Cottage cheese biscuits recipes

Cheese bagels
373 - 50м 4
Today I offer to bake cheese bagels. They are soft, moderately sweet. Love them, even those who usually don't eat cheese. A large part of the bagel is eaten, before they go cold. You can make the bagels with any filling or sprinkle with sugar. In any case, it will be delicious.
Bagels cheese
263 3 60м 10
Cookies with cottage cheese filling
Cottage cheese biscuits with cranberries
257 - 40м 10
Very tasty cookies on the cottage cheese test
Cottage cheese biscuits with frosting
246 4 60м 10
Delicate biscuits with cheese, covered with chocolate icing
Biscuits "Lemon cheesecake"
198 - 60м 16
For those lovers of citrus flavour as I would like to present a very lemony, very tender and flavorful lemon cookies. It just flew and was a little... About your careless mistake write in the recipe. If you follow strictly the recipe, the cookies will turn out with a "cracks". Another favorite is "settled" in my QC, under the heading "cookies".
Biscuits "Cheesecake-sugar hearts"
167 - 40м 11
Easy to make flaky biscuits, soft on the inside, with a delicious crunchy sugar crust on the outside, with a pleasant caramel taste and zesty hint of lemon zest.
Cookies with cottage cheese "feels"
162 - - -
Dear friends! Invite you to the Kazakh dastarkhan delicious cookies with cottage cheese layer "modernity".
Biscuits "Cheese patterns"
160 3.5 - -
Very tasty and healthy.
Cookies from buckwheat flour with cottage cheese
156 - 40м -
Delicious cookies with a wonderful buckwheat flavor and aroma, without oil... - the hero of one of yesterday's funny incidents. All cooks with gratitude for the patience, understanding and support.
Cheese biscuits with orange zest
155 4 - -
Soft, fragrant orange biscuits
Cheese bows
152 5 - -
Tasty cookies, another variation on the theme of biscuits from the curd.
Cheese ears with coconut
149 3 40м 10
Unpretentious and very good. Easy to prepare from simple ingredients, a good treat for both adults and children. Protein cream and coconut is always delicious! :)
"Caligari" - "Snails"
145 4 30м -
In Greek language the word means salegarage snails. Here snails will be cheese. No one is against poprobvat those snails???
Cottage cheese and carrot biscuits "Tiger"
135 4 - -
Every mother tries to treat her child with something tasty. And for kids, as a rule, very often, to be tasty, should be sweet. And sweet is not always useful. But there are exceptions. For example, this cheese-carrot cookies with the baby we prepared for the contest "Silver line to the delight of children".
Super-cheese biscuits
131 3 - -
Yesterday Dasha in school had a day off (high school students wrote the tests). "Why not bake something delicious together?" thought we came up with here is super-cheese biscuits specially for the competition "Silver Line to the delight of the children."
Cake "Roses"
128 3 60м -
This recipe I took from his girlfriend, while still in school. Her mother - an expert on baking. But I did a few times, and then forgotten. And now, thanks to the children and "Cook", thought about it and decided to share.
Cottage cheese biscuits with plums
127 - - -
Very, by the way, Breakfast will be cottage cheese-cereal biscuits with fruit.
Biscuits cheese "Envelopes"
126 4 - -
Very tasty, pleasant, delicate cookies with cottage cheese. Cooked very quickly.
Biscuits "Roses"
126 3 40м 5
Biscuits from the curd with beaten egg whites.
Cottage cheese biscuits with cherry jam
124 - - -
This cookie has no butter! The dough is made from butter and flour, and the filling nizkokalorina jam! Cooking cookies is very simple. They turn out delicious dietary and will decorate any holiday table!
Cottage cheese and banana cookies with cinnamon
124 - 60м 6
For those who love cottage cheese combined with cinnamon, offer cheese baskets with butanol cap. This cookie is always on the weekend baked by my beloved mother-in-law and taught her girlfriend from Czech Republic.