Hot meals of meat offal recipes

Jerusalem stew
0.7k 3 30м 4
Jerusalem stew (meurav of Yerushalmi) is a national dish in Israel. It is prepared in almost every family. Eat it in pita bread or any other side dish - potatoes, chips, rice, buckwheat, couscous. And serve it can be vegetable salad.
Tripe boiled
0.7k - 330м 6
Hi all. Today we will prepare delicious dish-namely, tripe or tripe beef. I bought already peeled product, but some of the secrets of getting rid of odor is inherent to the tripe still there. Read carefully the comments to the photos and all will become clear. Simple and delicious, but not very fast. Although it can be cooked in a slow cooker.
0.6k - 90м 6
In the Caucasus it is customary to eat lamb completely with all interiors. Djyz - byz true Azerbaijani dish. Cook it very simple. It is customary to prepare on saj, but you can cook in a frying pan and a cooking pot.
Kidneys in batter
442 - 40м 4
This is another recipe from this wonderful product.
408 - - -
Dish of the liver. Recipe found on another cooking site. Very tasty!
Kuchmachi-beef giblets from
379 - 60м 5
The first dish I tried several years ago in St. Petersburg, in a small Georgian restaurant. I was shocked that lungs eat, and looks like a scar - no. And recently, the store saw sales and beef lungs, kidneys, and tripe, and heart. Buds however I did not dare to take, and in the recipe Kuchmachi not found. To reach them as something separate.
Brain beef with peas
351 - 30м 8
Fried brains with peas – a dish of Russian home cooking is as traditional as, say, mutton side of porridge. Cooking them is easy, harder to find. In the shops, even specialised, brains today are quite rare guests. But if can not find, you buy, will not regret! The volumes give conditionally, it all depends on your appetite and size of the package, which sold brains. The recipe differs from what is on the website: I brains are not pre-boiled never.
Liver kebab "Pressed-Baur"
338 - 30м -
I want to offer to cook a wonderful dish of Caucasian cuisine -"Shook-Baur." Traditionally, it's bits of lamb or beef liver a thin fat film. Through the shell, which is wrapped liver, it retains all the juice inside, the fat melts during the cooking, leaving a delicious crust. This dish can be cooked on the coals, and the oven. The result with either method is excellent, besides, the cooking process will not take much time! And for the filing of the kebab is cooked, traditional sauce"brine". Generally go! Caucasian cuisine is always delicious!))
327 - 270м 4
Hi all. A simple dish just for winter, it's cold and it's very high in calories. It even my grandmother used to make when I was young.
The meatballs "three Hearts"
291 4 - -
Tender rolls of the three types of heart.
Language, language stuffed with mousse
286 4 60м 6
This dish is not very time consuming, but your guests will absolutely love. Such language can and your to swallow. Try it and you will understand what it means tenderness.
Language larded boiled
281 4 130м -
It is amazing how seemingly basic things, and does not come to mind... It's not only delicious, but also beautiful!
Liver with cream and shippingonly
257 - 30м 5
This dish is quite simple and delicious recipe every woman can modify to your taste. Liver - not a favorite product in our family, but this recipe stuck)))
Stuffed heart "Pseudo-pineapple"
251 - - -
Dark, supple meat beef heart great taste complemented by the sweet aroma of pineapple (made with zucchini). No one will know that you substituted canned pineapple for squash and enjoy the combination of sweet "Fake pineapple" meat.
"Liver in sour cream"
237 4.5 40м -
Easy, delicious and very satisfying!
Brains for the Scarecrow
233 - 20м 1
Charming character Scarecrow, hero of a series of books by Alexander Volkov "the Wizard of oz", cannot leave the reader indifferent because of its charm and ingenuity. This amazing hero meets the girl Ellie. He goes to the wizard of oz to get brains – they are, he believes, it lacks to become such as all the people. In fact, Scarecrow has no idea what brains he already has, just lacked a little faith in yourself. From Goodwin, he received only a mixture of bran, pins and needles, but we decided to do something more interesting.
Baked pork snouts
194 - - -
I was lucky to buy a pig's snout. And, of course, I turned to the Boy for advice – which of them to prepare? And on the website and even such ingredient in the list was not there. Could not pass by such "unfairness" and, therefore, present to you a wonderful dish – very tasty, hearty, flavorful. The taste is very similar language, but much softer in consistency. Highly, I'm sure the noses will appreciate the male half, but hostess will not stand such fragrances! Preparing very simple.
Braised heart with buckwheat
193 4 60м 6
A hearty meal, the sauce from the heart
191 4 - -
I don't know what means this word in the Ukrainian language and translated into Russian, but this prefabricated meat was cooking and my grandmother, and my mom and I cook all the time, because it is universal - you can add it to boiled pasta, with the filling wrapped pancakes, bake cakes and casseroles. Potrepko you can use immediately, she stands calmly in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 weeks
Liver Lviv
182 3 40м 4
Here I sat down on the offal!!! Take!!!!
Liver with honey and soy sauce
182 - 30м 8
This, at first sight, difficult the recipe is very simple. The liver is very soft and juicy! Try it - you will not regret!