Jewelry cream recipes

Cream "Wet meringue"
0.5k - 20м 1
The recipe has passed through several hands, so the authorship is difficult to determine, but I personally do NOT claim it. Very strong, tasty and tender as marshmallows. Great for decorating.
Cream cake "A La Nutella-tender"
161 - 20м -
If you haven't tried this recipe, I advise you to try, is very easy. First, I doubt that there will be greasy, but to me this recipe is very positively surprised!-will surprise you! It turned out very tasty! Warm the Nutella in the microwave because bake Nutella on the edges of the plates, better water bath🤗&am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;#128578;
Cream cake "coffee Namelaka"
159 - 24м -
Today we will make coffee namelaka. Namelaka is a special kind of cream with a special technique of its manufacture. It has a very delicate, almost moussavou texture. Can be used for decoration of confectionery, either as part of a multi-piece or multi-layered desserts.
Cottage cheese and banana cream
145 - 20м -
Easy, tasty
Cream for cakes
143 5 10м -
Very gentle, airy and not too sweet cream.
Roses of cream cake
141 5 - -
I decided to show step by step how I make roses out of butter cream on the cake.
Fondant is an icing made of marshmallows
135 - - -
I have this sweet suggested in the recipe to your cake, but there is a lot of questions from those who want to try! So I decided to make a separate process and grams to weigh everything! Cook with pleasure!
Cream cheese frosted vanilla
131 - 15м 1
It turns out very tender and tasty cream. I do not understand how to add the right ingredient so you should curds, but you need cheese coated in vanilla Qty 3 pieces. It'll share the recipe I was inspired by the girl on the website.
Let's decorate our cakes
122 4 - -
On one of the culinary sites of one of the cooks saw these photos and decided to post them here, so that not only me was "so beautiful" cakes, but you can learn to decorate your culinary masterpieces.
121 - 20м 4
This cream can be used for filling any baking and desserts! It can also sort kremanki and serve with fruit and chocolate.
German protein custard cream
119 - - -
As you want to please loved ones or just make a joyful holiday for children. I want to share one recipe German custard protein cream that ALWAYS TURNS out!!! It is possible to make any ornaments on the cake (roses, ornaments, etc.), and most importantly - it is very quickly prepared, and can be done with it and cakes, pastries, and even light desserts with fruit.
Cream butter "Chocolate coffee"
119 - 10м -
Delicious, creamy, chocolate-coffee cream with coconut and vanilla flavor. Perfect for layer cakes and pastries.
Cream "Charlotte"
118 - 40м 1
Looking for cream for cake decorating. I wanted something unusual creamy... Found! A great cream suitable for layer cakes and for decoration.
Decoration for cake
118 5 - -
Sorry, step-by-step photos I have (I 2 years ago made a cake daughter), but the result is there!
Protein custard
115 - - -
Delicious cream, and also a beautiful decoration for cakes, pastries, desserts!
Cake decoration "Petals"
114 - 60м -
I saw a photo of this cake decoration on foreign culinary website and could not resist, decided not to pigeonhole. Soon the New year, and possibly someone this method of cake decorating will come in handy.
Cream cheese
113 - - -
Cream for decorating cupcakes and cakes. Butter cream is a great choice for decoration of cakes and pastries... This cream-frosting of cream cheese type Philadelphia, and the cream used for making cakes, muffins, etc.
Protein custard
112 - 20м -
It turns out delicious cream holds its shape well.
Cream cakes "Wet meringue"
112 - 20м 10
My favorite cream for decorating cakes. Working with him is a pleasure! This problem was, to find in our city culinary bag with nozzles! Ordered on the Internet. My dream came true, I am a happy owner of the culinary bag and 24 nozzles. Now you can sculpt cakes, embodying all your fantasies, using your favorite "Wet meringue".
Swiss buttercream
111 - 40м 20
Want to share a recipe of cream, with which I decorate some of my cakes, namely, doing mostly roses. I have already asked the question what cream I use, so I decided to publish the recipe, anyone else suddenly interested. It's a Swiss buttercream, colloquially, "MERENGUE". I have it work the first time, I'm easy to work with and holds shape well. The cream has an ultra-silky, stable texture. After the fridge the cake should be kept at room temperature for 30 minutes, then it will be easy to cut. In addition, quietly tolerate the heat is not flowing.
Cream cupcakes with mascarpone
108 - - -
Offer to make cupcakes for the cream of mascarpone, icing sugar and cream. The cream is very delicate and airy. Prepared quickly. Holds its shape well. The cream can be used for cakes.