Sweet porridge recipes

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The traditional meal was of wheat, with a deep Christian meaning. The recipe is addressing to the believers who follow religious holidays, fasts and traditions. Coliva be sprinkled and eaten on Friday, the first sedmitsy of lent, when honored the memory of the great Martyr Theodore of Tyrone. In Greece Koleva decided to highlight and give and the greatest funeral Saturday and in the days of remembrance of the departed. Despite the simplicity, Koleva incredibly tasty treat! I want to show you how to prepare Koleva in Greece, according to all the traditions. The only negative - the right coliva is preparing not for one day. Let Koleva was ready on Saturday morning, preparations start with Thursday night... stop by if interested!
Cereal on the ice cream with chocolate sauce
2.1k 5 - 2
I love porridge and make it quite often and with different additives. But from this mess I was left in complete awe!!! Delicate, creamy, with aromas and flavors of ice cream under a rich chocolate syrup... Even the great nehochuha will not abandon this Breakfast!
Sochivo made from rice
2k - 60м 10
Christmas eve - the night before Christmas. Necessarily according to tradition, Christians eat sochivo is a traditional Lenten dish that is prepared on Christmas eve. According to legend the one who will taste sochivo, will live happily all year. The main ingredient can be wheat, barley, buckwheat, barley. But we are more used to rice, we'll cook from it. Supplements can be quite different to your taste. The dish must be juicy, it will achieve, thanks to the honey pouring. Happy New year and merry Christmas!
Oatmeal "Just oatmeal"
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"Maaaan, well, can I still eat oatmeal caaaause?" "you two plates eat in the morning!" Witness that sort of dialogue I was recently in a beauty salon. Talked among themselves my master Irina and her little daughter, the lady is very capricious, and for food especially. The question arose immediately, what kind of magic such a mess, Ira said,"No magic, just oatmeal..."
Night oatmeal in a jar
1.3k 5 10м 2
Offer to cook a very healthy Breakfast – lazy oatmeal in the Bank. Such a Breakfast is done in the evening: put into the fridge for the whole night and in the morning prepared Breakfast. Berries and dried fruits you can take any, you can add nuts and coconut. Yogurt can replace milk or yogurt. This is a great Breakfast for those who in the morning have little time or do not want to cook.
Porridge from Coco Chanel
1.3k - 10м -
Generally, of course, is the oatmeal, but it turns out so tasty that it is possible to raise it to the rank of desserts!
Porridge "Good morning"
1.2k - 15м 2
Think about the benefits of oatmeal not only knows every Englishman). I really love this cereal with milk, but in the post there are lots of options for delicious cooking. The recipe is simple, but indispensable for a meatless Breakfast.
Spicy rice porridge with coconut milk
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Rice porridge is probably one of the most popular dishes in Russia. Eat it all, from small to large. But sometimes you want to add some fun to the classics. Today I propose to prepare a milk rice pudding Indian style: with coconut milk, lime and spices. Incredibly delicious and flavorful dish that will delight Your loved ones in the early morning.
Millet porridge with carrots and dried apricots
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Breakfast at the cottage needs to be quick and delicious! And preferably useful! Don't always have time to cook classic milk porridge. But such a mess like always! Quick and delicious!
Millet dessert salad-citrus
1.1k - 30м 1
Delicious dessert salad is obtained from boiled in Apple juice millet, flavored with honey, nuts, candied fruit and creating a refreshing note of tangerines. This is one of our favorite treats in the post, it's quick and easy, and the taste is extraordinary.
Guryevskaya porridge
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Oh, how could I not deservedly forgotten, in my opinion, is the dessert. As they say, this dessert was a favorite of Alexander III, and who are we to argue with the taste of Royal personages.)) Come and we will feel people of Royal blood and prepare this dessert at home.
Rice porridge with dried apricots and cheese
1.1k - 25м -
My daughter doesn't eat cheese, but in casseroles, porridges, cheesecakes, cookies she did not notice, and so, I offer you a rice porridge with cottage cheese and dried apricots, my daughter loved this cereal! I put cereal in the form of Teddy bears, and so much more interesting for a child!
Sweet rice
1.1k - 60м 1
It is very difficult to "persuade" my niece something to eat. Children always want "harmful" food, but if you work on appearance and taste, the child will be satisfied), the Niece of my sweet rice with nuts and raisins very much.
Fruit, rice "cheesecakes"
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A delicate fruity-rice "cheesecakes" successfully diversify Your Breakfast will fill your body with nutrients and help to boost your energy before a working day.
Apple millet porridge-jam in the microwave
1.1k - 20м 2
"a Very strange name," you say, but nothing comes to mind. Come on in, help yourself and make sure it is correct. Plus, we need a minimum of product and time. I often cook it for a late dinner. It seems to be just drinking tea with jam, and leave well-fed. Well I can't sleep hungry.
Sochivo of barley with honey and dried fruit
1.1k - 60м 6
Don't know what to make from barley? Make sweet dish - sochivo of barley with honey and dried fruits! Sochivo is a Orthodox Lenten dish made from grains with honey and fruit that is traditionally served on the eve of Christmas, namely Christmas eve! It is a sweet porridge made of grains of wheat, rice, barley, barley, to which add honey, nuts, dried fruit, Mac. Variations of the meals are prepared on Christmas and Epiphany eve, a birthday and a christening. I offer you the recipe sochivo from barley! Barley is for everyone, it is available and useful, besides preparing just enough! Let's get started!
Semolina "race?"
1.1k 5 20м 1
Semolina with jello. All moms know how impossible it is to feed a child, as these cereals spread on plates for hours on our nerves..
Semolina for dessert
1.1k 5 20м 3
Ordinary porridge can be so beautifully presented that no one will refuse such a bright, delicious Breakfast!
Night oatmeal "Mocha"
1.1k - 10м 2
Night oatmeal is a convenient way of cooking Breakfast. Just enough in the evening to mix the ingredients and clean up the oatmeal in the fridge until morning. I suggest to try the oatmeal with the taste "Mocha" is the porridge and coffee "in one". All simple, but tasty and impressive!
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In explanation of the Gur. It's not even porridge, and dessert. With a glass of cold milk, delicious!
Pumpkin amaranth porridge
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Amaranth seeds pleasantly crackled, and the banana flavor made my morning memorable! Once in the store I caught the eye of amaranth, so I decided to try it. For the first time has not caused any emotions, then I guess I didn't really have a taste. But now I love it. I think the combination of pumpkin and banana flavor of these "seed of the Incas" can be a great to Supplement. But the benefits of this cereal once again and can not speak. So I invite you to look :).