Hot meals from fish byproducts recipes

Fried carp head
1.3k - 40м 2
You probably did not know that fish heads can also be fried?! A surprise treat to this dish, but having tasted once, looking at the plate it is these pieces of fried fish. Help yourself.
Fried milt
1.1k - 30м 5
Very delicious and no bones)))
The guard-milt
0.8k 4.5 20м 6
This is a continuation story with two carp 10 kg, and two basins - one with eggs and one with cream. Most interesting is that the son does not like milk, and then he has no clue and knead for both cheeks.
Milt fried salmon with cous-cous
0.7k - 15м 6
Simple, quick but very tasty and hearty dish. A very interesting sauce - gravy... help yourself!!!
0.5k 4 15м -
Spread recipe at the request of Natasha (Barbie). When at home fish fry, very often remains caviar. That's when we cook this simple dish. Sorry not step by step, but I didn't think that the recipe you are interested in it, and make it very simple.
Ikryanoye casserole "Cossack"
485 - 60м 6
I was born and raised on the don, so love to cook fish dishes. I want you to meet one of the recipes for Cossack dishes, which includes caviar of river fish. Will be fragrant and tasty, and is very easy! Go!
Caviar pancakes
483 3 30м 6
Everyone has a recipe for making delicious pancakes, pancakes from the eggs. I want to share with you their.
Fried cod tongues
461 - 15м 3
Languages the cod has a delicate flavor, excellent meat from this fish. One can prepare a variety of appetizers and main dishes. In Norway, the meals from the language of cod are considered delicacies. In our market this is a fairly new product.
Rice casserole with salmon cream
438 - 60м 4
From salmon ROE to prepare a variety of dishes. For example, a casserole based on a mixture of white aromatic rice and quinoa and basmati rice. Despite the high calorie, the food is very tasty and useful.
Caviar pancakes
437 - 40м 5
I got carp with caviar. It was 700 grams. Third, I pickled the rest decided to fry. So I remembered this recipe.
Appetizer "Really want to eat!"
414 - 5м 1
Quick and delicious! When there is no time or desire to cook. Dish for the lazy gourmet!
Fish ROE in sweet and sour sauce
387 - - 2
Delicate salmon ROE with vegetables in a fragrant thick sweet and sour sauce is a great choice for dinner with family. The dish is quick and easy!
Juicy strips of chicken liver
366 4 15м 2
Tender and juicy fried chicken liver.
Caviar pancakes
360 3 20м 4
Sometimes large fishes come across a lot of caviar. There were times when I even throw them away. But now I've learned to cook some dishes with this caviar. Here is the pancakes are very tasty turned, juicy, attractive color. Try it!
Caviar plaice fried
350 - 15м -
Brought the wife of Kalkan (flounder) from the Crimea. Big and caviar. I decided to fry the eggs. Forgive me fishermen and lovers of salty caviar. Black of course fry will not. :) Well either hot or cold. Beer is not even bad.
ROE in a creamy sauce
332 3 15м 6
Very tender, delicious dish of milk fish.
Milk in beer batter
323 - 60м 8
Dear cooks! I offer you my recipe of fish milt. Thanks to the batter, the taste is very delicate, not fishy. Teenage son doesn't eat fish, but is in Holy confidence that milk "made of chicken" and eats them for both cheeks. So you are welcome!!! P. S. the Recipe post for the first time and I really hope that it will be of your liking.
Pancakes from caviar carp
320 - 30м 4
Very tasty and healthy eggs of river fish, just fry and serve, but you can diversify) Pancakes caviar of river fish is a delicious and easy dinner. Try it!
Drunk the liver in bags
312 5 60м -
Liver cooked with wine in bags made of puff pastry. Quite nutritious and delicious.
Rice with caviar pancakes
309 - 25м 4
A quick lunch or dinner! Delicious and easy!
ROE of salmon in a creamy soy sauce
305 - 20м 4
Amazing dish! Milt out very tender, juicy and mouth-watering! I advise you to try - it's delicious!