Curd desserts recipes for Easter

Easter vanilla
245 - - -
Delicious, flavorful, festive Easter! The first time I made it in this form. Bought form just before the festival in our new temple. The site for the temple was covered by Alexy 2nd. Before the Passover was done in the form for the cake. If something is wrong, do not scold me. To decorate did not. Let everything be natural.
Easter in 30 minutes
242 3.5 30м 4
... ready for Easter put in the refrigerator immediately, and after 5 -8 hours - nuts, dried fruits give a flavor to the cream cheese and it changes its taste...
Easter Royal boiled
214 5 60м 8
Offer another symbolic dish for Easter.
Cheesecake Easter “Royal”
205 - 60м 8
Easter this recipe was prepared by my great-grandmother, and now I want to share it with you.
Traditional Easter with curd cheese
201 - - -
Traditional Easter with curd cheese Hochland.
Cottage cheese pie with jam and cinnamon
200 - - -
Cottage cheese casserole with the addition of Apple butter and cinnamon is so delicious with a clear taste of apples. On the cut, it turns a pale cream color. For a delicious Breakfast, afternoon snack and a snack is what you need. Try it, and suddenly this recipe will become your favorite!
Easter cottage cheese
192 - 1200м 6
Greetings to all. I do this kind of Easter every year, like the taste of ice cream with chocolate chips. If I repeat, excuse me, but maybe my recipe someone can come in handy, because the compositions are different. Thank you for understanding. Enjoyable and delicious Easter!
Cheese cake with oranges "Snow white"
190 - 90м 8
This cheesecake dessert is a nice alternative to Easter, it is without eggs. Easter traditions in many visit their parents. If You want to bring the Passover a treat in the way she can melt due to the presence of oil. Then make this cake, it will decorate any festive table, including Easter. The oranges give the dessert a nice tartness. Try it, it's delicious! I recommend this dessert to children who eat bad cheese. This dessert they will eat for both cheeks. Cheese, sour cream, gelatin are the main components of this dessert, all of it is useful for the child's body.
Cheesecake Easter
181 - - -
Delicious Easter dish.
Easter tri-color
177 5 - -
Very tasty Easter. Recipe found in the Internet, but did, and so would have made three different Easter. Thank you to those whose recipes I have used.
Dessert "Branch of lilac"
176 - - -
Cottage cheese-fruit cobbler, healthy, delicious and not difficult to prepare... will Appeal to both children and adults!!
166 4 - -
In the preparation of the Passover, I used the recipe that came with the kit for making Easter. It slightly improved and turned out just fine!
Easter cheese from Mother
159 - 60м 3
I congratulate all on the Light Holiday of Easter!!! Peace and goodwill to all!!! Decided to publish the recipe for this delicious Easter dishes, although there are probably the site has a similar options because the part about we all have one. I cook that and nothing else for about 10 years and the recipe shared with me mother from the Temple, we go for many years, where I was baptized, we were married and our children. Easter always turns out very tasty and tender! The recipe is not new, but time-tested! Invite!
Baked curd Easter "Cranberry"
143 - - -
Oven baked curd Easter turns out very tasty, tender, sweet and hearty. This festive treat is perfect for Easter!
141 - 60м -
Another one of my pretty successful experiment for the preparation of curd dessert. The result :the cake turned out very tender and tasty. By the way, the example from the recipe so you can cook for kids chocolate cream of wheat without the cheese for a change. Everything is done simply and quickly, always work!
Cheesecake for a couple
140 - - -
A healthy alternative to traditional cheese Paska. If you want to set the table delicious, but "to blow" it is possible to make this Lite dessert with cottage cheese.
Easter cottage cheese without oil
132 5 - -
Low-fat, relevant for those who are butter in large quantities is not very...
Cheesecake Easter "Surprise"
131 - 60м 5
I love the combination of lemon with poppy seeds and today I want to share my favorite recipe curd Easter!
German quarkkuchen Mac
130 - 90м -
German quarkkuchen is another unusual variant of the dessert with cottage cheese. Quark-German - quark, and Kuchen is a pie. Hence the name. Filling quarkkuchen very gentle and airy, which makes it different from ordinary casseroles, and the dough is simple (like shortbread for the pie). I advise everyone to try. Very tasty!
Cheese terrine "chocolate"
130 - 180м 12
Long looked at this recipe and had to survive new year break. And finally, can please you and ourselves, soft, silky curd dessert, where are intertwined and complement each other for their unique taste three kinds of chocolate. In honor of the transition to level 5, you want to celebrate with you this zamechatelnoe event! Help yourself!!!
Easter cottage cheese-smetany condensed milk
130 - - -
Very tasty, tender, fatty Easter. Is very quick and easy. The easiest way to do it in blender. Recipe found online and modified a bit by me.