Meringue recipes

259 3 - -
Light, airy cookie that melts in your mouth.
Biscuits "Annie"
222 - 30м -
Very tasty, spicy biscuits! A minimum of product and what a wonderful result - even I, eternally beating his hands when eating sweets, without a twinge of conscience in the evening ate 2 pieces!!! And devote I want a biscuit with a wonderful person Annie (kitri). Annie, this is for you!!!
Biscuits "Nuovo cherry Amaretti"
221 - 40м 42
The Siberian variant of the widely known Italian cookie "Amaretti".
Meringue on a stick "Christmas trees"
166 - 200м 12
I want to share the recipe for this dessert. These "trees" was congratulated by relatives and friends a happy New Year! Liked everything - both the big and small sweet tooth!!! Happy New Year!
Biscuits "Kiss on the aperture"
150 - - -
How to explain the name of this cookie, don't know on the Internet for this reason there are different stories, for whose veracity I can't vouch, but the taste of this delicious cookies I bet. Tender, crispy on the outside and literally melting in the mouth, sweet as a first kiss, it will not leave anyone indifferent. Cook it a pleasure, having only 4 ingredients, you cook not just any cookie, and plunge into the romantic atmosphere.
Biscuits "Meringue with hazelnut Krokant"
147 - - -
Meringue?-You say. Not just meringue. -I will answer. This cookie-meringue with nuts and chocolate. Crispy and airy at the same time. Light, airy and delicious! This dessert is my gift to the wonderful Dear.. Svetlanochka.. Svatula...
"Clouds" in the chocolate mixture
139 4 - -
This unusual dessert I found in one of the cookbooks I have at home. I dropped in on him three days. And today a miracle happened. I still went ahead and did it! "Cloud" something reminiscent of a marshmallow. Sweet but not cloying.
Meringue with sesame seeds, chocolate and cinnamon
139 - 40м -
If you give a brief description of it by the liver, it consists of three words – is a fireworks of flavor! Lightly roasted sesame seeds combined with chocolate, complemented by the aroma and taste of cinnamon, caramel notes of brown sugar... Light, crisp, melting biscuits so loved in our family that I try to cook it less often. Yes, Yes... I misspoke. It is, often. Because it is necessary to have very great willpower to resist the temptation for a few minutes to empty the dish with these biscuits. Fans of sesame would highly recommend to cook. And for those who belong to the sesame is cool, too. Perhaps with this recipe you will change the attitude to this very useful product.
Meringue with strawberries
133 5 - -
Now strawberry season and I've been wondering what would be a tasty dessert to prepare to reverently remember him in the winter. I began to experiment with meringues. It turned out divinely delicious!
Bethanee cookies "Crimson fantasy"
133 - - -
Light, crunchy, with the taste and aroma of raspberries and not a bit of grease is all it... bethanee cookies! Come and visit us, we will try!
Almond meringue "the Snowmen"
131 - 90м 4
Crispy, delicious meringue with almond flour in the form of cute snowmen will delight You and Your children.
Meringues in the microwave
130 - - -
A wonderful cook Delia Smith offers a quick cooking of the meringue. Tried, very quickly, just for fans of the crispy meringue.
Coffee meringue with cherry filling
129 - - -
For sweet lovers.
Forgotten cookies
128 - 135м 5
Super tasty, crunchy, airy walnut-chocolate cookies. Disappears from the plate immediately. Extremely easy to prepare.
Sweet dessert
127 5 20м -
Delicate and crumbly biscuits. Eaten instantly
Meringue "Mocha"
125 - - -
Low-calorie dessert recipe from Claire Robinson. With the wonderful aroma of coffee and almond nuts. Simply impossible to resist. I'm not particularly fond of sweets, and bake something, in General, do not suffer and could not resist and made. Crunchy treat for the whole family.
Meringue "Wedding mice"
123 - 180м 10
MERINGUE - the invention of French cuisine. The recipe could not be easier: beat egg whites with sugar or powdered sugar and then bake at a low temperature for a long time in the oven. But, despite the simplicity of the recipe, it's insanely tasty treat!
120 3 30м 18
Christmas Italian very soft sweet biscuits with a rich almond flavor...mmmm... For the contest "new year tastes of the planet"
Biscuits "Hedgehogs" for of Tania (wowan5 )
120 - 120м -
Delicious, crispy tea biscuits. I hope Tanya will like it, and all the cooks. Girls, help yourself!
Coconut cookies "Macarons"
120 - - -
This recipe was shared with me a wonderful cook Helen Sokur! According to the author, French macarons and macaroons are two very different things, but they have one soul - both kinds of cookies are made on the basis of proteins. Try this heavenly delight!
Meringue without eggs "Aquafina"
120 - - -
This recipe shared with me by my niece, for her gratitude! And is preparing meringue, as You may have noticed, no eggs. So what? Interested? Come and I will share with You this magical (for lack of a better word) recipe. Recipe will appeal to all lovers of meringue are prone to allergies to eggs.