Shortbread recipes

Fragrant coconut cookies
0.8k 4.2 - -
Well I really love coconuts. I cooked a lot and different recipes, and something I didn't like: the coconut too much, the cookies turns out not so crumbly, as would be desirable, it is still something. And finally, I finally found what I was looking for. Very crisp, tasty cookies. Try to bake though a bit long, but the process of cooking the dough and sculpting cookies, will take You no more than 10 min..
Chocolate cookies with nutmeg
409 5 60м 4
Unusual cookies in taste and color. It's worth a try!
407 4 30м 30
Once the snowflake, two snowflake ......
392 - 40м 24
Today we prepare traditional Tatar dish – chak-chak. There are a few secrets that will help you make the best chak-chak
Sweet Urbach and delicious biscuits for Breakfast "the Company, lifting!!!"
333 - 30м -
If you start the morning with the aroma of this cookie, it is your home "company" will not have to Wake up. They are going to the table. And going to school, even with a grab. And sweet Urbach, (urbes, urba, Orba) support, saturate and give a boost of energy.
Biscuits "Coffee beans" from Karin mountain
330 5 - -
A very tasty cookie. Rich aroma and taste of coffee.
Biscuits " Grandma's crackers"
305 - 40м 55
In 90-e years when it was hard with food I often baked these cookies for their children. They are delicious, easy to prepare and economical to use products, which is especially important for beginners Housewives. We recommend you to prepare!
Biscuits "Matanoski"
303 - - -
The recipe is simple, but very, very tasty obtained.
297 4 - -
Delicious cookies, looks good on the holiday table. Recommend!
Mammy and Siwa
295 4.3 - -
These sweets are most often made only on holidays. Mammy is a carrot stuffed with walnuts, and Siwa (siwa) - stuffed with dates, and the dough is very delicate and crumbly.
Poleshko "Students"
279 5 - -
I remember in my student years these fireplaces were very popular among the ever-hungry students, because they are inexpensive and at the same time is huge, so a couple could sit through without the treacherous rumbling in the stomach. Managed when I find out the recipe, but only recently I found it in my old notebook. I tried to cook - out. The same aroma, texture and plenty of raisins inside. Share the recipe with you, maybe someone ate these fireplaces in the student lounge.
Homemade biscuits in lard
267 - - -
Prepare tasty, tender, melting in the mouth biscuits pork fat (lard) from childhood. Grandma always baked this cookie and it was most delicious!
Biscuits of bread crumbs
267 - - -
The bread – to all a head! And versatile ingredient in the kitchen in any form. What we usually do with bread crumbs? The breadcrumbs in the meatballs... let's bake cookies! It is crunchy and can be varied! And if you remove some of the "bells and whistles" like nuts, chocolate - get economical option "for all occasions". Go!
Biscuits "Storm"
265 - 30м 5
Hello dear povaryata. Long sought in their piggy banks recipe which would not have been on the website and found here. The recipe I got from my grandmother. It was my most favorite cookies. Their grandma always baked for my birthday.
264 - 30м -
The taste of these biscuits is familiar from childhood, the distant 70-80 when stores had a few items of confectionery and baking. I was even surprised that this recipe is not online, it is easy and is worthy of attention. Cookie belongs to the cuisine of Azerbaijan. Offer you the recipe for this cookie according to GOST.
Incirli kurabe
259 - 50м -
Tasty cookies with figs and walnuts. A great addition to milk or tea.
Biscuits "Kraliky"
256 - 30м 4
Very easy to prepare homemade cookies that just melts in your mouth. If the family has kids who have nothing to do, be sure to recruit them to the moulding. It will be a joy, and you to help.
Biscotti with nutmeg and cinnamon
253 - 45м 20
Light, homemade, very simple in execution biscotti (Bulgarian cuisine) is very good in combination with cocoa or coffee with cream. Very nice crunch. For me the most important thing is that all cooking together with the baking takes approximately 45 minutes.
Biscuits "Strawberry"
247 - 60м -
Offer to bake cookies on the fermented baked milk. Delicate, crisp, aromatic, with strawberry is very tasty. Help yourself. And Yes, fermented baked milk you can cook for yourself. With products from Oursson - it's fast, easy, with confidence in the quality.
Biscuits "Tenderness"
242 4 30м -
Delicate, crumbly cookies on the MAYONNAISE!!! It's very simple, fast and delicious!
Prague Christmas cookies
227 5 120м 8
A very tasty cookie. Tried in Prague for Christmas, very pleased. Recommend for Christmas. Currant - small raisins of raisins, seedless.