Curd desserts recipes for Valentine's Day

Dessert "Tiger running around?"
208 3 - -
The delicate cream-tangerine pot de creme. If you give him more time in the fridge, then get the cheesecake ice cream:) Today he has no such luxury was provided, and ate in a creamy chilled condition. But who here heritage?.. For the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song".
Cottage cheese pie with jam and cinnamon
200 - - -
Cottage cheese casserole with the addition of Apple butter and cinnamon is so delicious with a clear taste of apples. On the cut, it turns a pale cream color. For a delicious Breakfast, afternoon snack and a snack is what you need. Try it, and suddenly this recipe will become your favorite!
Cheese cake with oranges "Snow white"
192 - 90м 8
This cheesecake dessert is a nice alternative to Easter, it is without eggs. Easter traditions in many visit their parents. If You want to bring the Passover a treat in the way she can melt due to the presence of oil. Then make this cake, it will decorate any festive table, including Easter. The oranges give the dessert a nice tartness. Try it, it's delicious! I recommend this dessert to children who eat bad cheese. This dessert they will eat for both cheeks. Cheese, sour cream, gelatin are the main components of this dessert, all of it is useful for the child's body.
Yogurt "Tender"
181 4 5м 4
Very often cheese, which is so useful to us, it is difficult and not always pleasant to eat, but cottage cheese "Delicate" - a very delicious and light cottage cheese.
Dessert "Branch of lilac"
180 - - -
Cottage cheese-fruit cobbler, healthy, delicious and not difficult to prepare... will Appeal to both children and adults!!
Chocolate cheesecake "Choco-therapy"
167 3 90м 12
Very tasty cheesecake, today my favourite is the one big creamy candy corn taste!
Twisted cheesecake
164 - 60м 5
This is one of the most delicious and delicate pastries. A delicious chocolate dough goes well with delicate cheese-sour cream filling with flavor of vanilla.
Cheese and walnut Breakfast
158 - 10м 2
What could be more delicious romantic Breakfast! Such gentle delicacy can be in the bed file, with a Cup of aromatic coffee to pamper your mate. By the way, with cooking and can handle a man! As always, being prepared is not difficult, even easier if you cook the dessert with sourdough from Orsika. At the same time, you can always be sure that your dessert is made from fresh cream, with no harmful additives, thickeners, stabilizers, etc. Time, excluding the preparation of cheese.
Raspberry cheesecake dessert with BlackBerry juice
147 3 20м 3
As berry would like to extend a Sunny summer!!! very vitamin, healthy, and sooooo delicious!!!!
Cheesecake for a couple
143 - - -
A healthy alternative to traditional cheese Paska. If you want to set the table delicious, but "to blow" it is possible to make this Lite dessert with cottage cheese.
142 - 60м -
Another one of my pretty successful experiment for the preparation of curd dessert. The result :the cake turned out very tender and tasty. By the way, the example from the recipe so you can cook for kids chocolate cream of wheat without the cheese for a change. Everything is done simply and quickly, always work!
Crostata with pumpkin
140 - 120м 10
The famous Italian Crostata with a delicate filling of pumpkin pulp, ricotta and Amaretti... great combination of ingredients...
German quarkkuchen Mac
131 - 90м -
German quarkkuchen is another unusual variant of the dessert with cottage cheese. Quark-German - quark, and Kuchen is a pie. Hence the name. Filling quarkkuchen very gentle and airy, which makes it different from ordinary casseroles, and the dough is simple (like shortbread for the pie). I advise everyone to try. Very tasty!
Cheese terrine "chocolate"
130 - 180м 12
Long looked at this recipe and had to survive new year break. And finally, can please you and ourselves, soft, silky curd dessert, where are intertwined and complement each other for their unique taste three kinds of chocolate. In honor of the transition to level 5, you want to celebrate with you this zamechatelnoe event! Help yourself!!!
Blancmange curd-banana
129 - 30м 6
Offer the option of this dish with cottage cheese. Very suitable for those who have kids in their pure form don't eat cheese. A prepared according to this recipe, only positive reviews
Cottage cheese dessert with green sprouts buckwheat
127 - 5м 2
Dear cooks, if not on top of the dessert sprinkle the sprouts of buckwheat, no one will guess what's inside it and not nuts))) And all will be just guessing what kind of nuts added to it, but in any case don't think about buckwheat... And also add utility to the dessert, because green buckwheat is a kernel of buckwheat, cleaned old method without heat treatment and having the ability to germinate. This buckwheat has kept the whole complex of useful substances inherent in her nature. To get all the benefits of buckwheat, it is recommended to use in the form of sprouts. Should we try this?
Perfect-subtractline casserole
125 - 40м 4
The ideal Breakfast! Impossible tasty! Soft cheese mousse hides a thin layer of sliced berries with vanilla aroma. With such Breakfast the morning is sure to be good! :)
125 4.5 - -
Delicious dessert with cottage cheese, hate cheese. The fact that this product is almost unrecognizable in this dish. Checked on the husband that the cheese does not eat at all, and this dessert didn't really break up!
Cottage cheese-carrot balls
122 - 30м -
Mother for many years has spoilt us with their cottage cheese balls with carrot. Now I decided to learn them in order to cook for your family and good friends. The recipe is simple, preparation takes much time and the ingredients the more uncomplicated.
Dessert "Curds"
122 5 90м 8
Delicate sweet cheese, baked with pear, Apple, orange and peach garnished with fresh raspberries and orange juice...
Curd-cheese cake with apricots
119 - 100м 10
Tasty and simple to prepare dessert for tea. The only drawback is the long baking time - 1 hour. Recipe found on the Internet. I tried to cook - loved it. I hope you will too.