Curd desserts recipes

Cheese-sea buckthorn dessert
1.7k - - -
Healthy and delicious autumn dessert, in which sea buckthorn is not only a storehouse of vitamins, vivid layer, but interesting taste! The proportions of cheese and cream you need to select respectively the original qualities of products available.
Easter Royal boiled
1.6k 5 60м 8
Offer another symbolic dish for Easter.
Cottage cheese-strawberry delight
1.5k 3 - -
Suddenly at work I did a nice delicious gift, a small bag of frozen strawberries. Its own, though frozen, still has a big advantage before purchased frozen, than I happily took. Usually the dessert I make during the season of fresh strawberries, because strawberries just cut into four pieces and add, then this will not work ))) but this version turned out delicious strawberry cottage cheese dessert. Strawberries, cottage cheese, cream cheese – the combination is just magical, and my favorite combination is strawberries with pistachios. Gentle, cream-creamy texture with splashes of pistachio nuts in addition to a rich strawberry, no less mouth-watering, mousse. Easy, no-bake, you just need time to wait for such magnificence will harden and will appear on your table.
Cottage cheese pie with jam and cinnamon
1.4k - - -
Cottage cheese casserole with the addition of Apple butter and cinnamon is so delicious with a clear taste of apples. On the cut, it turns a pale cream color. For a delicious Breakfast, afternoon snack and a snack is what you need. Try it, and suddenly this recipe will become your favorite!
Cheese and rice souffle with cranberries
1.4k - 75м 2
Why not treat your family this dessert for Christmas holidays? The delicate cream flavor with sour berries. And the brown sugar gives the dessert a subtle caramel flavor. Rice add a dessert satiety and interesting structure. Soufflés are not only delicious, but also useful. Essential amino acids contained in cheese, need any body. Cranberries are rich in vitamin C, which is so necessary, especially in the cold season.
Sweet sandwich "Hello kitty"
1.2k - 15м 2
Children are very difficult to make a proper Breakfast. But if you show a little imagination, success is guaranteed!
Cheesecake with cocoa
1.1k - - -
We all know how useful the cheese, but however not all like to eat it in its pure form, but before the cheesecakes and casseroles few can resist.
Cottage cheese tiramisu
1.1k - - -
The main element of the famous dessert tiramisu - mascarpone. Stuff is delicious, but not cheap. Offer you cheese version of this dessert. Of course, it is not an exact copy of the original, but it is also very tasty. Besides preparing this dessert easily.
Easter vanilla
1.1k - - -
Delicious, flavorful, festive Easter! The first time I made it in this form. Bought form just before the festival in our new temple. The site for the temple was covered by Alexy 2nd. Before the Passover was done in the form for the cake. If something is wrong, do not scold me. To decorate did not. Let everything be natural.
Easter cottage cheese
1.1k - 1200м 6
Greetings to all. I do this kind of Easter every year, like the taste of ice cream with chocolate chips. If I repeat, excuse me, but maybe my recipe someone can come in handy, because the compositions are different. Thank you for understanding. Enjoyable and delicious Easter!
1.1k - 90м 6
Not going to put up this recipe because this is my failed experiment. I wanted to make cheesecake, and on top of that was jelly, but it turned out as always catastrophically (because of the jelly-solanie cakes I wasn't standing, I definitely Fucks up everything! don't know why! kind of experience that is). But after this morning, I kneaded the fourth piece of this abortive miracle, I decided to post the recipe because it is DELICIOUS!
"Tropical" cheesecake with red orange
1k 3 - -
Luscious cheesecake with the addition of juice of red orange.
A quick dessert of cheese and biscuits
1k - 10м 6
Today I have all the recipes in a hurry.
Apricot-cheesecake dessert
1k - 90м 2
Delicate cheese dessert with apricot layer. Is very simple and fast. Suitable for holiday or everyday diet. My family very much!!!
Chocolate-cherry dessert waffles
1k - - -
The classic combination of cherries and chocolate in delicate cream cream. Chocolate-hazelnut waffles makes an interesting note in a familiar combination. Useful, beautiful and delicious!
Easter cheese from Mother
1k - 60м 3
I congratulate all on the Light Holiday of Easter!!! Peace and goodwill to all!!! Decided to publish the recipe for this delicious Easter dishes, although there are probably the site has a similar options because the part about we all have one. I cook that and nothing else for about 10 years and the recipe shared with me mother from the Temple, we go for many years, where I was baptized, we were married and our children. Easter always turns out very tasty and tender! The recipe is not new, but time-tested! Invite!
Crumble with cottage cheese and cherry
1k - - -
Crumble is a classic English dessert that can be prepared in any season with different fillings. Today I have cottage cheese and cherries from freezing. Crumbs added some ground walnuts. If an educated baby is very small, add a little oil if baby does not work at all, then add a little flour.
Cheesecake with gelatin
1k - 60м 1
Delicate curd pudding for the gelatin. Add dry gelatin to cottage cheese and cook the casserole in the oven in a water bath. Flour for this pudding you need quite a bit, I used coconut (you can substitute regular or rice).
Traditional Easter with curd cheese
1k - - -
Traditional Easter with curd cheese Hochland.
Cottage cheese and berries dessert "Lady fingers"
1k - - -
Summer desserts have to be sweet, light, airy! I suggest to try a delicious dessert from the air "fingers" choux pastry layered with delicate cottage cheese and berry cream.
Easter vanilla cream cheese
1k 5 20м 6
Tender, flavorful Easter will be a real decoration of the festive table.