Salting vegetables recipes

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Kimchi (spicy Korean cabbage) There are over 100 varieties of kimchi, which differ not only by ingredients, region cooking, but by the time of salting and cooking technology. For the preparation of kimchi using garlic and red pepper, but also other products, from the common to the exotic. For example, some Korean cooks add in kimchi, ginger, sesame seeds, carrots, pine nuts, pears, chestnuts, seaweed and even salty little shrimp and oysters. I was making kimchi several times using different recipes, but this recipe for me was the most delicious and simple. Recipe taken from the book of Ilya Lazerson "Cabbage on the table is not empty". By the way, the other day we went to visit, and I brought the cabbage, I'll tell You honestly - world appetizer!)))
Borschova seasoning for the winter
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For fans of soup
Tursha in Armenian
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I must say that in the Caucasus tursha is in Ukraine - borsch-every family has its secrets, their proportions, their components. Overall, perhaps. only one thing: it's pickles, made of green beans. Today I will tell you and show you how to prepare turshu my neighbors - Susanna and Arsen Melkonyan, of course, with their secrets and my clarifications. So, today we have tursha on-malkhansky passed through my experience. Done for long and the pleasure immensely.
Sauerkraut "Crunch-al"
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Transparent and crunchy, hence the name "CRUNCH-AL". That is the exact proportions to give such a delicious result.
Turshu in gagauzsky
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Very tasty pickles Gagauz cuisine. A recipe shared with me a colleague of her husband, the Gagauz from Moldova. Tried this recipe a second time, later will do for the winter in greater volume.
Pickled cabbage with carrots and pepper
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Sauerkraut with carrots and sweet pepper.
Pepper for stuffing
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Pepper, canned in tomato for stuffing in the winter
Is the cabbage in Georgian
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Reviewed all these recipes here. This is definitely not. Perhaps this is the recipe from that series, when the real secrets are only know. More than 25 years ago taught me to cook cabbage, my mother-in-law, lived all his life in Georgia. I declare absolutely responsibly: this delicious cabbage pickles just do not happen! And most importantly - it's very simple and nothing extra in the ingredients: no oils, vinegar and other things... is Prepared quickly, eaten even faster. However, the whole life prepare "the eye"...
Kimchi (kimchi)
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Gorgeous famous Korean appetizer of iceberg lettuce. Sharp, really like men.
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Long ago the word called kimchi salted vegetables. Today we present the salted kimchi cabbage. The recipe I got from fellow Koreans, I share with you. Appetizer of this spicy cabbage and good for meat dishes.
Pickled cucumbers
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This recipe more than 20 years, so did my grandmother, my mother, and me. I decided to share. Ingredients are designed for 3-liter bottle.
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Vegetable dish
Kim Chi (Chim Chi)
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Most popular Korean dish, without it the Korean table, not the table. There are lots of recipes Kim Chi, and this is the easiest.
Salting in the Bank
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Probably not, no salted the cabbage. Would not love her. At the website there are recipes, how to quickly pickle at home. May I also share my homemade pickle?
Cabbage in Azerbaijani
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No snacks better salty cabbage! And submit not ashamed, and eat do not mind! The cabbage is very tasty. How crunches! Even my 2 year old son for both cheeks devours. And cook it at any time of the year as needed.
Eggplants in oil
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I guess I'll start to throw sneakers and free weights, popularly explaining that the season of autumn blanks already finished, but... The "hot" billet time I drank a beer, relaxing in the Russ-mother, and now, when all normal people already "shot out" catch up... Good that the market is still possible to find a pretty yet plump eggplants, and at a ridiculous price. So, spicy eggplant, canned in oil. Honestly stolen the recipe in the magazine TV Cucina.
Cabbage salt "Red"
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Good afternoon, cooks. I was very surprised that not found the recipe for this cabbage here. Cabbage with salty beetroot and carrots. I advise everyone to try.
Sauerkraut with peppers and tomatoes
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Recently bought a new kiosk in the pamphlet "Cabbage. The best homework. Recipes to cheer". I never thought that there could be as many new interesting recipes for pickling cabbage. Two of them I have tasted, and I hasten to share with you. We loved it and the taste interesting. Feel, beat I new cabbage recipes... )))
Marinated zucchini "Provincial"
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Wonderful harvesting zucchini for the winter! This recipe has long taken root in my family... will you open the jar in a cold winter evening, whip out the crisp bar... but with a hot potato.
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Crispy cabbage without any accelerations, vinegar, water and brine. Only the juice of cabbage, apples and carrots! Give a maximum of 2 kg of cabbage, but did 12 kg.
Sauerkraut with caraway seeds in German
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How to cook sauerkraut in German? Sauerkraut with caraway, juniper and apples. The taste You will love it! It is from cabbage, sauerkraut with caraway and juniper, prepare the braised cabbage in Germany.