Soft drinks recipes for Lent

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Horchata, horchata (Spanish horchata), orchata (cat. orxata) — the name of several kinds of soft drinks made from almonds, sesame seeds, rice, barley, or chufa tubercles. There is a legend according to which the king of Aragon, first tasted horchata in Valencia, asked what it was. Girl, ponessa drink, said it was "milk of the chufa" (llet de xufa). The king exclaimed: "Aco no es llet, aco es OR, XATA!" (It is not milk, it's gold, beautiful!). These words, allegedly, was the name of the drink :) horchata is prepared from various grains or nuts, with milk or without, sometimes with flavored types of vanilla and cinnamon. I suggest to try the horchata in Mexican, which is made from rice and almonds with the addition of cinnamon and vanilla. The drink is an unusual taste, fragrant and sweet, refreshing.
Fitness cocktail coconut bran
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VERY vitamin cocktail it turned out! The composition of oat bran, which contain natural fiber, minerals and vitamins b and E. in cocktails coconut, parsley, etc. He will support our bodies during Great lent, when at the end of the stock is useful, but we need strength both mental and physical! In addition, it will help prepare for the summer season to those who are watching their weight. I suggest to prepare this cocktail, as soon as possible!
Fresh "Melon-watermelon"
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When I saw the new contest, I realized that I need to participate. And they forced me into it, my old juicer-Scarlet. Believe it or not, I bought it in 2004, in order to pressing fresh juices for the little daughter. My daughter is already 14 years old, and the juicer 10. I use it only in the summer when a lot of fruit. Over these 10 years, my device is working properly, of course, in large quantities it juice pressing can not ( not provided), but a glass of juice for 4 people to cope fine. To wash it very comfortable and not problematic. I was looking for on the Internet information, but nothing about the first released juicer Scarlett was not found. For this, I'll think that my model of juicer first!
Healing jelly from flax seed
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In the offseason, the body is cleaned, and cold - alas! - are not uncommon. Come to the aid of healthful and delicious jelly from flax seed. Drink and Zdorovye!
Almond milk
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Recipe from the Orthodox culinary calendar. In the morning we used to eat milk porridge. Post always used soy milk. But it is very expensive. Read this recipe and was very pleased: milk without any flavor and can be done quickly. According to the proportions of products obtained 1.2 liters. Similar to milk of poppy. Well, and almond milk in our family associated with "Summer of the Lord" I. Shmelev. Here he describes how delicious meatless food " And vegetable patties with mushrooms, and buckwheat pancakes with onions on Saturdays... and the Christmas pudding with marmalade on the first Saturday, what the "coliva"! And almond milk with white jelly, and kiselak cranberry with vanilla, and... great pie at the Annunciation, with vaigai with osetrinkoy! And Kalia, Kalia unusual, with pieces of blue caviar with marinated cucumbers... and the pickled apples on Sundays and melt, sweet "Ryazan"... and "sinners", with hemp oil, with a crispy crust, with warm emptiness inside!.. Are t and m, where all gone from this life, will be so lean! And why is everyone so boring? After all, all different and full of so many joyful."
Dairy-free fruit smoothie
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Light, fragrant, icy fruit dessert. The contest "Tired sun"
Cocktail Safe Sex on the Beach
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I'm sure many familiar popular cocktail Sex on the Beach - "Sex on the beach", but not everyone likes or can drink alcohol. If you're one of those people, it does not mean that you will not be able to enjoy one of the most popular cocktails. I suggest you try a soft option or a "Safe sex on the beach" ))) For the contest "Burnt by the sun"
Smoothie with banana, orange, ginger
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Vitamin fruit smoothie with banana, orange and ginger - a very simple drink-desertik that you can quickly and easily prepare Breakfast or snack, but you can dine if you want something easy and useful. The details of preparation, you can see in the video.
Orange-carrot juice with black sesame seeds
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The recipe is healthy and tasty juice with black sesame seed strengthens the immune system and imparts vitality and strength. The recipe is from the website of Oriental medicine.
Smoothies melon-cherry
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Tasty, fast, useful. While summer is over, you need to complete abyme to boost your vitamins and for this diversity to its menu, juices, smoothies, cocktails, fresh juices!
Very vitamin drink
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Soon will the vegetables from the beds, Yes the fruit from the trees. In anticipation of the vitamins drinking a delicious compote from dried apples with a citrus aroma.
Yellow smoothie "Exotics"
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My family loves smoothies. St. the son has accustomed us to this magical drink. No evening without a smoothie, we can not do. I offer you this exotic, incredibly fragrant, thick smoothie.
Jelly feijoa and Apple
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Definitely useful and a vitamin drink, with incredible flavor and extraordinary taste.
Smoothie "Trang"
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Staying here was like 3 months in Vietnam, we tried a bunch of different tropical cocktails and smoothies, experimenting in the kitchen with the blender yourself, but still, in my opinion, it's not tried. With you I want to share with one of the most successful alcoholic drinks, which comes out at the same time soft, juicy and refreshing.
Vegetable oat milk
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The oat milk recipe is on the Cook. I offer You a video recipe of this healthy milk for the whole family!
Smoothie "detox"
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I love Smoothies, I offer you 3 option to remove toxins from the body.
Tea "Polunochniy"
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Social media users will understand me: sometimes you will not notice how after midnight will sit at the computer. And the best companion in the journey on the Internet is a big Cup of tea or coffee. One is bad: tea and coffee, drunk by night, can cause insomnia. I made myself a drink, devoid of this shortcoming. This tea is nice and hot and when cool. Cold will easily replace the compote, which many are accustomed to drink, "the third". If you brew this tea the stronger, it is possible to numerosity in the freezer cubes to add to mineral water, tea, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, juices, milk drinks. Help yourself!
Watermelon ginger crush
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A breath of icy bliss! Not only refreshing, but also invigorating! For the contest "Burnt by the sun"
Green smoothie with cleft cabbage
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Dear Cooks, I offer amazingly tasty, tender and VERY useful green smoothie! May-June is the best time to gather fresh wood sorrel! We are all familiar with this weed. Remember how in the childhood we broke it and ate, we enjoyed a very sour taste! Let's podbiraem the body with living vitamins and a little delve into childhood!
Three smoothies for Breakfast
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For the lovely ladies, lovely ladies smoothies I drink in the evenings Without the smoothie I like and without dam As a day to live, I do not know myself. For the lovely ladies to you lovely ladies I'll make myself a smoothie And I take the Mistral for the lovely ladies!
Banana smoothie-oatmeal with sprouted rye
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A smoothie is a drink-food. The energy and the source of vigor, strength and inspiration - that means a smoothie for me! Of course, sometimes the inspiration I have a Cup of English tea and biscuits or coffee and toast. Well, now, I'm making a smoothie. And believe me, the whole day I - on wings!