Homemade bread recipes

Bread with fenugreek
0.9k - 245м 10
Offer to replenish the assortment of bread and to make bread with fenugreek, it is not only wonderful, brilliant flavor and a unique aroma and of course the fenugreek makes bread not only more tasty, but also useful.
0.9k - 40м -
Rich Turkmen pita with lamb, do not judge strictly, the first recipe.
Bread from flour of durum
0.9k - 120м 10
This bread is only flour from durum wheat, with no added flour. Try the pastries from durum, you will love this flour so much as I do.
Flax baguettes
0.7k - 210м 6
Flax baguettes useful and... beautiful. As they are simple to prepare, and so delicious.
Buckwheat bread without kneading from flour green buckwheat
0.6k - - -
Bake homemade buckwheat bread from a flour of buckwheat green. The usual buckwheat is roasted buckwheat grain, which during heat treatment loses many useful properties. Much healthier to consume raw green buckwheat and the flour out of it. This product has long been known as a diet, helps to lose weight and maintain a slim figure. Useful properties of buckwheat flour green: Has excellent anti-cancer properties; Helps to reduce weight people with obesity, diabetes; Rich in dopamine, acts as a natural antidepressant; Helps the body absorb and digest food; has a Positive effect on the cardiovascular system; Has a healing effect upon ulcers of the stomach and intestines.
Azerbaijani churek
0.6k - 120м 4
In Azerbaijan bread is baked simple, without any complications. Pita bread, various cakes and bread, which translated into Russian means "bread".
Sourdough bread 100% humidity. Starter
0.6k - - -
Step-by-step recipe sourdough 100% humidity (starter), baking bread. Sourdough 100% humidity, this means that flour and water is taken in equal amounts. It is necessary to observe the technology of preparation and all work necessarily. Making a starter is necessary 7 to 10 days. It depends on the quality of flour and temperature. The bread turns out very tasty, fragrant, crispy crust. This is a very exciting process! Start to prepare the yeast, I recommend a whole wheat crust. If a meal You have not, you can replace rye. If no whole wheat, no rye, no. Prepare from wheat.
Hemp seed nut bread
0.5k - - -
Allow me to offer bread with added hemp flour and nuts. A storehouse of vitamins and maximum benefit and taste. And what flavorful this bread... by the Way, it can be stored for quite a long time while it does not lose its flavor.
Italian national sourdough bread
0.5k - - -
Pane comune con madre yeast. So I liked the picture of this bread on Pinterest the blog of Anastasia, went further reference, found the recipe, true Italian, translated. Baked. Can someone say long and boring, but delicious! The bread is gorgeous, airy, sour, funky with a crispy crust. By the way, it is later found that the recipes of this bread is full in Russian it is called Communal. Congratulations, dear girls!
Kurdish flatbread "Fasoli"
498 - 90м -
Kurdish cuisine, like any other, has its own characteristics, its own special dish on weekdays and holidays. Was fasali - baking, which is prepared on festivals, special days. Today I want to introduce one of the options was vasali, more simple, without toppings. In other cases, can be meat, cheese was fasali etc. Recipe shared by my neighbor.
466 - - -
Good day! The recipe is delicious, thin, crispy Uzbek flatbread from the book of Stalik hankishiev, my debut on this site, so do not judge strictly. Please, look, cook, enjoy.
Japanese bread with condensed milk
426 - 180м 1
What is the difference between weekdays from holidays? Elegance spent time in a special mood... If we start from these definitions, this bread fits the name "Holiday". It is interesting for its separated layers, a pleasant milk flavor, tender crumb and a beautiful view. So why is it not to bake in the Easter holidays? In the preparation of the dough I used the bread maker.
421 3.7 40м -
Patir prepare at home is very easy and delicious!
407 - 240м 8
Loaf is a special bread, wedding.
Carrot bread
405 - 1000м 2
Beautiful and healthy rye-wheat sourdough bread. Recently got into baking, first baking in the bread machine, then used the recipes to bake in the oven. I loved to bake bread and I decided to raise the level - raised sourdough for baking unleavened bread. Every weekend now I'm looking for new recipes and my house fills with the smell of fresh bread. This recipe I found in the blog Anna973 apparently it is some famous character in the environment of bakers. I'm not too experienced Baker, but since I found this recipe, not the Cook, I decided to photograph the cooking process and add the recipe! Sorry for such a looong preamble, let's get finally to the preparation of bread!
Doctoral bread according to GOST
390 - - 6
Very fragrant, tasty and healthy bread with added bran. Baked in small round rolls. National standards here is the recipe with the yeast and the option of sourdough.
390 - 180м 8
I am very not indifferent to the forming of articles of any test. This time my attention was riveted here's a handsome loaf! Recipe from natussikk (the website forum.say7). The author thanks for the recipe!
Salt-free bread
378 - 150м 7
Floridly bread. Very healthy and tasty bread. Can't say that bland or tasteless, no it is perfectly suited to any product, emphasizing its taste and staying in the shade.
The fougasse
363 - - 7
The fougasse is a simple flatbread, provençal origin. Any other homemade bread is it different fancy baking (in the form of leaf or ear), and various additives in the dough, such as fried onions, various vegetables, olives, anchovies, herbs, etc. On the website there are several recipes for this bread, but I think maybe my version will be useful to someone. Try to cook, very tasty!
343 - 120м 6
Roll in the Eastern and southern Slavs round white bread, usually in the form of a ring or a small hole; the Western Slavs was the name of any ritual bread, including wedding loaf. And for me, it's just delicious and beautiful!
Cottage cheese and barley loaf
343 - - -
It's hard to call pastry useful, but this loaf "almost useful" because cooked on the cottage cheese with the use of barley flour. For Breakfast you can afford a couple of pieces (always slimming)! Come on in, help yourself!