Broths and soups recipes for Lent

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Barley soup with mushrooms
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In the spring, especially if you are fasting, just the essential vitamins! Pearl barley is very useful, but we use it, unfortunately, not very often. Offer simple but tasty soup, rich at the expense of barley and opacak.
Soup "Goju"
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Have you ever been ever Ukrainian weddings, so with all the traditions.. in the village.. and not in a cafe or restaurant... but in the tent... And then the wedding? - ask... And that's it for this wedding, but on the second day (walk and celebrate there one day) I tried this the first time "goju", it probably is brewed specially, so after the tumultuous festivities and received degrees, a little easier this morning, because the celebration will be a long... ) For these weddings specially build a separate kitchen, a small cabin, with clay build oven, convene the most famous cooks of the village and cook all sorts of Goodies... mmm-mm. the Gojo boiled in huge cauldrons, all the guests))) and it is eaten instantly))) I tried to reproduce the recipe of The "goju", but at home, as it is cooked in bone broth and 8 -10 hours on the stove, that is "weary" the whole night, then of course a little different my recipe))) But the taste - it is the most... and with each spoonful I remember those fun days of childhood))) And since now another Great post I offer a lean option with mushrooms, and when the fasting is over it will be possible with the meat on the bones to cook it)))
Tomato soup "Perlovka"
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Soup - impromptu. Was boiled barley, which we had to use. I decided to experiment. Pictures are not done because there was no certainty that you will get something edible. But when my darling started to ask for more, I decided that soup was a success and can share this recipe.
Pumpkin soup the old warrior
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About this soup in the Carpathians is composed of a legend. Before the decisive battle of wise man fed it to soldiers-fellow villagers. He assured that the pumpkin is combined with pearl barley will make them invincible. The battle with the nomads was won, and the recipe for this pumpkin soup was passed down from generation to generation. Today I will try to connect the past with the present and to prepare this soup in high-tech cookware Zepter
Vegan Soup
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Soup with chickpeas. Knowing little about the chickpeas, I decided to learn this unusual new cereal, which I advise all those who have not yet encountered.
Soup with coconut milk and shiitake mushrooms
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In explanation of Thai cuisine, to the middle of the post is still wanted milk. At least the coconut! Taste the magic, it's just indescribable!
Meatless soup with mushrooms and millet
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Meatless soup with mushrooms and millet. An unusual ingredient coconut cream gives the soup a rich taste and nice texture.
Cheese soup
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Vegetable soup with cheese flavor and hints of soy sauce. A great variety to your diet.
Rice soup with sprats
495 - 25м 4
Lovers of soups with canned fish dedicated! Easy, quick soup with smoked flavor of the fish. A great budget option to feed the family a hot delicious lunch.
Buckwheat soup with seaweed
491 - 30м 3
I often cook soups with seaweed. Almost always use cabbage canned type "Salad far". Today I made cabbage soup ready to eat in packets placed in the substrate layers is small. I have cabbage in olive oil. These soups are often prepared with buckwheat. It turns out low-calorie, healthy and very delicious soup. Useful for those who are dieting or eating low fat food, those who are watching their weight.
Mushroom soup
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light soup, prepared quickly, eaten quickly also!!!
Vegetable soup with lentils
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Recipe for Lent, when the vegetable oil allowed only on Saturdays and Sundays. Lentils here ensures the intake of proteins and replaces the traditional beans that must be soaked overnight - and with lentils you can cook spontaneously.
Ear Cossack from Alexander Belkovich
482 - 60м 10
Don't really like river fish, we can say don't like... But after watching the food network " Simply the kitchen " somehow, I immediately wanted to cook this dish. Turned ear nourishing, tasty and filling with a light, unobtrusive scent.
469 - 30м 4
This spicy vegetarian soup from southern India. Races prepared according to this recipe, is eaten at the end of a hearty Indian meal, as it is believed that it helps to better digest. It is believed that fennel seeds promote better digestion and absorption of food. The soup is eaten hot, sipping his gently, "solids" would not normally eat. This dish is perfect for a light dinner or lunch, to use race as a sauce to boiled rice.
Tom Yam (or Tom Yum)
466 - 40м 10
I have never been to Thailand, but not time eating with my husband this dish in different restaurants and cafes. Finally managed to make it taste like. We call it among ourselves Tom Yum (it's delicious). Bon appetit!
Korean hot and sour soup with oyster mushrooms
444 - 30м 4
I will not categorically state about the affiliation of this soup for Korean food, but I fed them to my daughter-in-law is Korean. It is very tasty, fragrant, of course, a little juicy and specific. But spicy food lovers should like. And this soup will help those who are watching their figure and adheres to the Post.
Chile sin carne
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Chile - a famous dish with a very confusing history. Traditionally, chowder chile con carne (i.e. "peppers with meat") was born in Mexico, and from there moved to the United States and became a national dish - in particular, the official national dish of Texas. But if you will be traveling to Mexico, you won't find any Chile - neither CON nor SIN ("no") carne. Classic chili (which "CON") is half meat. But the second half is vegetables! And if it is, this vegetable half, "strengthen" and properly cook, backed by spice and a good oil, it will turn out just delicious, not inferior to Chile from beef. The site already has recipe for chili sin carne but Natasha's dish is cooked as the second, hot, and Chile - it's still soup... very thick, but the soup. At least in the U.S. he serves in that capacity.
Soup "Sea pearl"
443 - 25м 4
Meatless doesn't mean boring and tasteless, show a little imagination, and the products of MISTRAL to help us. Prepare the soup with Arborio rice and seaweed, with the rice is so bright in flavor and larger than usual, very similar to pearls. Help yourself.
Soup "Star"
443 - 30м 6
The memory about the Soviet times. I really liked the soup with the "stars" from the nondescript bag. And here in the store happened to see these "stars" was raided by pleasant memories of childhood. Came home, the soup was ready in 30 minutes. Delicious soup, simple, but such a homely, nourishing and fragrant. I have not tried to reproduce the same taste, but were guided by the preferences of family members.
Shorba adas - Mazrui 2
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Continuing the theme of lentil soups. Today's vegetarian.