Without baking recipes

Matzo cake
1.3k - 20м -
Very simple, quick and no baking!
Cake "Veronica"
0.9k - 30м 10
Favorite cake of my daughter Veronica. She often asks him to cook, while helping myself. The cake is done easily and simply, because in its preparation used ready-made sponge cakes. Try it, it's delicious!
Cake "Fad"
0.8k 4 40м 16
A quick but very delicious and unusual cake. Try to make and you will not regret it! All the ingredients are available.
Cake without baking "Barney bear"
0.8k - - -
Sometimes you want cake, but to bake cakes in no time. Offer to make a cake from ready-made waffle cakes. Delicious and fast!
Cake "Parisian"
0.7k - - -
Quick, easy to prepare and very delicious cake. Looking at all these recipes on "the Cook" decided to add this recipe.
Ice cream cake "Ref."
0.7k - - -
Recipe from the book "Homemade pastries Israeli gourmet"
Cake "Cassiopeia"
0.6k - - -
Fragrant and tender cake with poppy cream and apricots. Very tasty, very tender!!! A recipe dug from the "ancient" filing of the magazine "Liza". Recommend!!!!!!
Cake without baking with strawberries and bananas
0.6k - 180м 8
Offer You a recipe of strawberry & banana cake without baking. Delicate summer dessert with strawberries and banana. Bright and beautiful cake with a pleasant taste and delicate texture. Every year I get excited about when you see this delicious berry that becomes decoration for any dessert.
Cake "Kreppel"
0.6k - - -
"Crepe" in French means a damn, "Kreppel" French pancake cake. Stumbled on the Internet on the rave reviews about this cake, the picture was just amazing. If you live in St. Petersburg, a real "Kreppel" you can always buy in "Auchan" or "Intersection". We, unfortunately, live in Arkhangelsk. We have "Kreppel" do not sell, and to try very much. Long rummaged on the Internet and realized that, as such, prescription "Craves" no, but I found this: "Getting into the hands of the recipe, of course, you will learn to cook cake Cripwell French cuisine just the way it is sold in stores. But something very similar will need. Moreover, this food is very delicious and belongs to the category "speed cooking." " Nothing specific, just General words. Were offered pancakes sandwiched with cream made of condensed milk with butter or custard. I decided to go the hard way.
The Cake "The Snow Queen"
0.6k 3 - 8
Delicate, reminiscent of a souffle.
Cake without baking "Always successful"
460 - - -
As a veteran vosjmimetrovaya culinary expressions of love dear men, I want to remind and recommend to the celebration a simple cake without baking. To cope with his cooking, even a child, and even husband. To screw up is almost impossible - nothing to spoil. And the taste turns out great, very tasty and even healthy! Natural products! Tender soaked cracker, the taste is not worse than sand or even sponge cake. Nice cracking nuts - the taste goes so well with crackers. The aroma and rich taste of candied and dried fruits. Sweet tooth can add the marmalade, marshmallows, and chocolate. Beauty, and that's all! You just need to pre-purchase your favorite products and put it all in one place – better direct you in the basin. Then, too, men just do not forget it and will not mix, and the feast will be delicious!
Waffle cake with fancy cream
460 - 20м 6
The most delicious cake from waffle cakes with unusual cream in 5 minutes.
Cake "Emerald"
459 4 - -
Cool easy cake.
Malakoff-a cake
449 - 60м 8
Today, I want you to treat that's so simple, German cake. I love to bake German recipes. They are a little different from the others. Used almost always in the pudding, cream. And this recipe I picked up on the official website Etc. Oetker.
Cake "Ant" from popcorn
435 - 10м 6
Prepare a simple anthill of popocorn. We made popcorn for yourself from beans, but you can take ready or popcorn quick cooking in batches for the microwave.
Marshmallow "Vanilla"
419 5 - -
Delicate, light, vanilla marshmallows and melts in your mouth, and prepare it is very simple.
Cake Smorodinka
417 - 30м 8
Light not cloying and very yummy cake. Quickly and easily prepared (not counting the time for hardening) and almost improvised products. One word try, you will not regret... And, of course, Bon appetit!!!!
Sponge cake "Raspberry basket"
415 - 60м 8
The other day I saw on the Pillsbury stunningly beautiful cake recipe from strawberries "Charlotte" from the boy Irres, ran to the store, but fresh strawberries, alas, not found, but my eyes fell on the basket with a raspberry)) And another difference between my recipe - it is for the lazy, like me, who are too lazy to bake cake and biscuits-the fingers, get no less delicious with a minimum of effort))
Cottage cheese and jelly cake with fruits
413 - - -
I planned to please the son to his birthday cake. That's just the cakes I'm not very friendly) Looked cake recipes with gelatin and decided... Now this cake is already proven))) because the birthday was celebrated in several stages (with mom-dad, with friends, with relatives), this cake I was making three times already and, judging by the reviews of critics, will prepare further. Of course, experienced cooks this cake I was not surprised, but I hope the recipe is useful to those who, like me, with pastries.
Mango Charlotte
392 3 120м 10
The flavor is delicate, creamy...
Pancake cake "domes" with custard
388 - - -
Congratulations to all of the cook of the carnival!!! Come for tea! ;)