Shortbread recipes

Fragrant coconut cookies
1.9k 4.2 - -
Well I really love coconuts. I cooked a lot and different recipes, and something I didn't like: the coconut too much, the cookies turns out not so crumbly, as would be desirable, it is still something. And finally, I finally found what I was looking for. Very crisp, tasty cookies. Try to bake though a bit long, but the process of cooking the dough and sculpting cookies, will take You no more than 10 min..
Biscuits "Petit beurre"
1.6k - 90м 40
This French shortbread. The name "Petit Beurre" translates as "cookies with butter flavor". The author of the recipe - the Romanian cook Laura Laurentiu. Thank her for the cookies!
1.6k - 40м 24
Today we prepare traditional Tatar dish – chak-chak. There are a few secrets that will help you make the best chak-chak
1.6k 4 - -
Delicious cookies, looks good on the holiday table. Recommend!
Biscuits of bread crumbs
1.5k - - -
The bread – to all a head! And versatile ingredient in the kitchen in any form. What we usually do with bread crumbs? The breadcrumbs in the meatballs... let's bake cookies! It is crunchy and can be varied! And if you remove some of the "bells and whistles" like nuts, chocolate - get economical option "for all occasions". Go!
Biscotti with nutmeg and cinnamon
1.4k - 45м 20
Light, homemade, very simple in execution biscotti (Bulgarian cuisine) is very good in combination with cocoa or coffee with cream. Very nice crunch. For me the most important thing is that all cooking together with the baking takes approximately 45 minutes.
Cookies, corn starch and condensed milk
1.3k - 15м 18
White cookies in the corn starch and condensed milk. Cookies on the fan, since the presence of the starch gives it a specific taste and white color. It can be prepared with the addition of flour and without it, but in the first embodiment, the cookie holds its shape better. If You've never made cookies with cornstarch, then as an experiment, can reduce the number of ingredients in half. I liked the cookie, it was crisp, not cloying and very sweet.
Biscuits "Chocolate cracks"
1.3k 5 - -
As usual, laze on LiveJournal, I found these chocolate cookies. Thought that it is necessary to do such. Think-done... And no wonder... the Cookies went in the same evening. The cookies turned out very tasty, with a rich chocolate taste:), and when they are ready in the apartment there was this aroma... mmmmm... it's indescribable... pictures do not scold, not very successful, and with the background I have something namudrili... For the recipe thank you sarsmis from LJ.
Shortbread "Ludmilla"
1.3k - - -
The recipe for this cookie gave me so many years ago, one friend. We worked in the same organization. Her name was Lyudmila, that's why I'm so cookies and named. That was over 40 years ago, and the recipe still lives in our family. Cookies are very crumbly, tender and very, very stale. I baked it for 2-3 batch and sent to my brother when he was in the army. Came perfect! And yet... my favorite "Napoleon" is also from her.
Biscuits "Tenderness"
1.2k 4 30м -
Delicate, crumbly cookies on the MAYONNAISE!!! It's very simple, fast and delicious!
Homemade biscuits in lard
1.2k - - -
Prepare tasty, tender, melting in the mouth biscuits pork fat (lard) from childhood. Grandma always baked this cookie and it was most delicious!
Biscuits "Matanoski"
1.2k - - -
The recipe is simple, but very, very tasty obtained.
Chocolate cookies with nutmeg
1.2k 5 60м 4
Unusual cookies in taste and color. It's worth a try!
Almond-chocolate Thaler
1.2k 4 30м 26
My thalers and it was square, but the taste is not affected. Very tasty cookies!
Biscuits "Barmak"
1.2k - 50м 8
Sweet, delicate, savoury shortcrust pastry combined with a sweet walnut filling. More like a cake than a cookie.
Les Galettes de Pont-Aven
1.1k 5 120м 90
French biscuit that is traditionally prepared in the region of Brittany... or just a crisp, light shortbread biscuits. Inspired me to cook this cookie, a pack of delicious cookies from the store... I looked at the ingredients and was nothing difficult, googled the name, and please, help yourself dear cooks!!!
Cookies "the Merry dwarfs"
1.1k 3 30м 6
For the competition"Silver Line to the delight of the children." Outside, the rain, damp and cold house... We decided to cheer myself up, and our senior men meet with dignity after a working day!
Incirli kurabe
1.1k - 50м -
Tasty cookies with figs and walnuts. A great addition to milk or tea.
Biscuits "Kato"
1k 5 30м -
This cookie can be done as rolls, and the inside of the sugar with the nuts.
Biscuits "Kraliky"
1k - 30м 4
Very easy to prepare homemade cookies that just melts in your mouth. If the family has kids who have nothing to do, be sure to recruit them to the moulding. It will be a joy, and you to help.
Biscuits "checkers" and "snail"
1k 3 - -
Shortbread cookies. To a Cup of tea or coffee - just right! And not ashamed of guests to entertain ; )!