very delicious cakes from ready-made puff pastry and a delicate cherry filling (source is the Internet, thanks to the author). The idea of cooking, I think, is already on the website, but for me the highlight was the filling and ease of preparation.
Puffs chops
1k 5 - -
Delicious puffs with the chops. Quick, easy, delicious and satisfying! I recommend to all! Try it!
Puff candies with fruit compote
1k - 45м 4
Recipe for those who I have not bothered with its compote of fruit :D I Just have a lot of them really. One too, join us! They can do a bunch of Goodies. For example, wrap in puff pastry and bake! Why not?
1k - 70м 10
Gata/Kata is the Armenian layered delicacy for tea in Azerbaijani cuisine it is called kata. I do not know whose this dish, but one thing I will say for sure that in its simplicity, originality and taste that baking is among my favorite treats.
1k - - -
Sumus – Greek meat pie. When our grandmothers sumos ate only the Old New year, so they baked a lot, up to 20 pieces to give to the carolers.
Puff pastry with currants and cream cheese
0.9k - 15м 16
My favourite Danish pastry! The pleasant texture of the crispy dough, mouth-watering curd tart with berries. Stunned how delicious!!!
Crostada with apples
0.9k - - 4
Another French recipe. Today we'll take a trip to the South-West of France, where Apple croustade (croustade) is very popular. They are sold in every bakery. Gentle Apple filling and the finest dough - maximum pleasure!
0.9k 3.5 - -
After rolls left a bit of a test. Decided to do just such a thing. I always did this but did not know the name. And only recently mother-in-law told me the name).
Puff pies with cottage cheese and cherries
0.9k 5 45м -
Delicious puff pastry squares with cheese and cherries, with a pleasant slightly sour taste, are a good addition to coffee for Breakfast.
Eateries mini-puffs "Tag"
0.9k - 60м 4
If you have planned watching a movie or football with the family or just your favorite friends, this cakes for you! Offer to prepare Diners mini-puffs with sausage and cheese. To make them easily and quickly, turn out very tasty, fragrant and original. Everyone will be just delighted with a snack: it is made in minutes and consumed even faster)).
Sole in puff pastry
0.9k 5 45м 4
Doubting that sole worthy of praise, I decided to cook it in a way that is most highlighted by its delicate taste and tender texture...
Calzoncini with spinach and cheese
0.9k - 30м 4
Why calzoncini? Small calzone! A very popular Italian appetizer. Easy to prepare dough. Honestly started going through all 500 pages in search, but on 120th "broke" failed.
Puff with Mandarin oranges in caramel syrup
0.9k - 30м 4
Tasty puff with Mandarin filling. Top crisp and caramel sauce. Help yourself!
Puff "Dinesh" with forest berries
0.9k - 60м 8
Delicious pastries with fresh or frozen berries for the Christmas table! Does not require a lot of time and expensive ingredients.
Puffs with condensed milk and cereal "well, Well... "
0.8k 3 40м 12
The taste is very delicious. But the form let us down, and maybe someone will seem interesting. Try to prepare, you will not regret.
Baskets of puff pastry with cream
0.8k - 15м 12
Want to offer a quick and affordable recipe of the baskets of puff pastry with cream cheese and condensed milk. Cream you can use any. With this recipe any man can do, and today we have cakes worked grandchildren.