Broths and soups recipes for New Year

Turkish soups "Iskembe" and "Tuzlama"
1.7k - 240м 5
Iskembe/Tuzlama. Fans of Turkish soups and Hash dedicated. :) These soups Turks usually eat 4-5 hours in the morning, after a heavy drinking. :) I personally love tuzlama more, but for beginners I would advise, iskembe (the difference in soups only in the size of the scar). Soup always help to sober up anyone :)
Ear Royal
0.9k 5 40м 4
It does not describe
0.7k - 120м 8
On site there are 19 variants of this dish)) I will Add your option.
Soup "Oshi-burida"
0.6k - 60м 6
This soup kitchen belongs to Tajikistan. Interesting combination-chickpeas, dried apricots, spices, herbs and homemade noodles. Very tasty soup. Help yourself!
Fish soup with vegetables
0.6k - 150м 12
Fish soup with vegetables can be cooked on the basis of fish, vegetable or chicken broth, just water. Vegetables can be fresh or canned – so I made tomato soup with a pike perch. Fish – although freshwater, though marine, but most importantly, dense texture. It is desirable fillet. This time I got the soup, cod and haddock – the first more, second less. You can take the whole fish and remove the fillets, but I was ready to eat.
Solyanka with sturgeon
0.6k 3 120м 10
A classic recipe turns out very tasty, if not sturgeon can replace the red fish, is perfect for a celebratory dinner.
One can
0.5k - 15м 8
Good option for our hash, only in Azerbaijani.
Vegetable soup "Mole de Hoya"
0.5k - 85м 4
Mole de olla. Insanely delicious dish. Always it is prepared. But there is one problem: it seems that in Russia there are dried chilli, guajillo and Pasila, because it depends on them a unique taste and smell of this dish... But I can't imagine this recipe... Maybe something You come up with to replace the Chile - Russian mind is limitless!
Vegetable soup with beef broth "Favorite"
0.5k - 60м 8
Dear cooks, I offer you the recipe of the most beloved in our family soup. Suitable for everyday menu, but also to offer it is not a sin. At the same time will share the way I cook the broth, maybe you will like it.
Italian fish soup "Cacciucco" with couscous
483 - 60м 4
The first time I tried couscous in this dish in Sicily at the same restaurant and it was love at first spoonful!! Couscous goes well with this thick rich tomato soup of fish and seafood. Originally this soup was prepared by the seamen of any fish and seafood depending on the catch. According to legend, it was brewed by the widow of the deceased fisherman from fish and seafood, shared by the friends of the fisherman, to his children and was served with toasted bread. And if in the North of Italy couscous is not very common, in Sicily it is actively used in various dishes. Last year for Christmas it was prepared relatives for the holiday table, bought a huge amount of different fish and seafood, from the morning the ladies of the family cleaning fish, and in the evening in a narrow family circle of about 20 people with toasted bread and washed down with red wine, we celebrated the occasion. Want to offer a somewhat simplified version of this delicious soup.
463 - - -
Good day)) I Want to share a family recipe, my mother calls this dish is "Cooksey", it might not be like that Cooksey offered on the Internet, but it is very simple and for me personally, insanely delicious.
Soup of burbot
462 - 210м 12
Burbot soup, cooked this way, also called the hierarchical soup. I cook often, but with the same pleasure. This time the fish trivia I found just the brushes but put, following ancient recipes, mashed with onions burbot liver. It added flavor, so much so that the wife and mother-in-law never tired of praising. Burbot liver first settlers who came to Siberia from Central Russia, once called the way, later ingrained the name "max" (accent on the first syllable). The recipe specified the weight of burbot whole, but only the part that went in your ear, the burbot has been weighing 3.5 kg.
Tomato soup with meatballs of lamb stuffed with goat cheese and hazelnuts
460 - - 3
Propose to dine bright, busy, hot, fragrant soup with meatballs, which are stuffed with goat cheese with hazelnuts. Go - help yourself!
Soup with lentils and smoked
453 - 240м 10
Unlike peas or beans, lentils – even the red, though green – no need to soak. It and without that well prepared. The lentils can take any. I had the red – it is considered that it is cooked faster, but I prefer this soup to cook it until soft. Mine was ready after 35 minutes.
Soup from mushrooms
430 - 30м 5
Soup from mushrooms. You can use any mushrooms.
Pea soup on the fire
380 - 90м 6
Pea soup on the fire - very, very tasty dish. RECOMMEND!!!:)))
Fish soup with vegetables
364 - 80м 10
For the broth I used the carcass of a large pike – before it is ready salted and stuffed, fillet and head left, the ridge remained. And as the main fish took a small salmon – 700-800 grams, rather not say: didn't weigh. The mushrooms used also those that were left from other dishes for stuffed mushrooms only needed the hats, the legs remained. That came in handy.
Japanese soup with shrimp and egg
363 - 30м 2
The soup looks very unusual, but very very tasty!!!
A delicious soup of pork ribs
353 - 60м 4
Soup of pork ribs in hotpot. The wife shared with me the recipe which she did in a slow cooker and we loved it. I decided to repeat in the cauldron and the result exceeded all expectations! I highly recommend to try this recipe. Attention to eat only metal Cutlery because the plastic eaten together with the dish!... ;)
Soup "Karabas Barabas and five gold"
347 - 25м 3
Spicy onion soup with toast with a delicate pumpkin flavor.
My soup
343 - 90м 12
And never at any time not forbidden to make the dish their own priorities) the Main thing that people liked! And I'm glad when girls write what their families eat soups in my recipes!