Decoration of vegetables recipes

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Beauty in a box. On land, probably, all know. But have you heard of Japanese Bento? Bento - literally translated as "the food in the box". This is originally a Japanese tradition associated with the preparation, serving and eating of food. A kind of "rations", consisting of rice, meat or fish and vegetables, fruit, placed in a special box that the Japanese take with you on any occasion - be it work, business trip, school excursion or a day off. Bento can be prepared at home or buy in a special shop. In the homemade Bento is always an element of creativity, love and care to your family. In addition to the above it should be noted that obento plays a very important role in everyday Japanese culture. The art of selecting components for Bento and serving are some of the signs of a good wife/mother, and besides – thus, it is possible to Express your love and care for the dearest people. There are about a thousand types of Bento. In this recipe, we will discuss with you the preparation of Kyaraben — Bento, made in the form of men or animals. And also, you will see some ideas for your own unique Bento.
Bull beets
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New year 2009 is the year of the Ox, tough enough and very strong beast, trust who still needs to win, then to tame. Most importantly — let's have some attention to patron New 2009 and he will reward You good and generous gifts throughout the new year! Good Luck to all and happy New 2009 year of the Ox!
Parrot radish
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This parrot is the first representative of my species from vegetables. I like it very much, I hope that will like You!
Appetizer "Santa Claus"
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Always thought to make Santa Claus very difficult... but it turned out just the opposite. This Santa Claus can be used for decoration of Christmas table!
Decoration of carrots and cucumber
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Decorating them can be anything, such as meats!
Princess "Vanessa"
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Beauty! For kids!
Napkin rings, carrots-2
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Here I will show two more options of making napkin rings.
Spherical Dahlia from the radish
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These dahlias are cut using Thai and oval karbonatnykh knives. Use these flowers for decorating and festive table.
Decoration of dishes
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Cacti of carrot Decorate colors cactus salads, meat dishes and carrot pudding.
Decoration "Kar-karych"
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And here's the Kar-Karych - great traveler, a wonderful storyteller. Children love when Kar-Karych wears a stovepipe hat and is very mysterious as the fakir in the circus.
Peacock daikon
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At the request Gretta007, anna_2580 and kblf1949 will tell you how to make a peacock from the radish, which will decorate Your holiday table and will win the hearts of Your guests!
Flower of leek
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A dramatic flower for decorating. Myself so do not judge strictly. Hope you like it. :)
The "flowers" of black radish
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Quite simple decoration of black radish. According to this principle, you can make flowers out of almost any vegetables.
Flowers of bitter pepper
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Very simple, accessible to everyone, and can decorate a festive table.
Flowers from carrots
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The flowers are cut very easily. It turns out beautiful and original. The idea of the magazine, which, unfortunately, did not look at home. Cut can and daikon - white radish, red radish, cabbage, kohlrabi.
Vegetable bouquets and arrangements-1
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The flowers of vegetables, many of which have already been presented by me can be used for decorating, and for bouquets and arrangements that will adorn Your table and surprise Your guests!!! I broke this section into 2 parts. First we'll make bouquets
Decoration for the salad
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Decoration for the salad. I have a fish option, just change the ingredients and you can decorate any salad.
Flower of onion
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In the book, for which I did this flower, it is called "rose". But as the photos in this book not to compare my item I have nothing. And I have it on rose, don't pull, so let it be just a flower.
Vegetable bouquets and arrangements - 2
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In the first part we met in the bouquets, and this will make the composition
Anthurium, hot pepper
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I want to show you another flower, which need a regular kitchen knife.
Jewelry "Flower of the cucumber"
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To do easy, with a simple kitchen knife