Homemade bread recipes for birthday

Pretzels with sesame seeds
193 - 120м 10
My pretzels does not involve a large number of muffins. It is rather a kind of casual, versatile bread that goes well with hot dishes and sweet sauces for dessert for tea. The crust, as expected, crisp. The crumb is delicate, soft, fine. Are prepared quickly and absolutely not difficult! Start?
Banana-berry bread
189 3 80м -
This easy to prepare and very tasty bread will save your figure, if you are constantly drawn to "sweet". Moreover, it will provide you with the necessary calcium, folic acid and fiber.
Bedouin bread
186 - 5м 5
Now winter in Egypt. Show them the local cuisine. Here's one recipe.
Mediterranean holiday bread
169 5 385м 12
Perfectly underlines the skill of the hostess. Very tasty homemade bread with butter and cheese.
Bread without kneading from Jim Lahey
158 5 - -
HISTORY. A few years ago, gastronomical Explorer "new York times" mark Bittman created a furor by publishing an article on the revolutionary, in his words, the method for baking great bread at home. Minimalist technology invented by Baker Jim Lahey (Jim Lahey), the owner of a thriving bakery. "This method is surprisingly simple, - says Jim, - and gives fantastic results". Bittman who visited the master-class on baking, hosted by the Baker-revolutionary, was struck: no special ingredients, equipment, machinery, low effort, and the output of bread with a great crispy crust and porous crumb. Would you believe that the dough for this wonderful loaf of whole wheat flour and I'm not churned? I almost didn't formed, well unless slightly? And what cared he's not on the sheet not on a form, and in a heavy ceramic saucepan with the lid? About the secret of this bread with a light hand Mark Bittman called the Great Bread, - under the cut. Many letters, photos and even one movie - for clarity. Those who are baking homemade bread is not interested in, you can sleep peacefully and scroll the tape forward. The rest go under the cut.
Bread "Sun"
149 - 180м 10
I want to share with You the new molding of bread in the form of the Sun, which we miss in this cloudy winter! Even if the sun is in a delicious bread will warm You up in these days! Go - teach!
Bread wheat and oats with dry herbs
143 5 - -
What Easter table without bread? Of course, the bread on our table every day, and holidays, and weekdays. I suggest for diversity to bake wheat-oatmeal bread with the addition of aromatic herbs and dried tomatoes.
Homemade bread with different seeds
142 - - -
The aroma of homemade bread has always been associated with peace and quiet in the family. Nothing compares with that moment when a freshly baked loaf with the crunch of snapping off a piece of bread. Into the General Treasury of recipes for home-made bread offered wheat-rye bread with flax seeds, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds. The recipe is not very troublesome, can someone come in handy.
French loaf leavened
141 - - -
In anticipation of the upcoming New year I want to share with you the recipe of my last very good bread! If you love French bread. Explosive crispy crust, coarse-pored elastic crumb, and what flavor!!! Adding whole grain spelt flour makes this bread delicious! Just bread is the bomb ;)) PS. If it is not possible to buy spelt (spelt) flour, you can replace it with whole wheat.
Homemade rye-wheat bread in the oven
139 - - -
Bread around the head. Let's bake a very easy rye-wheat bread without the bread machine just in the oven. But at the same time consider some of the processes that occur in the manufacture of bread.
Loaf from wheat flour
139 - - -
Original title "Le petit pain de la farine de froment". Once I was in France love to know about the delicious bread. With a crispy crust and soft inside. French baguette (FR. une baguette de pain or just une baguette) or French loaf. So it can be made of different lengths. I have it round and put the herb for taste, as I needed for another recipe, but more on that later.
Easter bread-cake
137 - 80м 8
Congratulations to all the chefs on the light holiday of Easter! Delicious recipe for bread-cake, which I baked in explanation of the recipe from the book Yulia Vysotskaya. Easter baking is always the pastry and rich filling. Try it!
White bread with peanut and seeds
137 - 180м 10
This magical baked bread and urdovitsa can't. The bread turned out delicious with a hint of roasted peanuts and sunflower seeds. I hope that you will enjoy.
Garlic Focaccia with cheese
137 4 65м 6
Delicious, spicy, fragrant bread
Rye bread
135 - - -
My husband loves rye bread, and he happily eats it, not only with herring or soup, but tea and smears it with butter, honey or jam. But store-bought bread is now rarely tasty, it is usually too acidic. Therefore, with the advent of the bread machine I make my own different combination of rye flour with other components. Particularly good options again. Thus was born the bread -today the undisputed favorite of taste and home pet. Add rich molasses sugar dark muscovado makes the taste and color of bread, dark and deep. Unmatched flavor and taste without the acid, full and bright. A gentle but dense crumb without excessive humidity, sometimes inherent to the rye bread. The crust is actually delicious!
Easter bird and Bunny
131 - 40м 8
Easter birds. Bake with the kids, it will be very interesting. The dough without yeast.
Fantastic bread on the big
129 - - -
This bread is FANTASTIC! Incredibly dukhovity and quite sour, thick wheat flavor and aroma. Biga is a sourdough with yeast or leaven, which vybrazhivaet in the fridge. It can be stored up to two weeks and can be used at any time, and it gives a unique flavor to the bread. This recipe is my Declaration of love homemade bread - delicious, aromatic, with a piece of soul inside. It is not difficult to bake bread at home, the main thing is desire and patience.
The Paris baguettes
128 - - -
A very simple recipe. Paris baguette is long and thin loaf of white bread. It has a soft core and crispy crust on the outside. French baguette has a very ancient history. It has spread in Paris in the 1920s, a Very interesting history of this bakery. The fact that in 1930, in France a law was passed that forbade bakers to start work until four in the morning. And the bakers had to look for new ways of quick bread. So was born the French baguette, which requires less time to raise and bake than regular bread. Many bakers bake the baguettes of different lengths. This allows them to meet the needs of customers. These baguettes are even probecat different. In the morning when the bread on the shelves still warm, so nice to choose a long or very pale, rosy or slightly charred baguette. Formulation of many products - a strict secret masters. Every day in Paris sold more than half a million baguettes. The Parisian baguette weighs two hundred grams. For its production using wheat flour, salt, water and yeast. All this is kneaded for ten minutes, allow to stand for twenty minutes, cut into long loaves, three make the notch with a knife, leave for another forty minutes for it to rise. Then it is baked for fifteen minutes. Thanks to Iruna scullion in her article, which I have used.
Russian black bread
126 - 185м 10
Will take the liberty to introduce to Your taste the recipe for black bread from the recipe book for my bread maker. Cooked first the bread and the results were amazing - the bread with an airy texture, with a pleasant bitterness, very tasty. This bread suitable for making toast, sandwiches and perfectly complements the entrees.
Dessert bread with added whole wheat flour
126 - - -
This bread, is so delicious, tender and "fluffy". It contains no animal fats, and therefore easily suitable for vegetarians. The bread is prepared sponge method. The weight of the finished bread - 500g.
Home baton
120 - 30м 8
There are so many different recipes for loaves, sometimes dazzled by the choice. But I can confidently say that milk are especially tasty. I advise you to try a loaf of incredibly delicious, thin crust and tender, springy crumb!