Ornaments from dough recipes

Sponge moss for decoration
0.8k - 5м 1
I really like the pastries in the technique of velour, but looking at the price of siphons for him, I became sad, not pull. But recently I came across this simple recipe decor, and the result exceeded all my expectations. My husband even said that it is similar to moss moss. And we this and we.
Cigarette batter
360 - 60м -
Good evening ! I want to share the recipe cigarette test for bisvita and how easy and beautiful to use it to decorate the border of a cake or cupcake. Need a technique. Who are interested, please...
"Swans" for decoration
329 5 90м -
For someone like, think decoration would look good.
313 5 30м 6
Like flowers? Beautiful table? Want to impress your guests, your kids or yourself? Gave a bunch of beautiful and delicious colors. It doesn't take a lot of time, food or effort.
Sponge moss
288 - 10м 4
Very easy to prepare, but is a spectacular decoration for any dessert, cake or tart.
Cake "Castle"
282 4 - -
It's always nice to invent something new in the cake decoration
Basket of puff pastry
274 - - -
Unusual use of puff pastry.
Decorative chips in 5 minutes
263 - 5м -
"Cool" decor 5 minutes from the minimum of product. The decor fits the design of the dishes immediately before serving. It is very fragile. Upon contact with the liquid quickly dampen. How does the cream do not know. Haven't tried yet.
Making Napoleon
261 - 60м 10
Through all Napoleon on the website, but I have not found. I offer very originalni recipe. I hope that will be useful to someone!
Decoration "Rhodesia"
261 3 15м 3
The idea is not mine, saw on a Spanish website, has posted one grandmother veselushka, and called it a decoration not very fun"Apple jail." The idea I decided to implement, as they say, in life, and the name to alter:called"Redecilla" that in Spanish means net, hairnet "Rhodesia"
Decoration for products from the test "rose"
251 - 3м -
Well to the topic of roses, I want to finally share the production technology. In this way, any person within a short period of time, can produce unreal variety of roses, roses and buds!!! If the dough is ready, then in a few minutes you can make two roses.
Simple forming rolls
247 - 40м -
Dear cooks, who doesn't love sweet rolls? My family just loves them! Did the forming rolls is always in the form of roses, and then googled and decided to learn other ways. What happened and how I did it, I decided to share with you. It is possible that someone will be interested.
Cake "Aquarium"
230 - - -
It's almost not a recipe, but the idea of design. My husband and I anniversary, I wanted to make a surprise, therefore, prepared a secret from him, two in the morning. My husband loves fish, hence the idea. Turned out not as neat as I would like, but, suddenly, someone will cook and show you how beautiful it could be.
Swan lake
226 5 - -
Spoil kids
Unusual puff pastry
224 - 30м 4
Love the puff pastry, of him, any baking is always delicious and, of course, else you can dream up and prepare unusual items!
Easter Chicks
224 - 160м 30
Chickens will decorate your Easter table!
Appetizer-salad "Summer originality"
218 - 45м 6
Dear cooks, I want to offer option for decorating a simple summer salad. This kind of decoration will not leave you indifferent. Appetizer salad can be served on a festive table.
Small pizza for the little ones
210 4 - -
Still the same pizza.
A new gown for the cake
208 4.5 30м -
Dress up our cake for the holiday. This decoration is suitable for cake and cupcake. Under the clothes the usual Napoleon, make it often, as all the cakes, my daughter prefers it, but decided to make no ordinary powder from the cakes, and that's the way.
Cakes from unleavened dough "the girl with the ball"
206 3.5 - -
This girl I made as a decoration cake "good-bye, kindergarten - back to school!". And now I will tell in detail how to make a figure.
Sweet decor "flower coral"
194 - 40м -
This edible table decorations that can be eaten with tea, and you can give the guests with them (especially the kids love it) did Not know how to call this creation and asked the relatives. And then, two people without saying a word said it looks like a coral.