Biscuit cookies recipes

Leningrad cookies
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Recently, the Scullion saw a recipe for Tiramisu, which used cookies Savoiardi. The owner of the recipe kindly shared the recipe of the cookies. It turned out, Savoiardi very similar to the Leningrad of my childhood! Now sales are analogues, but the taste is not the same, and Eldorado all sorts of alarming. Thanks to the Internet, the desired recipe is found, with whom you want to share with you. Prepared quickly and easily. Turns out very light weight, so it is a lot. And the taste of crispy, melting in the mouth.
Madeleine "Black sesame"
446 - 45м 1
And I'm still practicing with these French "stuff". Here! Found such an option! I loved it! But mom cautiously asked when he saw the fault of this cookie, "And it did not decorate? Ugly!" When was the final induced "ready", and was charged the trial, the attitude in the moment has changed. The verdict: Delicious, unusual, reminiscent of poppy cakes! A measure of glass of 250 ml.
Chinese fortune cookies
394 5 20м 10
Fortune Cookie. Traditional Chinese new year cookies with pieces of paper inside. Written on pieces of paper wishes, humorous prophecies or serious sayings of the wise – it all depends on the company for which this cookie is done. Will test fate? Fortune cookie will tell you a lot! Someone's apartment, someone - the road... Who else wants to learn about Destiny? Here's enough cookies for everyone! And you! (Mrs. March) (recipe similar to the biscuits site was, but I have a slightly different shape and ingredients)
Royal sesame cookies from A. Seleznev
318 - 25м 6
Very very yummy cookies, whose recipe belongs to master our domestic cooking. The recipe I liked in the first place so that it has enough butter, but it turns out very crumbly. Not very sweet, perfect with cold milk or coffee :)
Biscuits "Bears cones"
303 - 60м 10
Bears-Cones... With them I got a long story, in short, when I was a little girl, my father bought this form. Mom made once, failed and abandoned it a long time unnecessary. Then she gave, then she come back again to us. I looked at her sideways and hid away - my mom didn't work! And here two or three years ago when inspired and cooking has become for me a pleasure, and I have mastered this science))) Now bake light, airy, weightless, sweet Bears-Cones. Photos of the fault will make. If you compare the taste - something between a biscuit and a muffin. Very tasty and gentle! Decided to add your recipe, maybe someone will be useful...
Spicy ginger-coconut diamonds
269 - 60м -
Very soft, spicy cookies with ginger and cinnamon, chocolate and coconut add a special touch to this gorgeous dessert!
"Very chocolate cookies"
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Biscuit , sweet, chocolate cookies . Just melts in your mouth. We with Gleb tried. You can also try this. Silver Line "to the delight of the children"
Biscuits "mother's joy"
264 - 30м -
Ask yourself, why this name? :) Yes because mom is not very happy when I start to cook something (and even more so at 21.00), but after that cookie her words were: "What, 9 o'clock, and so good? It is best that you cooked!!"
Sicilian cookies with almonds
260 - 20м 4
This cookie is prepared in the southern Italian region of Sicily. There you can buy, Pasticcini di pasta con Le mandorla all year round in any candy store. The cookies must be stored unopened in the refrigerator so it doesn't dry up and always stayed soft.
Cookies Baby
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Almost such cookies (tastes very similar), we in Kazakhstan very often, sold on various holidays. They could buy in bulk and enjoy wholeheartedly - and what you want!!!
Cookies "CHOCO - craze"
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In my opinion the more chocolate chip cookies don't exist. When I start doing it at home going just stir all take turns coming and asking when it's ready. Today while the older was at school and husband at work with the younger we decided to make these cookies and enjoy them plenty. Try it and you will not regret it. For the competition "Silver Line to the delight of the children."
Oatmeal-coconut cookies
246 4 40м 25
Well and the last of the Christmas cookies that I baked today. But... to be continued, Christmas time)))
Biscuits "Chicks for Easter"
245 - 30м -
Read the recipe in a booklet with recipes for Easter. Well, I love to show off, sorry. To prepare beginning about a week before the holiday. I mean, carefully break the eggs with the pointed end, a sharp knife, cut the shell to make a hole with a diameter of 1.5 -2 cm, pour the contents, the shell of my land and she is dutifully waiting in the wings...
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Subred – only English biscuit, which is served with tea and coffee. Again, the recipe from the magazine "gourmet." Very tasty, shortbread, crispy
Chocolate flower cake
235 - 15м 10
Bisquitte, prepared according to this recipe, have a very soft texture, just melt in your mouth.
Peanut cookies
226 - 50м 12
Delicious soft cookies with Trostnikova sugar.
Biscuits "Savoiardi"
225 - 45м 100
Savoiardi. This gentle tasty cookies you can make yourself at home. Prepared quickly, and eaten even faster! PS the site already has a cookie recipes Savoiardi... Therefore, no claim to originality, just want to share with you my tested recipe (from the Italian pastry chef!) I would be glad if the recipe will come in handy!
Mini-cakes with the protein lace
224 - 50м 4
Decided not to cook a great sponge cake like I usually do, and the little biscuits. Protein decorated them with lace, very elegant. Try it and you think you they will be thrilled.
Vanilla butter cookies
222 4 40м -
Vanilla cookies based cream, very gentle and soft on the inside. And sweet and sour dried cherries and citrus fruit lend a fragrant touch. Very delicious cookies, just a treat for the kids, and cooking does not take labor and much time.
Fortune cookie
222 4 30м 16
Chinese fortune cookies, remember? What is not an option new year wishes... Or love notes on Valentine's day... Or... think for yourself
Chocolate chip cookies with cranberries
221 - 270м -
This absolutely amazing recipe I found in one a hipster magazine. This cookie is wonderfully suited for cold winter evenings. When I want to get settled with a Cup of cocoa, a blanket and a book on the couch. Drops of chocolate, cranberry and mint... mmm! Go faster!