Curd desserts recipes for Lent

Raspberry cheesecake dessert with BlackBerry juice
147 3 20м 3
As berry would like to extend a Sunny summer!!! very vitamin, healthy, and sooooo delicious!!!!
Cheesecakes "sequins"
139 3.5 30м 4
My child does not like cheese, as is his right. Here and invent, say, a Bicycle!
Chocolate muffins with cheesecake filling
107 - 20м 3
Chocolate muffins with cheesecake filling
Cheesecakes for Dukane
84 - 15м 3
In the video, diet recipe.
Easter cottage cheese with dried fruit and nuts
79 - 20м 6
Every family at Easter Sunday prepare cottage cheese Easter. Easter this recipe do every year, I love it.
Fruit yogurt
74 4 10м 2
a very delicate dessert!!! did not have time to take pictures of the finished dish! They overran in a matter of minutes
Cottage cheese and banana dessert
59 5 15м 2
So in the end lay out a simple but delicious dessert that loves my husband.