Cupcakes recipes for New Year

Cupcake marzipan "Christmas log"
415 - - -
Delicious soft cake, with an almond and muffin. Loved everyone in my family spoiled! I want to thank the Irinushka Benito for marzipan sent me a parcel in from the distant city of Kosice! Never caught my so fresh, soft and fragrant marzipan! Yes, and from Dr. Oetker! Just had to bake something amazing!
Roskon of the Magi - Roscon de Reyes
385 5 90м -
January 6, Spain celebrates the Feast of the wise men or "Reyes Magos" ("the king of wizards"). He is considered the main year children's holiday. Day of the Magi, completed in Spain Christmas and new year celebrations. The meal must end with a cake called "roscón", baked in a ring shape and decorated with colorful candied fruit. They say they represent the gems that sparkled on the clothing of the Magi. For the contest "new year tastes of the planet"
Christmas Stollen cottage cheese
278 4 80м 2
Christmas Stollen cottage cheese Quarkstollen.
Lemon-lavender cupcake
271 - - -
Hello! Came with incredible cupcake... (it's hard cupcake a charm to call it)) ) the Structure is so moist and flavorful... mmm. The combination of lavender and lemon is something)) Ah, that is the baking, not baking, but a fairy tale! The scent of lavender circling the head with my morning coffee (and not only) to enjoy a bit of a dream come true!!:) With the first bite you will fall in love with it forever and save yourself the recipe for how I did it:)
Muffins "It"
243 - 15м -
What could be better than a gift from the heart made with your own hands. With this recipe You can please your mate!
Muffins with cheese and spinach
230 3 - -
Offer fans of cheese - very tender and flavorful muffins. Delicious straight up ugliness ))).
Cupcake "With aromas of winter"
218 - 40м -
Easy to prepare but rich in taste and flavor of the cupcake. I would say that it with winter flavors: cranberry, mandarins and mulled wine. I want to give Larisochka - Kleine Hase.
Brownie cherry chocolate “Velvet night”
178 - - -
This recipe is for lovers supercollege pastries without cream. Brownies mouth-watering aromas of almonds, rum and chocolate is literally to die for! Absolutely not a dry, silky-moist, very tasty. Bake the cake in advance, under the hood it in a cool place quietly stand for a couple of days and will be even more fragrant!
Cupcakes "Christmas caps"
176 - 30м 6
Simple to prepare, but very tasty cupcakes for a festive Christmas tea party!!! Fast, easy and delicious!!! Happy New Year, friends!!!)))
Cupcake Lemon
176 4.5 - -
Very tasty and tender cake. As my dad said, "just melts in your mouth!"
Mega-chocolate cupcakes
175 5 40м 6
In the first place! I congratulate You on the Day of CHOCOLATE!!! Offer you a recipe mega chocolate cupcakes very simple to prepare.
Citrus mini cakes with coconut
173 - 30м -
New year we can not imagine without the Mandarin oranges! Mini-cupcakes, "by heart", with a wonderful aroma of your favorite citrus fruit, complement a Cup of tea for the holidays.
Muffins "Christmas intermission"
171 - 45м 9
Offers little to distract from the Christmas bustle and elegant feasts, and just drink a Cup of your favorite tea or coffee with these mysterious muffins.
Super chocolate cupcakes with raspberry filling
169 - - -
I suggest you try these very chic chocolate cupcakes that are prepared fast enough. The cake turns out moist, but in moderation.
Banana cupcakes
167 - - -
My most favorite recipe of cupcakes. Get soft, well rise in the oven. The ingredients are all available prepared very quickly.
Cupcake Roksolany
167 - 40м 6
Islak cake with chocolate sorbet. Begin this week with Oriental sweets - chocolate islak cake. I was surprised that have not found the recipe on "the Cook", so I decided to introduce you with it, adding to the Treasury website. Islak cake is not just pastries, it's the passion of the East, expressed in baked goods. If you Google scores Islak Kek (the Latin alphabet), you will see many variations. I tried to convey this exquisite delicacy, not pouring the cake sherbet, and sorbet from chocolate Bay and chocolate. He became less "wet". Berries, caramelized in pekmezi agave (you can use any syrup) roasted sesame seeds and sunflower seeds gave a final touch of flavor explosion. Prepare this "cake" and imagine that this could have Roksolana Hürrem Haseki Sultan.
Ginger cake with prunes and maple syrup
165 - 60м 8
Spicy ginger muffins with prunes and maple syrup. How nice on a cold winter day to get in a warm chair with a hot Cup of tea and a slice of delicate freshly baked cake. Probably not only my winter baking is associated with a warming tart flavors. Fantastically fragrant this gorgeous cupcake I found on the website of Yulia Vysotskaya. I want to share with you a wonderful recipe with my minor changes, and want to buy them a wonderful cook Irina korolina.
Cupcakes "Simpleton-haluski"
165 5 - -
Delicious cupcakes with a pronounced flavor of halva, not cloying, soft and slightly moist texture due to the sour milk.
Cupcakes "flavor"
164 - - 6
Very, very tasty, fragrant and airy cupcakes!!! They will decorate your holiday table, fill with citrus scent the entire apartment. Beautiful, cozy and simple to prepare.
Puff "Baba"
162 5 180м 10
The recipe is from the book "Masterpieces of world baking". Very interesting by itself.
Cupcake with champagne and grapes
161 - 50м -
Amazing, flavorful and tender cake with plenty of fresh grapes. Instead of champagne you can use Grand Marnier, Cointreau, Aperol. Don't worry to give it to the kiddies, the alcohol completely evaporates during heat treatment, leaving a disintegrating effect. The idea of the recipe from Niksya.