Cereal with milk recipes

Semolina "Instantly!"
0.6k 4 5м 1
Now Breakfast full progress! We cream of wheat cooking Express! Minutes! And the dish at our table! Burnt pots no more! To help the grandmothers and mothers! Health kids! And adults too, semolina is useful in the morning! I would be glad if this is useful to you recipe! At the stove messing around in summer, no desires, no!
A dessert of rice porridge with mascarpone
338 - 40м 1
Weekends have the opportunity to spend a little more time to cook for his beloved granddaughter Breakfast. Usual rice porridge you can apply quite unusual. In this version it is more like a dessert. Delicious, hearty, tender, mmmmmm!
Rice porridge "bounty"
276 - 10м 2
It would seem the usual mess... but no! A little imagination and a Breakfast of cereal turns into a feast for the sweet tooth! And thanks to the use of cereal - super fast cooking.
Millet porridge
235 - 60м 2
Millet porridge in a pot, baked in the oven. Milk, butter, and egg, which was baked in a beautiful and tasty crust. Porridge from my childhood.
Hot Breakfast "5 cereal"
225 - 30м 4
Continuing the theme of hot breakfasts from the company "Mistral", I want to offer porridge from a mixture of cereals "5 cereal" with cheese and fruit, baked in the oven. Full, hearty and delicious Breakfast! It can be prepared in the evening, which I did in the morning to pamper yourself with an extra minute of sleep, but also to treat their loved ones yummy. The children ate Breakfast, with great pleasure, what else do you need mom to be happy...?
Porridge "Friendship" of the 4 cereals
218 - - -
A cereal I have to convince to eat his son, but "Friendship" uletaem instantly. This is because the porridge cooking in the form of a game together, tell the tale (which I found on the Internet), divided by role and can't wait when she will cook and swell. Sweet porridge with milk made from buckwheat, millet, rice and bulgur, which combines amazing and "friends".
Oatmeal drinking
199 - 15м 2
And not to have our porridge? This is no joke! How to persuade your child to eat healthy porridge? To represent it in the form of a cocktail! I invite you to try tasty and healthy porridge prepared with whole grain rolled oats Extra from TM Mistral, with the addition of yogurt and cherries. Such a mess you can give the baby to school with you, pack it in a jar with secure lid.
A very English Breakfast of oatmeal
197 - 10м 1
OATMEAL "Antisclero tin". Long otobet you have the hunger, "practise" your intestines due to high fiber content and reduce cholesterol. And looks useful: the cereal without unnecessary additives you do not grow fat, and its composition mineral silicon would be beneficial for the skin. This is a quote from the article " 20 VERY USEFUL PRODUCTS," which I put back to 1 February, but in the "air" she did not go. Still "hanging" on the website with the review - "Waiting for admin approval". Dear administrators, please answer, PLEASE! Maybe there is such information on the website, SORRY.
""A magpie" cooked gruel... "
189 3 10м 1
For our TREASURES, which are still quite small, but foodies and milk porridge has flatly refused!
Combo porridge
188 - 10м 1
Super healthy Breakfast cereal. Combo porridge is porridge with yogurt. muesli, honey and juicy grapes.
Millet porridge with pumpkin in Kazakh
188 3 - 4
Sweet porridge, suitable for both adults and children. For photos thanks scullion Khorkina.
Millet porridge with cauliflower
172 - - -
This dish I like the fact that you can change the proportions depending on the preferences and to millet porridge with cauliflower or cauliflower with millet. In any case, it turns out very tasty.
Porridge "Chocolate vermicelli"
168 - 15м 1
Browse through the category dishes "Porridge" I found this recipe, but I think that this version of the porridge certainly is, and as it turned out, no :-) I Want to share with you a delicious, unusually beautiful and quick to prepare porridge)) Kiddies love it :-)
Carrot-rice casserole
163 - 90м -
A dessert that won't ruin your figure, if not add butter, and vegetable oil can post.
158 - 15м 1
Here's a delicious and unusual fruit I got!!!!!
Princess porridge and Prince milk
155 - 15м 1
Why Princess Prince Mush and Milk?? Yes, because the most banal semolina can turn into a delicious and very useful! My child, I cook porridge in milk of pine, because pine nuts contain proteins, polyunsaturated fatty acids, complex b vitamins, E, A, which play a crucial role in the formation of a growing organism, therefore, the cedar milk can be recommended for pregnant and nursing mothers to enhance lactation, children, teenagers and even men. Semolina prepares quickly, so retains all the nutrients in the cooking process. Especially when the child still and tell the popular tale of Larissa Klevtsova, it's like tradition, when the Breakfast porridge! But... everything in order...
Porridge "Solar"
145 4 40м -
My husband and I really love pumpkin porridge with milk and millet. Offer our version of this solar clover!
Porridge in the pumpkin
145 3 60м 6
Fragrant porridge is suitable for both children and adults. And if you cook milk and water, and in the post you can eat.
Millet porridge with pumpkin
144 4 90м 2
The other day I saw the recipe in my LJ and something I remembered a Russian stove, the village grandmother. As in the morning we woke up to the smell of milk... porridge. Fortunately, the home turned out to be (except a Russian stove). Nostalgia ahead!)) And you cook so mush, I assure you, not even lovers will eat with great pleasure. Recipe shared vlad_piskunov, for which he thanks a lot.
Semolina porridge "Gossamer"
142 - - 3
I want to offer you a recipe of regular meals, but unusual in its execution. Don't know how to feed a fussy mess??? Turn on the imagination! So from the usual cereal came out? Who faced with the problem of feeding porridge child, he will understand me. So, the third option semolina - "Eat porridge, Masha!"
Pumpkin porridge
141 4 90м -
The ancient recipe. Actually, of course, in the stove to cook. In Russian. But! For lack of a stamp...