Soft drinks recipes for Easter

Very vitamin drink
197 4 60м 12
Soon will the vegetables from the beds, Yes the fruit from the trees. In anticipation of the vitamins drinking a delicious compote from dried apples with a citrus aroma.
The compote without cooking orange-peach
190 - 30м 10
Summer is always thirsty. I offer you the recipe for a quick fruit compote which does not require cooking. It is very simple and quick way of cooking delicious, aromatic fruit compote.
Orange drink
172 - 90м 40
In early March I the second time became a mother. And in addition to the beloved "Cook" I checked several "manskikh" sites. Culinary column, I, of course, are there. The recipe for this drink is originally from "the mom", the author nikisha. Drink recipes from the orange, of course, is on the site. But... this is much easier prepared and no chemicals (except citric acid) and heat treatment! I don't like store-bought orange juice, but this drink is drink it with pleasure. 4 oranges get 9 liters. And a bonus orange marmalade!
Lemon drink "Turkish lemonade"
161 4.5 - -
Today I want to introduce You to the Turkish lemonade. The drink is very rich in vitamin C, very refreshing and thirst quenching. But even fierce winter it will serve You well if You suddenly become ill. To any holiday table, he is king of soft drinks. It is very fond of kids. In Turkey it is prepared differently, but I like this option because it does not boil, i.e., it retains all the vitamins. To prepare this drink is ridiculously simple, and the result will not leave anyone indifferent. You just need to try. So, let's dive in...
Cocktail "Insomnia"
152 - 20м 4
Insomnia is a good enough reason to be late for work or dont be... For the contest "Burnt by the sun".
Kissel from cranberries
137 - 20м 10
Cranberry jelly is the best drink for colds and flu, due to the content of ascorbic and acetylsalicylic acids. The jelly retains all the vitamins of the fruits and berries used in its preparation. It can be used as a substitute for one of the meals, such as afternoon tea. Jelly has an alkalinizing effect on the body, which is very important for people suffering from acidity or gastritis and ulcerative diseases of stomach and duodenum. The jelly is rich in organic acids and its beneficial and therapeutic properties depend on those fruits, of which it is made.
Vanilla-apricot compote
136 - - -
Offer a compote of ordinary apricot with unusual combination. Wonderful summer fruit, which we are soon not to be missed.
Watermelon-strawberry delight
106 3 5м 3
Delicious refreshing drink) you Definitely should try)))
Raspberry compote with spices
102 - - -
Delicious, ruby-colored juice, which has only one soloist raspberry will not leave you indifferent. Will open and set off the taste of cardamom and anise.
Cocktail "Orangeade"
100 5 15м 1
Citrus drink.
Antiprotonic Morse
96 - 20м 4
Husband called from work, said that completely fell apart, was cold and has fever. I rushed before he came to cook him antiproton potion... now in cold, wet weather very well, and a bunch of vitamins. Well, himself... to boost the immune system are not infected.
Puff jelly
93 4 - 6
Beautiful and healthy dish for the children's table
Pumpkin drink with cranberry
92 - 60м 21
Sweet pumpkin with sour cranberries and honey scent is really delicious. It is generally believed that fresh vegetables are healthier than cooked, but cooked this recipe for pumpkin drink with cranberry, is not inferior to freshly-squeezed juice on the set of vitamins and minerals. This drink will be a real treasure trove of vitamins for the body and will be wonderful to support the immune system, in addition the drink is delicious, sweet with a delicate texture.
Fruit smoothies with ice cream
92 - 10м 2
What could be better than cool vitamin cocktail! Healthy and delicious food, and satisfying! In the spring, when the body needs recharging, this smoothie would be a good addition to your diet.
Spicy tomato cocktail
92 4 - -
cocktail a thick spicy spicy and CHEERS went with the shrimp
Tea in Vietnamese
91 - - 2
And now try a delicious iced tea with fruit. In hot weather it will please the most sophisticated tastes of gourmets and sweet-teeth.
Smoothie with strawberries and Basil
90 - - 5
Very fragrant smoothie with unusual taste.
Basil drink
90 - 60м -
Drink Basil. Dкусно and useful. Until it was tried, did not believe that it is delicious. The taste surpassed all my expectations!
89 3 5м 1
Cocktail you can make even warm milk without ice cream, which is especially good for children. It turns out thick and very aromatic cocktail.
Berry cocktail "Summer"
87 5 15м 3
Most liked how called!!! It's very simple - berries, late in the evening, relaxed family day. And we have done it this way vkusnjashki drink.
Fruit lemonade
86 - 5м 1
This lemonade I cook very often. It takes only 5 minutes and minimal ingredients. The lemonade is very tasty and refreshing. This stunning drink is good in a circle of friends and family at any time of year, but especially in the summer.