Decorations for dishes recipes for Easter

"Sailing" from melon and watermelon
246 3 - -
The idea of this design seen in some magazine a long time ago. Here, finally brought it to life with their additions.
Salad Horseshoe
243 - 60м 8
I want to share with the cooks idea of decorating salads. I have made so familiar to all of us the salad.
Cake "Watermelon"
196 - 60м 8
The cake looks like a Watermelon. Help yourself!
Decoration of carrots and cucumber
181 5 10м 1
Decorating them can be anything, such as meats!
Fruit pizza no-bake "Peacock"
179 - 50м 10
Hello, dear friends! I would venture to suggest to You mA-a-ahonkaya a master class in decorating and serving buffet. The first bonus You can obtain quite independent and a delicious dessert, easy to manufacture. The second bonus You can, or rather just have to, to attract children to the manufacture of this dessert. Third bonus - the kids will be happy, parents happy, a pleasant shock!
Glaze for painting
168 - - -
Many make the frosting for the cakes same cakes. No this is not the frosting, it turns out the brittle, heavy, and when dry crumbles. For gingerbread painting glaze is done differently. In the video I will try to show. It comes out dense, after drying, has a smooth flat surface and does not crumble. Paint glaze is quite simple, a few curved lines will certainly be. But then you will pillowcases and you will succeed. Cook the cakes with pleasure, paint at its discretion, make its close.
Painting Easter eggs
163 - 60м 50
All simple is genius.
Cake "Bird of happiness". Part 2 - cooking instructions bird of happiness
161 - 30м -
Very easy to cook this bird of happiness, and it looks amazing. Will decorate any holiday table (not necessarily on the cake, you can just to decorate the feast.) The idea of the cookbook.
Easter eggs "Patterned"
159 - 60м 10
At my request the "Easter eggs" the search came up 512! options. Scrolling through 100, I stopped... My recipe is certainly not new. But the eggs turn out so bright and interesting that dare to publish. May hostesses will be useful. If you do something wrong, moderators "correct"!!!
Cream cake "coffee Namelaka"
157 - 24м -
Today we will make coffee namelaka. Namelaka is a special kind of cream with a special technique of its manufacture. It has a very delicate, almost moussavou texture. Can be used for decoration of confectionery, either as part of a multi-piece or multi-layered desserts.
Cream cake "A La Nutella-tender"
156 - 20м -
If you haven't tried this recipe, I advise you to try, is very easy. First, I doubt that there will be greasy, but to me this recipe is very positively surprised!-will surprise you! It turned out very tasty! Warm the Nutella in the microwave because bake Nutella on the edges of the plates, better water bath🤗&am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;#128578;
Cake "Chicken"
155 3 - -
Making cakes for the kids for the holiday.
"Chocolate fountain"
153 - 60м 1
Gift for favorite friends for the holiday table chocolate "fountain" handmade.
Breakfast buffet
148 3.5 - -
how to decorate a buffet?here you will see some pictures of the appetizers, how to decorate a buffet at home in the family circle with friends.
Rose orange
147 - 5м 4
Very beautiful rose orange, this beauty can do. All you need is a sharp knife and oranges. The main thing is to slice the orange in thin slices. If it has bones no problem, take your time, remove them when cutting. This rose to garnish any appetizer and dessert. Orange rose will be true for Valentine's day and 8 March. You can decorate any dessert, for example, any ice cream, or cake. Will pritrusit grated chocolate or drizzle topping. Enhance your meals, impress guests and loved ones.
Color the icing to fill the cakes
145 - 15м -
Color glaze with mirror effect will help nice and fast to decorate a cake or eclairs. The amount of frosting to fill the cake with a diameter of 22 cm
Easter eggs "Marble"
144 - 30м 10
I want to share my experience on how to dye Easter eggs marble. My dad always thus painted Easter eggs. It turns out unusual and very beautiful.
Flower of leek
141 4 - -
A dramatic flower for decorating. Myself so do not judge strictly. Hope you like it. :)
Napkin decoration also!
138 3 1м -
Elegant, and original folded, napkin will give even a modest table in a special, attractive and festive look. Folding napkins in an unusual way. Try to master a few methods and turn your table into a fairy tale.
The "flowers" of black radish
138 4 - -
Quite simple decoration of black radish. According to this principle, you can make flowers out of almost any vegetables.
Easter Chicks
138 - 160м 30
Chickens will decorate your Easter table!