Puff recipes for Lent

Rolls from vegetable puff pastry with raisins, halva, walnuts and brown sugar
160 - 30м -
Very simple and quickly prepared, eaten, however, still faster. The combination of halva, raisins and walnuts with sugar is one of the favorite, you can still add Apple - but my husband loves without.
Puff with nuts
124 - 40м 6
Fragrant and rosy. And the post can be delicious to drink tea with homemade cakes.
Puffs with caramel syrup "Exotic"
104 - - -
Delicious and awesome puffs with the scent of exotic fruits. Interesting and unique taste and ease of preparation will amaze you and your loved ones. For the idea and inspiration thank user Jeseki
Rolls of lean puff pastry with cream
103 - - -
Unusual rolls with lean savory cream of white beans, Royal mushrooms, garlic, and cilantro. Home liked very much - which is absolutely amazing - rave reviews from a child - because it marked the appointment of the recipe for children. Asking for more will probably have to cook again (honestly - no cilantro - delicious - for myself, I'd cook with parsley, but those who love cilantro, you'll like it)
Puffs apples
90 4 30м -
Very simple puff with filling, prepared quickly, eaten even faster)))
Puff pie with tuna and vegetables
88 - 80м 4
Vegetable puffs filled with tuna, peppers, fried onions and herbs. Thin and crispy batter, juicy meat. No margarine, only vegetable oil, flour and water!
Puff snails with tomatoes and mushrooms
87 - - -
Very tasty and juicy obtained. Stunning luscious pastries. And so it is not difficult, and so is available. Warm and cozy at home. Help yourself!
A La puff "Spring mood"
85 - 80м 6
I offer you the recipe for vegetable puffs from puff pastry
Puff pastry with vegetable filling
82 - 30м -
Today I decided to dream up on savory puff pastry. The result was puffs, stuffed vegetables, which are good in themselves and as complements to the entrees.
Layered dessert "East"
79 - 60м 8
Not everyone has the opportunity to buy real Oriental sweets, or time to prepare. But this does not mean that you can't treat yourself to an exotic dessert. If you have a regular puff pastry, some nuts, sugar and spices - you can very quickly and with minimal effort to prepare tasty and fragrant Oriental dessert!
Pizza honey nut cereal
78 - 25м 4
I bring to your attention a sweet honey pizza with walnuts and oatmeal. It is very tasty!
Flowers of puff pastry
77 - 30м 6
The delicious combination of flaky pastry with plums and walnut. For lovers of sweet, but not cloying.
Caramel puffs "Pineapple flower"
76 - - -
Very tasty loecki with caramelized pineapple. Fragrant and crispy, melt in your mouth tender. Easy and quick to prepare. Delight your loved ones.
Puff "Pear"
72 - - -
Simple in execution, but no less tasty puff.
Puff " Apple of the rose"
63 - - -
Delicious, stunning and fragrant puff pastry with apples. Interesting shape will impress you and your guests. Quick and easy to prepare.