Rolls recipes

Meringue roulade "Coconut-Mandarin"
1.7k - - -
Offer to cook a tender, sweet and delicious roulade of meringue with coconut. And curd with Mandarin oranges make it juicy and will give a festive mood. A wonderful combination of sweet meringue and luscious cream with tangerine acidity - very tasty! Meringue lovers will appreciate this dessert!
Jewish strudel
1.6k 3 40м 1
This recipe strudel my mom gave it to Kuma, I really liked the taste, even from childhood. Like, this recipe is not met, sorry if this is not exactly plagiarism ))).
Roll on dietary aquatube
1.2k - 25м 8
Did not dare while I bake the cake from aquapay, but thin layer of all cooked and had a wonderful loaf. Besides, absolutely without sugar and with healthy and natural substitute. The flour used is not of the highest grade, the very useful.
Roll "Black forest" by Jamie Oliver
1.1k - - -
Insanely delicious meatloaf from the charming Jamie Oliver. Will have to work hard but the result is worth it!
Sponge roll with halva
1k - 30м 3
Very tasty and tender sponge cake roll stuffed with halva and butter)
Rice rolls with currants and apples
0.9k - 75м 6
Surprise your household tasty rice roll with a lovely combination of currant and apples.
Polish meatloaf with cabbage
0.8k - 40м 10
Most baking shortcrust dough - sweet. Well, it must be corrected! My grandmother is half Polish. Often had to cook this roll, saying some stories about the Polish gentry. I'm not going to delve into the heredity of this dish. For lovers of savoury shortcrust pastries. Crumbly, moist with a spicy filling of sauerkraut...
Stritzel with poppy seeds and nuts
0.8k - - 8
It's kind of sweet pastries Austrian or German origin. Filling stricly often sweet with poppy seeds, nuts or apples. I suggest to try this option.
Roll with miracle filling
0.8k - - -
Today I want to share with you the recipe for people who can't enjoy cakes, like you and me. They need a gluten-free diet. For baking, you use a special flour. On the Internet you can find many recipes for gluten-free flour at home. I use store bought, which includes corn flour, rice flour and corn starch. Turned out delicious, soft roll with coffee filling. Treat!
Yeast dough "Floater" and cheese braid
0.8k - - -
One of my favorite yeast dough recipes. Very responsive, tender, though we drown it in cold water, and then strongly Holim and cherish. This dough is perfect for pies, rolls, muffins. The filling can be any, but today I sayyyyyyy.
0.8k - 15м -
On the Internet many different recipes. Tried not always impress with these recipes. This is a roll I like easily and quickly. Very easy recipe that would please guests. already on the doorstep.
Roll "In 5 minutes!"
0.8k 3.5 10м -
Instant cooking roll, very airy and sweet. If you are a can of milk, unexpected guests without the sweet. Ideas for making thank you Lana66 with its "Tender loaf with bits of peach and cream cream"
Bread rolls with chocolate-twirl
0.8k - - -
Let's cook a delicious bread rolls with a chocolate layer and apricot jam. The very interesting roll forming. This roll is perfect on the holiday table or just for tea.
Meatloaf in the test
0.8k 5 120м -
Meatloaf in the test.
Sponge roll made from spelt flour
0.8k - 15м 15
Delicious, quick biscuit roll made from spelt flour. Help yourself dear cooks!
Roll The Ambulance
0.8k - 30м -
A delicious loaf that always work. Can be prepared with different fillings!
Cabbage roll "the Caterpillar of the cabbage butterfly" from Baba Nina
0.8k - 75м 6
Very tasty and original dish of products available! I got from my mom, and her mom... my beloved Baba Nina!
Roll-horseshoe stuffed
0.8k - 200м 10
Yeast rolls in the shape of a cone, stuffed with smoked sausage, pickles and cheese. Looks impressive on the holiday table, cut into very thin slices. And very tasty with a Cup of coffee or sweet tea
0.8k 5 - -
Simple and tasty cake with chocolate paste and assorted fruits.
Strudel with poppy seeds, cottage cheese and apples
0.7k - - -
Strudel with poppy seeds, cottage cheese and apples of Filo pastry. Very tasty, flaky and crispy strudel of Filo pastry. The filling is juicy and flavorful! To cook simply and quickly!
0.7k - - -
Traditional Croatian pastries. Strukli is thin dough, inside of which is hiding a huge amount of toppings from savory cheese, and a sprinkling of roasted garlic bread crumbs :)