Curd desserts recipes

Chocolate-cherry dessert waffles
325 - - -
The classic combination of cherries and chocolate in delicate cream cream. Chocolate-hazelnut waffles makes an interesting note in a familiar combination. Useful, beautiful and delicious!
Cheese dessert "Dolce Vita"
269 3 20м 2
Cheesecake dessert... take two. Make a picture did not, immediately ate it all my vs glutters.
Cheese-sea buckthorn dessert
238 - - -
Healthy and delicious autumn dessert, in which sea buckthorn is not only a storehouse of vitamins, vivid layer, but interesting taste! The proportions of cheese and cream you need to select respectively the original qualities of products available.
Easter in 30 minutes
218 3.5 30м 4
... ready for Easter put in the refrigerator immediately, and after 5 -8 hours - nuts, dried fruits give a flavor to the cream cheese and it changes its taste...
Easter vanilla
193 - - -
Delicious, flavorful, festive Easter! The first time I made it in this form. Bought form just before the festival in our new temple. The site for the temple was covered by Alexy 2nd. Before the Passover was done in the form for the cake. If something is wrong, do not scold me. To decorate did not. Let everything be natural.
Dessert "Tiger running around?"
189 3 - -
The delicate cream-tangerine pot de creme. If you give him more time in the fridge, then get the cheesecake ice cream:) Today he has no such luxury was provided, and ate in a creamy chilled condition. But who here heritage?.. For the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song".
Cottage cheese-oatmeal dessert "Lakomka"
177 - - -
Delicate, airy, flavorful treat in the morning lifts the mood on a 100 points! I invite You to try this dessert, that gloomy autumn day Your mood was above the sun!
Cheesecake Easter “Royal”
177 - 60м 8
Easter this recipe was prepared by my great-grandmother, and now I want to share it with you.
Cottage cheese dessert cookies "Hut"
177 - - -
Healthy, delicious dessert in the form of the house will delight the whole family. Even small king tut unlikely to give up such Goodies. On a hot summer day this dessert will be a lifesaver, so as to turn on the oven is not necessary.
Dessert "Cheese temptation"
176 - 60м 12
I know that cottage cheese on the site a lot and cheese soufflé or baking, but I primarily train in culinary photos, so came up with this dessert on the go to practice after yesterday's recommendations. Very gentle, airy and not high-calorie dessert.
Cheesecake with cocoa
176 - - -
We all know how useful the cheese, but however not all like to eat it in its pure form, but before the cheesecakes and casseroles few can resist.
Czech fruit pomazanki
173 - 15м 4
This dish is a good option for a snack or light dinner. And the Breakfast with such a sauce will be tastier and more fun. Will appeal to both adults and children. Share the recipe.
Cottage cheese and orange dessert
172 - - 6
Cheese is one of the oldest fermented milk products, which Roman writer and agronomist columella in the first century ad mentioned the dish is equally desirable, "on the tables of rich and poor". And in our time, the cottage cheese, in accordance with their nourishing qualities, plays a significant role in a balanced diet. Cheese is eaten with milk or cream, with salt or sugar, with him bake the cakes, sculpt dumplings, baked puddings and cheesecakes, so who knows what else! Your cheesecake dessert with oranges, I dedicate to our dear Tanya-Vodolaga, with love!!!
Cottage cheese dessert "Dolce", but not "President"
172 - 10м 2
If someone does not know, "President" - the company that produces cheese dessert with pieces of fruit. And here it is, this dessert, but without stabilizers, preservatives and dyes!!!! All Mega-easy!
Cheese cake with oranges "Snow white"
172 - 90м 8
This cheesecake dessert is a nice alternative to Easter, it is without eggs. Easter traditions in many visit their parents. If You want to bring the Passover a treat in the way she can melt due to the presence of oil. Then make this cake, it will decorate any festive table, including Easter. The oranges give the dessert a nice tartness. Try it, it's delicious! I recommend this dessert to children who eat bad cheese. This dessert they will eat for both cheeks. Cheese, sour cream, gelatin are the main components of this dessert, all of it is useful for the child's body.
Cottage cheese pie with jam and cinnamon
170 - - -
Cottage cheese casserole with the addition of Apple butter and cinnamon is so delicious with a clear taste of apples. On the cut, it turns a pale cream color. For a delicious Breakfast, afternoon snack and a snack is what you need. Try it, and suddenly this recipe will become your favorite!
"Tropical" cheesecake with red orange
170 3 - -
Luscious cheesecake with the addition of juice of red orange.
Easter Royal boiled
170 5 60м 8
Offer another symbolic dish for Easter.
Traditional Easter with curd cheese
169 - - -
Traditional Easter with curd cheese Hochland.
Dessert "Snowballs"
166 - 30м 4
Snowballs cottage cheese. Very useful, especially the children!
164 - 90м 6
Not going to put up this recipe because this is my failed experiment. I wanted to make cheesecake, and on top of that was jelly, but it turned out as always catastrophically (because of the jelly-solanie cakes I wasn't standing, I definitely Fucks up everything! don't know why! kind of experience that is). But after this morning, I kneaded the fourth piece of this abortive miracle, I decided to post the recipe because it is DELICIOUS!