Noodle soup recipes

Soup "anime"
7k - - 5
Fragrant soup in explanation ramen for fans of anime children, and all adult fans of spicy - fragrant Chinese - Korean - Japanese cuisine. In our family, this soup today is the most loved and sought after by all family members. Dedicated to my dear and super gorgeous friend Natasha Kuss!!!
3.4k - - -
Quick, delicious soup from a minimum of components, but with his little "twist"! The originality of this "highlights", unfortunately, do not pretend, but that is the kind of soup on the website is not found. Maybe it will be useful to someone.
"Oshi burida"
2.6k - - 6
In the small mountain village of Tajikistan keep age-old traditions. Therefore, the recipes of old dishes passed down from generation to generation. "Oshi burida" – favorite food of all villagers. It is not only delicious but also very healthy dish. The more green, the better. By the way, weakened after the disease people recommend is "Oshi burida", as this dish is diet and rich in vitamins.
Kalguksu-chicken noodle soup
1.9k - 90м 5
What if chicken noodle soup will be absolutely extraordinary, both in taste and in appearance? I have good news: this soup exists and it's called KALGUKSU. How to cook it? See.
Lagman in Russian
1.9k - 60м 6
One day in the supermarket among the spices saw a mix of lagman, read the recipe on the back of the pack and decided to buy it. Bought the ingredients and home... to create a new dish for me. The resulting lagman fell in love immediately. Turned out very tasty and fragrant. After several experiments with the dish, they brought the most delicious form...
Cooksey hot
1.8k 5 120м 6
It is a kind of Korean soup. Festive first course. In summer cooling, with sharp little pickle. In the winter, respectively, on the hot broth warming. Cook it is not difficult, stock up on necessary products, time and patience.
1.7k 3 30м -
Grandma's recipe. I want to share with you my grandmother's recipe of noodles. The point is - that when cutting it is not sticky! You can do wide and narrow, as you like.
Noodle soup "the Soup-well done"
1.7k 4.5 - -
Just soup. The most common. Just in my family its sooooo love, and when cooked, it smelled delicious and so so beautiful happened that I could not resist and decided to post.
Kespe meat
1.6k - 60м -
In Kazakh "case" noodle, making this dish mostly in the winter. For wheat the Kazakh people was considered to be a valuable grain. Wonderful!! Very warm, cozy and very homely.... Try to cook! And smile for the coming winter! )
Soup "Ramen" with duck
1.6k - 240м 5
Ramen with duck is a delicious Japanese soup. Duck ramen turns out very fragrant and fine, and in combination with noodles and pickled egg we get delicious, nutritious and very pretty entree!
Chicken soup "ginger" with fried vermicelli
1.6k 4 - -
Like ordinary soup, but no! Fried vermicelli lends an interesting flavor! Plus roasting in the fact that, if the soup stand, the noodles will swell as it normally does.
Zama with homemade noodles
1.6k 4 120м 10
A delicious, satisfying entree
1.6k 3 80м -
Continue cooking March on Tatar cuisine)))
Noodle soup with quail
1.6k - - 3
Went to the market for domestic chicken, but I bought a quail. One of them is, in my opinion, the broth is tasty and not too greasy. And wanted the house to cook homemade noodles! If interested, come in!
Homemade noodles - Eriste Azerbaijan
1.6k - 20м -
Delicious soup any time of year, especially in winter
Homemade noodles from whole wheat flour
1.5k - 90м 4
As the doctor says Elena Malysheva: "the worse, the better!" the first time I made noodles from a very healthy wholegrain flour. Color confused, but the taste was excellent. Try it and you will not regret it.
Assorted soup with rice noodles
1.5k - - 2
Fragrant noodle soup with red rice with chicken hearts, vegetables, mushrooms and the aroma of star anise and spices! For all lovers of simple, fast, delicious! Soup and a light diet, excellent for fasting days!
1.5k 4 40м 6
Ash - I wanted to share the recipe of this Oriental soup with our cooks. This dish of Afghan cuisine - spicy hot, nourishing, easy to prepare soup. It can be served with meat meatballs (kuttay) or simply fried in tomato sauce with minced meat. I said "can" because you can and no meat at all. I think it is to post very relevant.
"Gaisburger March" soup
1.4k - 60м -
Our favorite soup
Chicken soup "Ujhazi"
1.3k 4 60м 4
This is my simplified version of the soup, invented by Karoy Gundel for the Hungarian actor Ede Ujhazi and bears his name.
Chicken soup-mushroom with homemade noodles
1.3k 4 - -
Flavorful soup at home!