Other decorations recipes

Decor for desserts "Swans"
0.7k - - -
Dear cooks! I want to share with you a way to create a delightful swans for decoration in our sweet dishes! Whether it be cake, brownies, cookies, cupcakes, muffins... in One word anything you want, you can decorate this way! Complicated nothing, but the sensation of Your products is guaranteed! The first time I made my niece to school for a party... Then a friend's birthday... Then husband to work for colleagues to some kind of festival... the Reaction is always one!! And sounds like this: "UAAAUUU!" Swans invented not by me... but a definite authorship, I don't know, so I will say generally that peeped in the Internet! In the recipe I special attention is paid to the swans, and related steps, give a link. Welcome to my "Swan lake"!
Marzipan-cheeky Pets
475 3 20м -
Wanted to make anything sweet roses. Marzipan being sold by us, never herself did not cook... food in the house... at least the food Dyes I have. Of provisions still left...
Lunch from Rapunzel
413 - - -
We are all moms and we all know how hard it is to feed your child, even an ordinary dinner. Like what, just pasta and just chop... But sometimes children even refuse to eat. I want to show you how you can turn an ordinary lunch into a beautiful and delicious tale.
Snack cake "House in village"
385 - - -
I want to offer to you the registration of any snack cake. That's how imagination can turn any cake (I have liver) in a funny house.
Salad Horseshoe
323 - 60м 8
I want to share with the cooks idea of decorating salads. I have made so familiar to all of us the salad.
The icing
290 - - -
The icing - protein mass drawing for decorating desserts. My experience
The two-storey cake
277 - - -
This is not a recipe for the cake and decoration. Did it back in January, only just got around to register and post this recipe.
Fantasy on the theme " Delicious rainbow"
272 5 - 1
The theme of the competition was invented by the editorial team eve. RP, in which I participated. Decided to just show you my fantasies. Sometimes it's amusing. Especially when with a great interest eaten by my kids.
Marzipan classic
238 - 30м -
I represent to your attention a classic recipe of marzipan, which I use. Note that don't use eggs, because you can catch Salmonella, and the retention time of this marzipan is much shorter or not at all desirable. The recipe is simple and tasty marzipan, the shop will not buy. The version with brandy for the adults :-) In the version for children do not use flavor rum and brandy, and replaced by "Rose water" - 1 teaspoon Bon APPETIT IN 100 g of finished product contains: Protein-10 g; Carbohydrates 54 g; Fat 26 g; Calories - 490 kcal.
Making salad dressing "Well"
235 - - -
So you can draw any salad with seafood. Very quick, not a masterpiece, but quite nice.
Mashed potatoes "CAT"
227 5 10м -
Your children badly eat? You have to sing, to dance, to feed the baby? If You want your child ate well and asked for a Supplement? Then You to me!
226 4 2400м 1
for comparison
Flowers made of chocolate
217 - 30м -
Very easy and quick way to decorate cake chocolate flowers. A minimum of time, and the occasion.
214 - 60м -
Want the usual dinner was not by routine, or to please family or baby? Then take a look.
Roses from candy
209 5 30м -
Sweet, delicious and beautiful
Decorations from marzipan
207 4 - -
And this cake for my synuli, he still hadn't seen him sleep. Hope the surprise was a success and he will be happy. The car is his weakness. The cake recipe was not present. Want to share a recipe for marzipan. Delicious and decoration molded very easily.
Salad "chicken-hen"
205 - 40м 3
Salad in an unusual design!
A pyramid of crayfish
196 5 - -
This decoration is invariably admired.
Painting Easter eggs
192 - 60м 50
All simple is genius.
Easter eggs "Patterned"
188 - 60м 10
At my request the "Easter eggs" the search came up 512! options. Scrolling through 100, I stopped... My recipe is certainly not new. But the eggs turn out so bright and interesting that dare to publish. May hostesses will be useful. If you do something wrong, moderators "correct"!!!
Napkin decoration also!
185 3 1м -
Elegant, and original folded, napkin will give even a modest table in a special, attractive and festive look. Folding napkins in an unusual way. Try to master a few methods and turn your table into a fairy tale.