Cupcakes recipes for Valentine's Day

Cottage cheese and bran muffin " Morning"
329 - 60м 6
A wonderful cottage cheese and bran muffin for Breakfast it is - a charge of vivacity, energy and good mood all morning! Flavorful, tender and juicy to the taste, nutritious, at the expense of cereals and dried fruits, in a word the perfect combination of simple ingredients. Help yourself dear cooks!
Lemon-lavender cupcake
274 - - -
Hello! Came with incredible cupcake... (it's hard cupcake a charm to call it)) ) the Structure is so moist and flavorful... mmm. The combination of lavender and lemon is something)) Ah, that is the baking, not baking, but a fairy tale! The scent of lavender circling the head with my morning coffee (and not only) to enjoy a bit of a dream come true!!:) With the first bite you will fall in love with it forever and save yourself the recipe for how I did it:)
British caraway cake
265 - 75м 8
Caraway seed cake. A classic British cake, the first known recipe that dates back to the XVI century, has achieved special popularity in the Victorian era, but now out of fashion. Cumin has long been used in British cuisine. If you believe the Wiki, the predecessor of the cake had caraway biscuits. They say that the Victorians liked to serve this cake after a hearty lunch, because it was believed that cumin improves digestion. Just say cumin in the cake a lot and the taste is quite specific. But if you like caraway or anise, you here!
Muffins "It"
243 - 15м -
What could be better than a gift from the heart made with your own hands. With this recipe You can please your mate!
Cake "Coffee marocchino"
233 - - -
Spending time in a cafe, our youngest son likes to order different layered and mnogovekovoe coffee. Just a cappuccino or latte it is already uninteresting. Certainly so with syrup, or marshmallows, or even in mixture with chocolate. Well – young – take that. Sweet tooth and the gourmet! For him and baked this cake, to a simple home coffee was delicious!
Muffins with cheese and spinach
231 3 - -
Offer fans of cheese - very tender and flavorful muffins. Delicious straight up ugliness ))).
Mega-chocolate cupcakes
178 5 40м 6
In the first place! I congratulate You on the Day of CHOCOLATE!!! Offer you a recipe mega chocolate cupcakes very simple to prepare.
Cupcake Lemon
176 4.5 - -
Very tasty and tender cake. As my dad said, "just melts in your mouth!"
Banana cupcakes
169 - - -
My most favorite recipe of cupcakes. Get soft, well rise in the oven. The ingredients are all available prepared very quickly.
Delicate vanilla cupcakes
168 - 20м 13
Niniejsza cupcakes from airy sponge cake covered with powdered sugar with cinnamon and You can cover a sexy butter cream and decorate with fresh berries. Options test there are many, but my favorite basic recipe is based on mixing butter, eggs, sugar and flour - very simple. The only secret is: always accurate proportioning and of course freshness.
Cupcake Roksolany
167 - 40м 6
Islak cake with chocolate sorbet. Begin this week with Oriental sweets - chocolate islak cake. I was surprised that have not found the recipe on "the Cook", so I decided to introduce you with it, adding to the Treasury website. Islak cake is not just pastries, it's the passion of the East, expressed in baked goods. If you Google scores Islak Kek (the Latin alphabet), you will see many variations. I tried to convey this exquisite delicacy, not pouring the cake sherbet, and sorbet from chocolate Bay and chocolate. He became less "wet". Berries, caramelized in pekmezi agave (you can use any syrup) roasted sesame seeds and sunflower seeds gave a final touch of flavor explosion. Prepare this "cake" and imagine that this could have Roksolana Hürrem Haseki Sultan.
Pineapple-Apple muffins
166 - - -
The holiday table is good because if it is a large selection of dishes and everyone can choose what his taste. To diversify your cakes to complement the tea party will help tender, juicy, flavorful muffins with a delicious pineapple-Apple filling. Help yourself to good health!!!
166 - 30м 18
Offer a basic cupcakes recipe-cupcakes. The recipe is simple, it can handle any hostess. The dough is delicate, airy, moderately sweet.
Cupcakes "Simpleton-haluski"
165 5 - -
Delicious cupcakes with a pronounced flavor of halva, not cloying, soft and slightly moist texture due to the sour milk.
Cupcakes "flavor"
164 - - 6
Very, very tasty, fragrant and airy cupcakes!!! They will decorate your holiday table, fill with citrus scent the entire apartment. Beautiful, cozy and simple to prepare.
Cupcake with champagne and grapes
162 - 50м -
Amazing, flavorful and tender cake with plenty of fresh grapes. Instead of champagne you can use Grand Marnier, Cointreau, Aperol. Don't worry to give it to the kiddies, the alcohol completely evaporates during heat treatment, leaving a disintegrating effect. The idea of the recipe from Niksya.
Puff "Baba"
162 5 180м 10
The recipe is from the book "Masterpieces of world baking". Very interesting by itself.
Very chocolate muffins
159 - - 16
These muffins are exquisite and truly a chocolate dessert. Just a perfect home-made cakes, which will not take much time to prepare. Magical flavor of muffins is already in the process of baking will tempt your household and gather the whole family to a festive tea.
Chocolate cupcake "Magic"
158 - 40м -
Well, I think for the kids now desserts on the website enough, you have to think about us. Oh, guys-Powerade, this delicious cake I made... just yum - a real Christmas treat!!! A great dessert for the holiday table with some tea or "chaser" by brandy... Cake turns out a bit, rich chocolate, with a heady aroma of cherries and Amaretto!
Brownie "fear Not for the piece"
155 - 30м 2
Classic brownie recipe I have exhibited. This is probably the most delicious recipe of sweet pastry, which I cooked. At home we always have 2 chocolates in case "want something sweet". But my dietary nature does not allow, I often have this dessert, unfortunately. How can that be? I've been looking for a recipe, tried and, I think, found a recipe dietetic brownies! Try it and you will be glad, if you this recipe will appeal to...
Orange muffins with cheese-chocolate filling
148 - 60м 12
I offer you a recipe of flavored cupcakes with the addition of orange juice. Juice in addition to fragrance a bright Sunny color to the cupcakes. Good combination of cheese and chocolate filling with orange dough.