Pickled vegetables recipes

Marinated garlic with gooseberries or grapes
485 - 30м -
This recipe I found long ago in the old black-and-white booklet of recipes and for many years worked tirelessly and with great love using it. It tried to roll garlic quiche-Misham tasty, but still expensive, as a result came to a simple option to roll up the garlic with the gooseberries. The most delicious variant with the red gooseberry is sweet, and so delicious that honestly, the first dish that is often scatters gooseberry, eat it, even children.
Zucchini in tomato-garlic filling
264 5 - -
I once gave this recipe called "Mother tongue". I don't agree with the title, because the language is long, but here zucchini - diced. Well, it turns out very tasty.
Cabbage pickled with beets
261 4.5 20м -
A wonderful and quick appetizer for the second dish, especially in winter, when fresh vegetables have long forgotten.
Cabbage, red, pickled
252 3 - -
This pickled cabbage at home as eating. Goes with a Bang and on weekdays and holidays! And snacks - so simple world!
Pickled peppers with honey "she"
221 4.5 - -
Excellent appetizer. The taste is unusual and pleasant. I got the recipe my friend working at the senior people, they accept it with a Bang! And without sterilization.
Pickled peppers
212 3.5 30м -
Preparation for the winter.
Marinated appetizer with vodka and "Cabbage cigarette"
211 - - -
Cabbage cigarettes - a great appetizer will decorate any table, great for kids who like to drag pickles (you don't need a plate and a fork, grab and run, while the nurse did not notice )
Salad with peppers and onions
208 - - -
This year we have in the country a huge harvest of peppers and I completely forgot about this recipe that I remembered and decided to share with You. Is easy, and it turns out for the winter snacks, I invite you to try.
Crunchy pickled vegetables "Torchia"
197 - - -
Tursia - a dish popular in Bulgaria, the literal translation means pickles, although the vegetables are marinated. No holiday or feast is not complete without this tasty, crunchy snacks. You can take any vegetable, but most often it is done with cauliflower, carrots, bell pepper, green tomatoes. It is prepared as a quick option, when you can eat the next day, and as a billet for the winter. Once you try, you will always cook this yummy!
Pickled peppers
177 - 60м 1
Pickled pepper slices
Pickled pumpkin
174 - - -
Here is the dessert!
Bell peppers stuffed with cabbage for the winter
172 - 120м -
I submitted the recipe is very simple, but surprisingly tasty. I recommend to try it as a snack, side dish to meat or as a main dish during lent
Beet salad
167 5 - -
This salad I usually harvested in the autumn, it's delicious, use as a separate dish or as a complement to garnish
Pickled pearl onions
166 - - -
Of a bow, of course, you can buy in the supermarket. But much nicer things to cook for myself! And budget, of course.
Pickled cabbage with mustard
165 - 20м 10
Of course, there are many recipes of pickled cabbage, but I will venture to offer you your option. Recipe of the cabbage from the category "ancient", I use them with the same love for many years. Good it is the fact that cabbage can be cooked in the winter, at any time and on the second day to bring to the table. Before the new year invariably make a whole jar of cabbage, which, after the abundance of Christmas table scatters "cheers". Well, in the post a season of deficiency and say nothing. Cabbage is unusual, sweet mustard flavor.
"Eggplant puff"
156 - - -
This dish is the workpiece for the winter, so I try to not be(((
Salad "splendor of autumn"
155 - - -
Wonderful salad for the winter. In winter you can add green onion, or an Apple. Very tasty.
Lecho zucchini
152 3 - -
Delicious and delicate salad for the winter.
Pepper fried
152 4 20м 5
The taste of summer. A dish of local cuisine. Very sweet like pepper. Not troublesome, but delicious. For fans of pepper.
World appetizer of cauliflower
145 - 40м 5
Slowly preparing for the Day of Birth. Every housewife knows that the peak of the cycle in the kitchen - the eve of the holiday, and this appetizer can be prepared in advance and spin the eve of the feast on one dish less. Since the Day of my Birthday in the fall, I try to cook as many vegetables from his garden. And the more planned a barbecue, it's the appetizer to the skewer. You can and roll up for the winter.
Beets natural sterilized
140 - - -
This is the only seam that I sterilized. To do the sterilization I do not like and go to this step only because so much of me and my children like the nice beet, huh? Spend the autumn half a day, but then all winter no hassle with boiling the beets. At least the soup, even the salad, though, just like that, with sour cream or mayonnaise. Got a jar opened and ready. Fill drunk children always to droplets, even in a fight.