Homemade bread recipes for Lent

Bread from flour of durum
0.8k - 120м 10
This bread is only flour from durum wheat, with no added flour. Try the pastries from durum, you will love this flour so much as I do.
Flax baguettes
0.6k - 210м 6
Flax baguettes useful and... beautiful. As they are simple to prepare, and so delicious.
Buckwheat bread without kneading from flour green buckwheat
0.6k - - -
Bake homemade buckwheat bread from a flour of buckwheat green. The usual buckwheat is roasted buckwheat grain, which during heat treatment loses many useful properties. Much healthier to consume raw green buckwheat and the flour out of it. This product has long been known as a diet, helps to lose weight and maintain a slim figure. Useful properties of buckwheat flour green: Has excellent anti-cancer properties; Helps to reduce weight people with obesity, diabetes; Rich in dopamine, acts as a natural antidepressant; Helps the body absorb and digest food; has a Positive effect on the cardiovascular system; Has a healing effect upon ulcers of the stomach and intestines.
Azerbaijani churek
443 - 120м 4
In Azerbaijan bread is baked simple, without any complications. Pita bread, various cakes and bread, which translated into Russian means "bread".
Doctoral bread according to GOST
333 - - 6
Very fragrant, tasty and healthy bread with added bran. Baked in small round rolls. National standards here is the recipe with the yeast and the option of sourdough.
Rye bread without yeast
291 - 480м -
Bread baked without yeast and no wheat flour. I use only rye flour, water, salt and sugar. As additives use bran or semolina bran and different flours (flax, pumpkin, chickpeas, corn, etc.). The store bread is not desirable.
Lean unleavened bread "Favorite"
218 - 15м 12
Some months bake this bread. He became my favorite. Why? Because it's delicious, healthy - rich in fiber and dietary fiber, b vitamins and trace elements, is baked very quickly and this bread in the store just can not buy! The composition of the led itself, completely eliminating white refined flour, devoid of all beneficial properties. Now in the Post, I thought it would be appropriate to show the whole process of cooking. Maybe someone of you Cooks, and useful...
Bread made from oatmeal and cornmeal
205 - - -
Lean bread made from oats, corn and wheat flour. The bread recipe comes from the book recipes for the bread maker "Panasonic". Very good recipe with a properly chosen ingredients. Bread is very airy, but dense enough structure, Sunny color with a crispy crust. Well, sooo delicious!!! I want to draw attention to the fact that the quality of bread depends entirely on the quality of the ingredients used. I use the baking flour of the highest quality.
Bread "Lean" cherry-malt
183 - - -
Delicious, flavorful, absolutely stunning with the cherry bread flour and rye malt. Crisp, the crumb soft and tender. Bread with a subtle delicate hint of almond, which gives the bird-cherry flour. The consistency of the bread is like toast. Ideal for first and second dishes, but also good for sandwiches. Help yourself!
Colored bread with turmeric and cocoa
180 - 120м 8
Beautiful and delicious bread, a nice addition to a Cup of milk. Very tasty with butter. The crumb fluffy and not sweet. The recipe for this dough without additives can become the base for various experiments, and, at the same time, a classic everyday white bread, which with equal success can spread jam or put a slice of ham. The recipe is from the book by A. Kitaeva " Bread. The art of good bread".
Swedish onion bread
176 - 110м 2
Very tasty, airy, wholesome bread. Prepared easily and quickly for bread made with white flour, from which I learn to give up. If we are in the sweet baked goods yet without it, the bread-it is certainly time to cook wholesome flour. In the Swedish original recipe used rye finely. When we lived there, difficulties with the purchase of ingredients does not occur, in Brazil this flour I have found, it was replaced by whole wheat, I want to say the quality and taste just won. You can try to experiment!
Rye-wheat on sourdough with malt and caraway
172 - - -
Russian fragrant homemade bread.
Bread lean
171 - 70м 12
Bread crisp. Lean.
Pumpkin bread
171 5 120м 10
I want to thank Ladushku for her wonderful recipe of potato bread with caraway seeds I decided to make with pumpkin. That's what I did.
Borodinsky bread in a slow cooker
169 - 95м -
Original title "Bread Borodinskiy love with the first crumbs". Prepared simply and quickly. It turns out always. Love nezamorochenny recipes. Cooking time in slow cooker for 95 minutes. Among them: 40 min on the delay 35 to bake one side for 20 minutes to bake the other side.
Pumpkin bread rolls with semolina and wholegrain cereals
165 - 500м 40
I'll paint the whole world in my very favorite color: Orange sky, orange sea, Orange greens, orange camel. Orange mother orange children orange orange muffins bake! The orange vegetable is a frequent guest on our table during Lent. Pumpkin is very good in homemade bread, it gives it a positive color, just replace some of the water into the pumpkin puree. Whole-grain cereals enrich his fiber and semolina saturates rich wheat aroma!
Bread wheat and rye bran
162 - - -
Simple, tasty and healthy bread every day. Good with first courses, and with the second, and the sandwich with this bread is pretty good. Come on in, help yourself.
The bread made of spelt on rye leaven
162 - - -
Continue their acquaintance with spelt flour. This time I decided to bake bread with rye sourdough and add the spelt flour. The result exceeded all my expectations, so I decided to share the recipe with you! Spelt flour you can substitute spelt.
Multigrain bread lean
162 - - -
Useful bread so good to eat adults and children. This is not sweet bread, but not crackers. Although the crunchiness of the bread depends on your preferences.
Besan roti-bread with lentils on the Indian motives
158 - - -
Bread made from chickpea flour - Besan roti-a kind of Indian bread without yeast. This bread is very useful, as it contains a lot of protein, which is especially necessary during lent.
Olive bread-loaf
157 5 - -
Very tasty bread, easy to prepare, suitable for vegetable food.