Homemade bread recipes

Bread with fenugreek
3.1k - 245м 10
Offer to replenish the assortment of bread and to make bread with fenugreek, it is not only wonderful, brilliant flavor and a unique aroma and of course the fenugreek makes bread not only more tasty, but also useful.
Azerbaijani churek
3k - 120м 4
In Azerbaijan bread is baked simple, without any complications. Pita bread, various cakes and bread, which translated into Russian means "bread".
2.7k - 40м -
Rich Turkmen pita with lamb, do not judge strictly, the first recipe.
Bread from flour of durum
2.4k - 120м 10
This bread is only flour from durum wheat, with no added flour. Try the pastries from durum, you will love this flour so much as I do.
Kurdish flatbread "Fasoli"
1.6k - 90м -
Kurdish cuisine, like any other, has its own characteristics, its own special dish on weekdays and holidays. Was fasali - baking, which is prepared on festivals, special days. Today I want to introduce one of the options was vasali, more simple, without toppings. In other cases, can be meat, cheese was fasali etc. Recipe shared by my neighbor.
Bread "Orlovsky"
1.6k - - -
I have come to you again with the bread! Today I want to introduce you to the bread born in my hometown of eagle. In 1960 Orlovsky bakery No. 1 began baking new types of bread "Orlovsky", recipe and production technology developed by the regional laboratory of the trust's bakery. Very quickly he became a favorite bread, along with Riga and Borodino, across the country. The combination of rye flour of wheat of 2nd grade and original technology of cooking helped to create a pleasant taste and to slow the staling of bread. Modern Orlovsky bread is not the same, to be honest. He began baking with yeast, using various improvers. So wear aprons and bake the same successful recipe which has been preserved in the Soviet state Standards and the taste of which you may remember!
Buns "the Roman ciriola"
1.5k - - -
Friends, I want to share an amazing, insanely delicious, flavorful and crispy, just incredible pastries - Roman cirilli! Cirioli is a small Italian rolls, known since ancient times. They are also called scones masons because it was the first morning pastries, the bakeries of the Roman, and cirioli was snatched up on the way to work by the builders. The rolls is a very interesting form, a form of wheat or even coffee beans, and a crack in the center of the rolls is not a cut, it's a little magic! Go to the recipe, tell and show everything in great detail. And if after this, you will not have a persistent burning desire to cook these buns, so I don't understand in this life)))
1.5k - - -
Good day! The recipe is delicious, thin, crispy Uzbek flatbread from the book of Stalik hankishiev, my debut on this site, so do not judge strictly. Please, look, cook, enjoy.
The elven road bread "lembas bread"
1.5k - 40м 18
Those for whom the name of Arda is not an empty phrase, and the world of middle earth attracts and fascinates, certainly know about the wonderful elven bread - lambese. Lembas bread is a hearty dish that gives a lot of strength and energy-preparing for the traditional recipe, known only to the elves. It is known that the addition of nuts and honey, and to longer maintain its freshness, it is served in leaves Mallory (although lembas bread never goes bad). Today I will try to reproduce the recipe for this magical dish.
Sourdough bread 100% humidity. Starter
1.5k - - -
Step-by-step recipe sourdough 100% humidity (starter), baking bread. Sourdough 100% humidity, this means that flour and water is taken in equal amounts. It is necessary to observe the technology of preparation and all work necessarily. Making a starter is necessary 7 to 10 days. It depends on the quality of flour and temperature. The bread turns out very tasty, fragrant, crispy crust. This is a very exciting process! Start to prepare the yeast, I recommend a whole wheat crust. If a meal You have not, you can replace rye. If no whole wheat, no rye, no. Prepare from wheat.
Buckwheat bread without kneading from flour green buckwheat
1.5k - - -
Bake homemade buckwheat bread from a flour of buckwheat green. The usual buckwheat is roasted buckwheat grain, which during heat treatment loses many useful properties. Much healthier to consume raw green buckwheat and the flour out of it. This product has long been known as a diet, helps to lose weight and maintain a slim figure. Useful properties of buckwheat flour green: Has excellent anti-cancer properties; Helps to reduce weight people with obesity, diabetes; Rich in dopamine, acts as a natural antidepressant; Helps the body absorb and digest food; has a Positive effect on the cardiovascular system; Has a healing effect upon ulcers of the stomach and intestines.
Cornbread Mr. Jingles?
1.4k - 50м 8
Remember John Coffey and his mouse Mr. Jingles from "Green mile"? And corn bread that Paul's wife gave in gratitude for healing her husband? Offer you the recipe for this delicious scones-bread the way it's doing in the southern States of America.
Bedouin bread
1.3k - 5м 5
Now winter in Egypt. Show them the local cuisine. Here's one recipe.
Icelandic bread from Gordon Ramsay
1.3k - - -
Very unusual and aromatic bread, which is absolutely just, but for a long time because the exposure time of the test. Very dense in structure, without eggs and fat. The finish reminded me about one of the cheeses, so that fans of it will like. Despite all of his unusual, goes well with our native salt lard with garlic, the peppercorn adds spice.
1.3k 3 - -
This preparation is simple (there are more time-consuming - will post later). Recipe from Serbia.
Bread from Ticino
1.3k - - -
Bread "Pane ticinese". Bread from the Italian Canton of Switzerland. This is the softest bread is notable for its unusual shape in the form of small rolls, which is necessary to break off the hands, not cut with a knife. A vegetable oil which is added to the dough makes the bread extremely soft. Earlier this bread was made weighing 1 kg and consisted of 8 small "bochonochek", it can be bought whole or in small portions at 4, 2 or 1 bun. To share this bread was easy: just break off the needed number of "bochonochek".
Flax baguettes
1.3k - 210м 6
Flax baguettes useful and... beautiful. As they are simple to prepare, and so delicious.
Swiss Sunday bread "Sak"
1.2k 5 - 6
I found the recipe. Tried. Came out very tasty, close in taste to baking, homemade bread. Simple, delicious, affordable!
Hemp seed nut bread
1.2k - - -
Allow me to offer bread with added hemp flour and nuts. A storehouse of vitamins and maximum benefit and taste. And what flavorful this bread... by the Way, it can be stored for quite a long time while it does not lose its flavor.
Italian national sourdough bread
1.2k - - -
Pane comune con madre yeast. So I liked the picture of this bread on Pinterest the blog of Anastasia, went further reference, found the recipe, true Italian, translated. Baked. Can someone say long and boring, but delicious! The bread is gorgeous, airy, sour, funky with a crispy crust. By the way, it is later found that the recipes of this bread is full in Russian it is called Communal. Congratulations, dear girls!
1.2k 3.7 40м -
Patir prepare at home is very easy and delicious!