Puff recipes for New Year

Small eateries patties with cheese
0.7k - - -
I thought for a long time, as quickly as possible to stick eateries pies for a big company. I wanted to make them one tooth and spend a minimum of time. To help I got the form for dumplings. It turned out quick and delicious! Flew for 15 minutes, to the holiday table did not survive. Come on, who cares!!!
Croissants in Paris
325 - 30м 10
This pastry is very loved in our family. On the website many recipes for croissants, but the charm and unique taste and aroma filling my croissants!!! Banana and chocolate aroma and taste crazy, and croissant are eaten before cooled. And another big plus - quick and easy!!!
Puff "Dinesh" with forest berries
258 - 60м 8
Delicious pastries with fresh or frozen berries for the Christmas table! Does not require a lot of time and expensive ingredients.
Little bags of happiness
255 4 20м 20
Delicious pastries, which does not require costly products and time, but will help to lift the mood of your guests an unexpected prediction.
Dumplings Fragrant
189 - 25м 5
Sometimes the holidays are no time to make a cake or sweet pie. You can of course buy ready-made, but you can make a quick and delicious dessert by apples in puff pastry. I love Apple cakes, fragrance the holiday from her. The recipe is old and well known, but some details make the apples so delicious that they and holiday table will not fail. I found the puffs with the use of brandy and dates and the aroma is wonderful. And free time you can spend on yourself or to Tinker with other masterpieces. And the Monkey will be happy apples and figs, and crispy test will not give up, a kind of gourmand.
Puff "pockets" with sausage and cheese
188 4 40м -
A light and hearty snack made with puff pastry in a hurry. Not really had time to take pictures, after 5 minutes the plate was empty :-)
Eateries mini pies "Jacket"
178 - 30м 16
This appetizer is very simple in execution, but no less delicious! Here fit probably any dough and stuffing - most important, interesting molding. Idea found on Ineta, want to share with you, maybe someone will be useful!
Puff roses in cheese-shrimp sauce
159 - - 7
Holiday meal at my table were baked puff pastry roses with trout in a cheese-shrimp sauce. They are delicious both hot and cold. This is a lovely, delicate and delicious appetizer on the holiday table that will not leave anyone indifferent!
Puff "baked Egg,"
158 - 30м 4
Very simple and quick recipe, perfect for Breakfast. And if you replace chicken eggs with quail and take a thin sausage to make a great finger snack for wine. Well, they were more juicy and tender add the mayonnaise "Maheev". Help yourself.
Strudel with fish
144 - 30м 12
Most importantly it is quick and tasty. And to do almost nothing. And it turns out very tasty. You can dream up something else to add.
Puffs with cinnamon "Christmas trees"
144 - 25м -
What I will show below, it is not a recipe but an idea. All ready in less than 30 minutes, and as a result you will receive very cute treats that will especially appeal to baby. And for the holidays - all the beauty :)
Puffs apples from ready-made puff pastry
134 - - -
Delicious, tender, juicy puff with apples from puff pastry. Love this recipe for its simplicity. These puffs scatter in minutes. Cook, You will love it.
Puff pastry with marmalade "Svetoforchik"
130 4 - -
Wanted to share some ways of preparing, or rather, perhaps, design puffs. These types are suitable for puffs with sweet fillings. I think that you will find for yourself something new.
Sweet cheesecake on-Kuban
130 - 60м 8
I want to share another simple recipe with a generous Kuban! This time cooking a sweet cheesecake with raisins!) I as a lover of organic dairy products was not in this recipe without the cheese! Forward!)
Vertuta with apples and raisins
129 - 50м 3
Vertuta - Moldovan roll of exhaust test. But we're getting virtute in Odessa! This pastry is very similar to the Vienna strudel, but with a very crispy batter! The secret to a tasty vertuty is of phyllo! The filling can be any: from and cheese to pumpkin. We will prepare vertuta with apples and ISM - the tsimes, as they say in Odessa...
Christmas tree made of puff pastry
125 - 40м 6
The new year is everyone's favorite holiday, want festive table was Laden with all sorts of dishes! But still want (me personally :)) that the preparation of these dishes does not take up much time and the meals were delicious! So offer to cook easy and fast and tasty and interesting dessert!
Snack cake of puff pastry
123 3 40м 4
Delicate flavor impregnated slotki in combination with different toppings -very tasty.
"Apple miracle"
122 4 60м 16
Dear cooks! I want to offer very easy to prepare recipe of apples in the homemade puff. My family and friend eating a "Miracle" in a jiffy. Try it and you!
Envelopes of puff pastry
120 - 40м 9
If you suddenly descended guests, you can prepare a simple and original dish - envelopes of puff pastry with apples.
Puff with cottage cheese "Vanilla"
117 - - 8
For a more complete sweet table during the winter holidays, I recommend a quick loecki. One package of brownie mix, a little cheese and 20 minutes later we get a crispy pastry.
Caramelized pear puffs
116 3 50м -
I made a fruit platter of puffs. Apples and cherries you've already seen, and today I present for your consideration a pear.