Porridge on the water recipes

Rice for sushi
0.7k 5 30м 8
Rice is the basis of sushi of any type. Even the word sushi refers to the rice. Literally, it means "sour taste". Try to cook rice for sushi at home. As I was making rice for sushi you can see in the video.
Oatmeal with young cabbage
0.6k - - -
Savoury and very tasty version of oatmeal. Even for Breakfast, even for dinner! And a bit of history of the phrase "Oatmeal, sir!"
405 - - -
Gomi, or Hominy - Georgian dish made of corn flour and cereals. In principle it is a thick, sweet porridge, served with smoked Suluguni and normal. I also use and Imeretian cheese. As a rule, Gomi eat instead of bread and is served with meat, vegetable and fish dishes. Gomi turns out tasty and interesting, filled with cheese is cheesy smoked tint. Help yourself!
Porridge "Mix"
361 - 40м 10
There are families where the porridge garnish not recognize. I advise you to try to cook - once upon a time I read the recipe, and I have never been let down. Another recipe is good because "picks up the crumbs," i.e. you can use small remnants of the croup. And the benefits I did not even say!
Crisp rice and Golden potatoes
347 - 40м 2
This is a very tasty and crisp rice, the extent of wet and dry! Ruddy potato adds flavor intensity and pleasing to the eye. This delicious rice I get only in this recipe. The idea of the recipe is very grateful Vitoria - Vike!
Porridge "Oatmeal, sir!"
315 - - 1
It's not a mess... it was a TREAT for some! Very tasty, juicy, and cooked in a matter of minutes. The usual boring oatmeal has become a holiday fruit flavors, combining them. Such snacks can prepare any! Treat yourself and loved ones in the days of fasting a wonderful Breakfast!
Custard semolina
302 4 20м 2
Such a mess was I in kindergarten. Salt semolina, similar to barley, corn or wheat on the water.
Porridge forest
302 3 - -
One of the recipes North African cuisine. Sometimes with friends, going on nature, not on the barbecue, and cook simple field mess. All products take in the eye, but one whole chicken, and replaced the millet for the couscous, making porridge just won.
300 - 40м 4
Hominy is a Moldovan national dish. Is a cool mixed porridge made of corn flour, which is cooked in a cauldron, served with bacon and salty cheese. Seems to be no what special, but very tasty.
Buckwheat flakes, baked apples
288 - 10м 3
Buckwheat flakes with prunes and honey, baked apples, prepared very quickly and is very tasty and fragrant Breakfast.
Porridge "Day-night"
287 - 25м -
Rice-chocolate porridge for children. The tale of his own composition enclosed)
Porridge dessert with orange and cocoa
270 - - -
Healthy and tasty porridge-dessert of buckwheat cereal with a velvety chocolate taste and a delicate aroma of an orange... a Real temptation!
Armenian harisa
266 - 300м 6
At the hearing, often perceived as "harisa". This specificity of the pronunciation in the Armenian language. Very useful hearty dish, simple in content, but very time-consuming to prepare. I taught him to cook my close friends from Gyumri (Leninakan). In this recipe I will offer a few, well-known and tricks for easier cooking this wonderful dish without losing flavor. At least this recipe at the time of publication on this website only as close as possible to the original.
Corn porridge pumpkin-Apple
261 4 - -
Tasty and useful porridge. Instead of corn you can take rice, oatmeal or millet.
Porridge "Drain"
255 3 40м 4
Porridge similar to field soup is a very nutritious, tasty food from simple ingredients
The porridge and the secrets of its preparation
253 5 25м 2
Last time I told how to cook rice "Indian", now I want to share the secrets of this buckwheat, "Russian". Try properly cooked buckwheat at least once, and Your opinion about the excellent taste of this dish will change forever!
237 - 30м 10
This side dish consisting of millet with potatoes and fried onions, a great find in the days of fasting. Taught to cook by my grandmother of her husband, when we were in Ukraine. "Slivochnoe" (in Russian will sound "sliwoski") porridge called, probably, because it blends the soup and serve as gravy. Porridge is very fragrant and rich! In our family its all love. Highly recommend!
Porridge "Orange"
236 - 40м 4
Autumn, gloomy rainy days, long nights, Depression and the Blues will not take long. But in order to overcome them, will help tasty colourful food, rich in vitamins. There are still fresh seasonal vegetables, cook a porridge, and cheerfulness and good mood will be with You all day! And soy sauce "Kikkoman" in this dish is simply irreplaceable! Help yourself!
Hominy in Italian
236 - 50м 4
Hominy is corn porridge. Traditional Abkhazian dish, it adds different additives: pork rinds, cheese, etc., I want to present the Italian version of this dish, where it is called polenta. Imagine this taste: creamy porridge with pohrustyvanie grains of corn under the magic sauce of tomatoes, which gives a tremendous zest to this dish. The recipe I spied in one of Ukrainian cooking TV shows, cooking up his famous chef Hector Jimenez Bravo, he argues that in restaurants, this dish is not small money and we can cook at home from available ingredients. Do not judge strictly, this is my debut on the site, decided to upload something because we are waiting for a special recipe... and so tasty not to repeat.
Multi-colored buckwheat
230 - - -
Tired of the usual buckwheat? I suggest you make this buckwheat porridge with cauliflower, mushrooms, green peas and corn.
Spicy oatmeal
228 - - -
Offer you the option of an Indian Breakfast. It's not usual for us sweet porridge and spicy Hercules with vegetables and spices. To cook the dish fairly quickly. And if the vegetables chopped the night before, it will take 15-20 minutes to get to the table your family was expecting a rich, spicy, balanced Breakfast that will provide energy for the vigorous beginning of the day.