Broths and soups recipes for Christmas

Spanish Christmas soup stuffed pasta
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Very simple and easy soup. Ideally, I think, for the Christmas table. After a long post-should start with heavy food is not too good for the body. Here's a soup will be just right. In addition, it is very tasty. Gave the husband a job, and he didn't know what. In the evening came in and asked: "What kind of yummy to me yesterday you did?" Here it is.
One can
225 - 15м 8
Good option for our hash, only in Azerbaijani.
213 - 120м 8
On site there are 19 variants of this dish)) I will Add your option.
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Cooking harira was taught to me by my friends – French actor of Moroccan descent. The original recipe is placed not beans, and chickpeas. But I chickpeas do not understand, so replace it with "black eye" - this is the sort of beans most similar to chickpea's taste, because break gentle elegant taste Moroccan dishes, it the whole point!
Fish soup with vegetables
202 - 150м 12
Fish soup with vegetables can be cooked on the basis of fish, vegetable or chicken broth, just water. Vegetables can be fresh or canned – so I made tomato soup with a pike perch. Fish – although freshwater, though marine, but most importantly, dense texture. It is desirable fillet. This time I got the soup, cod and haddock – the first more, second less. You can take the whole fish and remove the fillets, but I was ready to eat.
Solyanka with sturgeon
185 3 120м 10
A classic recipe turns out very tasty, if not sturgeon can replace the red fish, is perfect for a celebratory dinner.
Soup "Oshi-burida"
176 - 60м 6
This soup kitchen belongs to Tajikistan. Interesting combination-chickpeas, dried apricots, spices, herbs and homemade noodles. Very tasty soup. Help yourself!
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Good day)) I Want to share a family recipe, my mother calls this dish is "Cooksey", it might not be like that Cooksey offered on the Internet, but it is very simple and for me personally, insanely delicious.
Chicken broth with egg and rice
164 - 120м -
Sometimes you want to cook something simple and delicious. This dish, in my opinion, is chicken broth with various toppings. Today we will make chicken broth homemade chicken with egg and rice.
The Royal ear
159 - 160м 10
Real Royal ear by an old recipe. Has a distinctive aroma and taste. This recipe used to prepare soup for the Russian tsars. Found it on one of the sites was a photo of the recipe from the cookbook of 1896. All recommend this recipe. Thus it is not difficult to prepare. Fish be sure to use only a river. While catfish and bream will not work. In Russia, for this ear was served pancakes with red caviar or fish.
Vegetable soup with beef broth "Favorite"
150 - 60м 8
Dear cooks, I offer you the recipe of the most beloved in our family soup. Suitable for everyday menu, but also to offer it is not a sin. At the same time will share the way I cook the broth, maybe you will like it.
Soup from mushrooms
148 - 30м 5
Soup from mushrooms. You can use any mushrooms.
Ear on-Nikolaev
143 - 30м 2
The history of this dish originates in the kinburnsky spit the Nikolaev area. Spit on the North by the estuary of the Dnieper - bug, Yagorlytsky Bay in the South and the West – the Black sea. This unique area is the mouth of the Dnieper river. The length of the Kinburn spit is approximately 40 km and a width of about 9 km and a Population of just over 800 people. On the territory of sea waters - on the one hand, and with another river, formed a specific microclimate. The island is covered with feather-grass steppe, with a range of conifers, willows, birches, and oaks. Total KOs presents more than 500 varieties of medicinal herbs: thyme, St. John's wort, immortelle sandy, Valerian, chamomile medicinal, many types of mint, centaury and other herbs. On the Kinburn spit in Nikolaev it is possible to witness the nesting of more than 200 species of birds: white pelicans, storks, swans, pheasants and cranes. There is a huge number of lakes with therapeutic mud and salt and fresh water. Kinburn spit in Nikolaev region is the huge reserve of Ukraine, with more pristine areas, with the endless sea and rich steppe nature. I was very lucky, as this wonderful region I live my relatives, I had the opportunity to enjoy this nature. The scythe cut off from the outside world, to it you need to go on the ferry for 4 hours. So people there mostly eat what we grow and fish, which has always been rich in their region. The fish they caught themselves and cooked from it a lot of dishes, such as ravioli, meatballs and also fish soup recipe that I wanted to share with you today as in my family, as I remember, cook it yourself is the only way. I would also like to add a few words about the area, the water in it has a very unique composition, and in conjunction with everything else, such as healthy food, good environment, quite a small population, which lives on the spit, a lot of centenarians, whose age exceeded 100 years. For example, let's say that my niece is alive and living there with her parents, grandparents, and great-great-great-grandfather! Unable to talk too much about it, so will start
Tomato soup with meatballs of lamb stuffed with goat cheese and hazelnuts
141 - - 3
Propose to dine bright, busy, hot, fragrant soup with meatballs, which are stuffed with goat cheese with hazelnuts. Go - help yourself!
Soup with lentils and smoked
134 - 240м 10
Unlike peas or beans, lentils – even the red, though green – no need to soak. It and without that well prepared. The lentils can take any. I had the red – it is considered that it is cooked faster, but I prefer this soup to cook it until soft. Mine was ready after 35 minutes.
Italian fish soup "Cacciucco" with couscous
110 - 60м 4
The first time I tried couscous in this dish in Sicily at the same restaurant and it was love at first spoonful!! Couscous goes well with this thick rich tomato soup of fish and seafood. Originally this soup was prepared by the seamen of any fish and seafood depending on the catch. According to legend, it was brewed by the widow of the deceased fisherman from fish and seafood, shared by the friends of the fisherman, to his children and was served with toasted bread. And if in the North of Italy couscous is not very common, in Sicily it is actively used in various dishes. Last year for Christmas it was prepared relatives for the holiday table, bought a huge amount of different fish and seafood, from the morning the ladies of the family cleaning fish, and in the evening in a narrow family circle of about 20 people with toasted bread and washed down with red wine, we celebrated the occasion. Want to offer a somewhat simplified version of this delicious soup.
Soup with mango and rice
109 - 45м 4
Bright and festive soup for the sweet tooth.
Onion soup "Michel"
103 - 150м 6
Good day! The recipe I got from a friend ina, living in the center of France, and she in turn is from the butcher of Michel, who loves to pamper their friends with this soup. I want to add his version to the collection cook. ru. This soup the French like to serve during long holidays (New year, Christmas, wedding) in the morning. But it can also be cooked on the first or dinner, instead of hot.
Pea soup on the fire
102 - 90м 6
Pea soup on the fire - very, very tasty dish. RECOMMEND!!!:)))
Indian soup made from Mung-dal with vegetables (video recipe)
102 - 60м 4
Mung Beans! Miracle, which is so well known in the East and so little known in the West. A pity, because how could diversify your diet millions of people. Let's make the first step! I present to you the finest Indian thick soup of Mung-dal with vegetables! This amazing soup will literally blow your mind, not only its excellent taste but also appearance, and especially its incredible aroma - thousands of shades! However, this soup is just incredibly useful. Prepare this miracle to her family, and she will tell you thank you!
Rich Alpine goulash soup
100 - 150м 5
I have the goulash soup is associated exclusively with winter, snow and mountains. I first tried the goulash soup in the Alps, in the mountains, where my son was born. The altitude of 1621 meters above sea level. I hope that you get this rich, flavorful and very hearty soup will warm you in the winter!