Mastic recipes

Cake "Minion"
445 - - -
The younger son asked for a birthday cake in the form of your favorite character from the movie "Despicable me".
"Mermaid on the rock" - part 2
311 3 180м -
Description of recipe and decorating mermaids, rocks..
Cake "Rod" for your favorite athlete
279 - - -
) ooh, it's my time to mess with the mastic. This is my third cake with fondant from marshmallows. After all, it's not easy)
Flowers leaves out of marshmallow
272 - - -
My version of cooking, flowers, leaves, spirals out of marshmallows to decorate the cakes.. very quickly done and looks cute on the cakes
Cake "Watermelon"
196 - 60м 8
The cake looks like a Watermelon. Help yourself!
"Christmas decorations" of mastic
171 - 20м -
I have these few pieces made, the cakes look nice, especially with snowflakes)
Cake "horn of plenty"
171 4.5 - -
The cake was prepared on the Day of birth. Used a mastic marshmallow. Many thanks to the cooks for the recipe. Here is my first test.
Cake "Sea Dragon"
167 3 - -
Description of biscuits and cream then no, this Tolo variant of decoration
Mastic and application-Spiderman
166 - 240м -
Preparation of mastic of marshmallows and applique out of it for the cake. Already many such examples in the Internet!! Decided that my opinion on this case can someone come in handy! Figurine spider-man - corny and all cakes are viewed by me from this subject, seemed to some dark, so we decided to come up and to dilute the cake with bright letters... Given that this is my first experience, do not judge strictly.
Cake "Bag of money"
164 3 - -
My first experience with fondant. Were doing a gift for the birthday girl who often says: "I am full of happiness is not enough bag of money" ))
The cake "joy"
159 3 15м -
This is my version of the design of the cake with fondant. This is the debut, do not judge strictly...
Cake "Pool"
152 - 90м 15
Cake received as a gift my husband on his Birthday.
152 - - -
At the request of the cook lay flowers to the cake chocolate with a cheese souffle... and not only...
Philippine sugar paste
141 5 - -
A good thing to cover cookies, cakes, etc. But to mold her masterpieces, alas, will not work. But just to prepare. The fact that the picture is made, because it was necessary to sculpt something!!! And so, mastic is prepared for Jaroslavskogo cookies.
Decoration for the cake "flower-flower"
139 - 30м 1
Fly, fly petal through the West to the East, through the North through the South back making a circle. How will you relate to earth, be in my led! So many years have passed, and I remember this poem from one of my favorite tales of childhood "flower-flower". Here's a flower will soon decorate the cake. To be continued...
Cake "Bunny loves carrots"
139 - 45м 14
Cake decoration!
Just spring
139 3 120м 14
Everything is in bloom, the scent of spring and beauty, so inspired to make a standard of the black Prince to something more joyful...
Recommendations on covering the cake with fondant
134 5 - -
This cake I baked on the anniversary of her husband. After I first covered the cake with fondant I have a number of issues, there were a lot of errors, though, as I thought I was theoretically prepared , BUT.... ! So I want to share what I have done and CONCLUSIONS ! How to fix the error?!
The wedding cake
133 3 - -
A variant design of the cake with fondant, cream and fresh flowers
132 - 10м 1
I'll tell you how I do the fondant, and what kind of cakes do it!
Cake "Pot noodle"
131 - - -
I want to share with you the decoration of my cake.