Cereal with milk recipes for Lent

Porridge in the pumpkin
247 3 60м 6
Fragrant porridge is suitable for both children and adults. And if you cook milk and water, and in the post you can eat.
A very English Breakfast of oatmeal
231 - 10м 1
OATMEAL "Antisclero tin". Long otobet you have the hunger, "practise" your intestines due to high fiber content and reduce cholesterol. And looks useful: the cereal without unnecessary additives you do not grow fat, and its composition mineral silicon would be beneficial for the skin. This is a quote from the article " 20 VERY USEFUL PRODUCTS," which I put back to 1 February, but in the "air" she did not go. Still "hanging" on the website with the review - "Waiting for admin approval". Dear administrators, please answer, PLEASE! Maybe there is such information on the website, SORRY.
Porridge "Friendship" cedar milk
144 - - -
We all remember from childhood porridge "Friendship", which was cooked by our moms and kindergarten milk. Many are now happy to eat Breakfast cereal, so not worth a post to find a cereal with milk. I offer to cook porridge in a new way - on cedar milk as we post. Cedar milk is also called vegetable milk. Porridge with cedar milk makes a delicious, appetizing and very useful. The kids are happy to walk into such a mess.
Porridge "axe"
128 3 - -
... or Petrivka 2 autumn accent. Here, go ahead and laugh - I love barley! and know another person (a big secret who it is - one thing I will say, my friend!), who also loves her. So, we have created an exclusive club "lovers of fractions" - so called it in the Soviet times. And I like the name, in the military! Who wants, can join, but will have to pay - interested in a personal, talk to me more... you Know, hated her fierce hatred of the Soviet citizens - and you know why? Yes did not know how to cook! And here came the great V. pohlebkin and explained to us, the unwashed that this is the favorite cereal of Peter the Great, and told this great secret, and how to cook it and what to eat... I made it by entomu recipe - and was gone: my mess forever! The recipe of the "naked" I once sinkers. But I can't say "goodbye" - yesterday was spectacular autumn variant, ate (Lord, forgive! sin great, gluttony... ) 3 (in words: three!) portions, and then so easily and without tears read your nice: there are not hungry, boa also not eating for weeks, if nalopatsya from the belly...
Barley with ginger, sorrel and parsley
119 - 60м 4
Watch out for the quality of their food, but the usual recipes are already tired? Then try this unusual combination. I assure you, this mess will not leave anyone indifferent.
Barley Thai
109 - 1270м 4
Hi all. Honestly, I don't know if there's barley in Thailand )), but it does not matter for this recipe. It's simple, but time for preparation will require.
Rice porridge with Mandarin orange and raisins
108 5 25м 4
Now comes the post, so I decided to cook for my family rice porridge with tangerines and raisins. The family loved it, so I decided to post on the website.
Coconut rice with pineapple chutney
97 - - 2
Many people like exotic desserts, and pastries with coconut and pineapple. Offer to cook porridge, which diversifies the menu and remind you of hot summer. My option for adults, but adding sugar, You can easily feed this porridge to children.
Baked oatmeal with spices
93 - 50м 2
Simple to prepare, delicious, rich spice porridge! Excellent Breakfast variety.
Delicious feather mess
87 - - -
Favorite meal of Peter the Great. Here is a recipe of delicious barley porridge - favorite meal of Peter the Great! Prepare - and this mess will become your favorite, too, will be on a par with Peter the Great. In the photo I tried to display the whole structure is called "bath water". Oh, Russian oven in here!
Millet porridge with coconut milk
83 - - -
Nice Breakfast with a new original taste.
Porridge from Leo Tolstoy
80 - 20м 2
Agree that regular daily meals can be a grind, but ideas for a change not so much. I want to offer You to treat their home to a delicious Breakfast, who loved to pamper our Russian classic, and Creator of the immortal epic "War and peace"-Leo Tolstoy. After all, to devour the porridge is much nicer when you know that personalities like Tolstoy, it is thanks to her accomplished their great deeds.
Pumpkin rice porridge
75 - 30м 1
Truly autumn and very easy to prepare pumpkin rice porridge will fill your morning with warmth and comfort! You can prepare a meatless version without the addition of milk, add milk, and can generally fully cook porridge with milk. For its preparation you will not need any special skills. I long searched for such a simple recipe and only found decided to cook a little differently. All a pleasant appetite!