Cake with meringue recipes

The best cake in the world
2.4k 5 - -
Yes, this Norwegian cake "VERDENS BESTE KAKE" in the translation it sounds like this! And this is the best cake in the world I give to all my best friends in the world)) especially, and a suitable occasion - the birthday of the Boy. For friends the best of everything in this world, flown!)))
Cake "Agnes Bernauer"
1.3k - 160м 16
As I was waiting for this day to treat you to my favorite cooks, this wonderful, rich cake. Original cake Agnes Bernauer (Agnes-Bernauer -Torte) you can taste only in confectionery Cjpeg German town of Straubing, which believe that pastry your brand, and guests of Germany can enjoy this wonderful dessert here. We will make this good with Others. Oetker and me, who is celebrating his birthday! With great pleasure invite you to the table!
1k 4 300м 1
(based on "the Count's ruins") Is long, but its preparation is quite possible to do incremental and stretch for a few days. I did a 2 day.
Air berry cake-meringue
1k - 170м 7
Delicious cake-meringue with creamy custard and berries.
Cake "Lily"
0.9k 4.5 - -
Through a search of the cake with this title is not found, a composition to view all the cakes is very difficult. So don't blame me if this recipe is. I'm such a recipe was found for the first time. I got a girl named Lily. My question is, not whether the honor of her name, she replied that to her it already came with that name. A very delicious cake. Especially lovers of coconut (shavings) and Mac. For the design I apologize in advance, I haven't learned how to make beauty out of marshmallow. But those who know how, can make such a cake and portray it beautiful lilies. Then it will be not only delicious, but also very beautiful cake. And while offering to believe in the word. Very tasty!
Cake "The Kiss"
0.7k - 60м 10
Tasty, tender, just melts. Real kiss of a loved one.
Cake "bullseye"
0.7k 4 - -
Surprisingly, the recipe for this cake is quite popular I site not found. Could he be hiding under another, more romantic name... For lovers of meringue and cookie dough...
Cake "the smile of the Negro"
0.7k 5 60м 16
A cake for occasion, if you want something sweet and fast.
Cake "Pavlova"
0.7k - - -
In 1926 Anna Pavlova toured Australia and New Zealand, causing unprecedented enthusiasm from local residents. And in honor of a great dancer, a talented pastry chef has invented a light and elegant dessert, a true masterpiece. The Australians, followed by the whole world, say his name with the accent on the second syllable.
Cake "Faith"
0.6k - - -
Baked this cake for the birthday of my daughter, but since mom is a teacher, we decided to congratulate all. The competition "School time".
Cake-meringue "Butterfly" with blueberry cream
0.5k - 2м 8
Cake-meringue in the shape of a butterfly, decorated with whipped cream with blueberry jam, decorated with fruits - will make a splash on Your holiday table. The basis of the butterfly-the meringue can be baked in advance, and the cream and fruit to decorate before serving. All fans of meringue invite you to enjoy.
Cake "Domino"
0.5k - - -
A birthday son baked a cake in the form of Domino! Meringue in combination with hazelnut and honey cakes - a fairy tale!
Cake "puss in boots"
0.5k - - -
Left the Miller's youngest son inheritance - a cat. Cat wore a pair of red boots and went to fish. One day, as he brought a tray on which lay a delicious cake - crunchy meringue, roasted peanuts, condensed milk and biscuit... Rushed the cat to the Palace of the king, and announced that a feast worthy of kings. Having the recipe, the cake can be easily made at home.
Cake "sun"
0.5k 3 - -
This is the cake of my childhood. It is insanely delicious. "sun" and now one of the most popular cakes in my home city Kostanay (Kazakhstan). But now I live far away and it was a treat to find in cooking. I have the book "Bake on health" publishing house, Almaty, 1990, here it is-the recipe and found, but what is blurred, surface. I'm in the Internet, and to my surprise, on all sites the same recipe from the same book... sleeves rolled Up, I decided to still bake it. What happened cannot be described in words, you just have to try...
French cake "Marjolein"
0.5k 5 260м 10
This French cake, very simple in cooking (and eating simple)))) I looked a year ago, learn Sony-accountant, corrected by himself. Kapasiteli nuts, ...cream and tablets from greed)) this one is dedicated to the Knowledge Day and part of my birthday – September 1 (as evidenced by his form) and French mistress Elise and the camera. Voila - for the competition "School time"!
Cake "Britta"
478 - - -
The cake is a simple cake for the occasion! My daughter Katyusha's Birthday today. It's a tradition that every year I bake a cake about it - all the flavors and combinations - it's all about her. This year it is elegant and very lightweight, velvety dark chocolate, sour kiwi and sweet peach, with airy meringue and a tender, butter-based cake. And all this about her! Sweetie, live happily, love and be loved, go to new heights and conquer them, don't forget about your health, raise your kids, as you know very well, take good care of my husband - he's cool! One word - LIVE!!! And chefs are invited for a Cup of tea or coffee with a slice of birthday cake! Cake quick and easy to prepare!!!
Cake "lock Count" or "the ruins of the Earl"
458 - - -
One of the most popular cakes in our family. The result is worth the effort, and being prepared is a snap. Surprise your friends and family a delicious "lock Count" from the biscuit and meringue with cream and protein creams. Of course, there are many variants of this cake, but still venture. The recipe was taken from the magazine "Recipes for an encore", the author Galina Indjukova. For which she thanks a lot!
Cake "Success"
447 - - 8
Cake "Success" or Suksessterte is a very popular Norwegian cake. Often served on birthdays, anniversaries, and, due to the bright yellow of the cream, also a favorite of the Easter table. On the birthday of the young man he asked me to cook it. And now, having studied some of the local food sites, I started to create. The result of the birthday child and guests liked it and they said it turned out exactly what needs to be original suksessterte.
Cake "Marina"
443 3.5 120м 10
I found this cake on the forum Jastuk, but slightly changed the proportions, so I give the recipe) Cakes no sugar, they are a meringue with nuts and baked it all together... in General, what I tell you - better to see once! And to all a happy holiday, dear Cooks!
Cake "kiss"
426 - - -
I recommend to make this delicious cake, it will be lovely in the summer heat, it's almost ice-cream cake, but not quite... Two of cream - creamy berries and cream and chocolate are mixed into the kiss with a gentle kiss... how is it divinely delicious!!! The meringue for this recipe turns out not cloying, well, if You don't want to bake the meringue, take the purchase.
Italian cake "Walnut"
391 - 120м 12
Amazingly delicious cake!! Mouth-watering cakes of meringue and walnuts, 2 tablespoons of flour and a lot of whipped cream!! This cake is a must!!