Decorations for dishes recipes for birthday

Decor for desserts "Swans"
0.6k - - -
Dear cooks! I want to share with you a way to create a delightful swans for decoration in our sweet dishes! Whether it be cake, brownies, cookies, cupcakes, muffins... in One word anything you want, you can decorate this way! Complicated nothing, but the sensation of Your products is guaranteed! The first time I made my niece to school for a party... Then a friend's birthday... Then husband to work for colleagues to some kind of festival... the Reaction is always one!! And sounds like this: "UAAAUUU!" Swans invented not by me... but a definite authorship, I don't know, so I will say generally that peeped in the Internet! In the recipe I special attention is paid to the swans, and related steps, give a link. Welcome to my "Swan lake"!
Cake "Minion"
450 - - -
The younger son asked for a birthday cake in the form of your favorite character from the movie "Despicable me".
"Mermaid on the rock" - part 2
315 3 180м -
Description of recipe and decorating mermaids, rocks..
Cake "Rod" for your favorite athlete
287 - - -
) ooh, it's my time to mess with the mastic. This is my third cake with fondant from marshmallows. After all, it's not easy)
Bull beets
279 4 - -
New year 2009 is the year of the Ox, tough enough and very strong beast, trust who still needs to win, then to tame. Most importantly — let's have some attention to patron New 2009 and he will reward You good and generous gifts throughout the new year! Good Luck to all and happy New 2009 year of the Ox!
"Sailing" from melon and watermelon
252 3 - -
The idea of this design seen in some magazine a long time ago. Here, finally brought it to life with their additions.
Salad Horseshoe
249 - 60м 8
I want to share with the cooks idea of decorating salads. I have made so familiar to all of us the salad.
Cake "Watermelon"
199 - 60м 8
The cake looks like a Watermelon. Help yourself!
Chocolate glaze
192 - 10м 1
I'm an aspiring chef, Pillsbury. Chose the tactics of gradual integration into the world "Big food" and I don't yet have experience cooking super meals. So, I want to offer you one of their favorite retseptiki - glaze. It is prepared not only to fill the cake, but just for tea.
Decoration of carrots and cucumber
186 5 10м 1
Decorating them can be anything, such as meats!
Fruit pizza no-bake "Peacock"
184 - 50м 10
Hello, dear friends! I would venture to suggest to You mA-a-ahonkaya a master class in decorating and serving buffet. The first bonus You can obtain quite independent and a delicious dessert, easy to manufacture. The second bonus You can, or rather just have to, to attract children to the manufacture of this dessert. Third bonus - the kids will be happy, parents happy, a pleasant shock!
Cake "horn of plenty"
177 4.5 - -
The cake was prepared on the Day of birth. Used a mastic marshmallow. Many thanks to the cooks for the recipe. Here is my first test.
Fruit basket
174 5 - -
This watermelon basket is well suited for feeding fruit salads. I manufactured to order, for a wedding.
Cake "Bag of money"
172 3 - -
My first experience with fondant. Were doing a gift for the birthday girl who often says: "I am full of happiness is not enough bag of money" ))
Glaze for painting
171 - - -
Many make the frosting for the cakes same cakes. No this is not the frosting, it turns out the brittle, heavy, and when dry crumbles. For gingerbread painting glaze is done differently. In the video I will try to show. It comes out dense, after drying, has a smooth flat surface and does not crumble. Paint glaze is quite simple, a few curved lines will certainly be. But then you will pillowcases and you will succeed. Cook the cakes with pleasure, paint at its discretion, make its close.
Princess "Vanessa"
171 5 40м 1
Beauty! For kids!
"Basket" of watermelon
168 3.5 150м -
Decoration. Well, I got to the watermelon!
Mastic and application-Spiderman
167 - 240м -
Preparation of mastic of marshmallows and applique out of it for the cake. Already many such examples in the Internet!! Decided that my opinion on this case can someone come in handy! Figurine spider-man - corny and all cakes are viewed by me from this subject, seemed to some dark, so we decided to come up and to dilute the cake with bright letters... Given that this is my first experience, do not judge strictly.
Cake "Bird of happiness". Part 2 - cooking instructions bird of happiness
163 - 30м -
Very easy to cook this bird of happiness, and it looks amazing. Will decorate any holiday table (not necessarily on the cake, you can just to decorate the feast.) The idea of the cookbook.
Cream cake "A La Nutella-tender"
162 - 20м -
If you haven't tried this recipe, I advise you to try, is very easy. First, I doubt that there will be greasy, but to me this recipe is very positively surprised!-will surprise you! It turned out very tasty! Warm the Nutella in the microwave because bake Nutella on the edges of the plates, better water bath🤗&am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;#128578;
The cake "joy"
162 3 15м -
This is my version of the design of the cake with fondant. This is the debut, do not judge strictly...